July 06, 2019

I met Winnie, the owner of Paradigm Wellness, in Morocco about five years ago at a Global Wellness Summit. I felt an instant warmth between us, like the comfort of talking to an old friend. She also struck me as the kind of person who’s always ahead of the curve.

She was the first person to support our work in Singapore. She & her team weave LOTUSWEIflower essences into Yoga + Sound Healing, Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Foot Fitness + Yamuna Body Rolling. She also has a beautiful dance studio & a cafe in Bukit Timah.

We created a special experience for Winnie’s team; we learned about each other through flowers, and helped each other find the most effortless solutions to our biggest challenges through flower-infused movement.

Winnie made us chrysanthemum tea with tea & flowers frozen into the ice cubes. We infused it with joy juice and enjoyed birdsong, breezes and fresh air in the backyard of her gorgeous, award-winning, sustainable/green living home.

I love having partners like Winnie & Stacy, and their team is super endearing. Another reason I love Singapore. ♥️

Happy thoughts from Asia,