July 05, 2019

Happy hot + sweaty greetings from Southeast Asia!


You may have seen that I’m in Asia this summer and have been in Taiwan during this last month. Annnnnd, I’m excited about a project I put together for you! I brought you with me in my pocket for an audio tour of my favorite places in Taiwan. What’s more, it teaches 7 unique methods that you won’t find anywhere else - to get you in the now.

The end result? A vastly wilder + more beautiful experience of your everyday life.

You’ll love this if you say ‘yes’ to any one of these:

  1. You LOVE traveling or would love to travel. You’re curious about what it feels like to be in Taiwan or the Far East in general.
  2. You wish you had an easy technique that could instantly make you feel calm when you get bent out of shape about something.
  3. You want to meditate but don't really know how. It seems complicated, hard or boring, and you want it to be easy. You want something super simple, that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Check it out:

An Aural Tour of Taiwan with Techniques to Stay Sane in Today’s Crazy World:

7 days of awareness-through-sound audio recordings throughout Taiwan!

From the night markets of Taipei to the insects of the jungle, from the pouring rain to a language you don’t speak, the recordings act as a practice ground for learning how to listen in a different way, for a richer life!


What you get:

  • A taste of Taiwan through your sense of hearing
  • Seven specific instructions that magnify your ability to be present through sound awareness
  • A sound awareness experience that will change how you listen forever
  • A powerful method that steadies you when life gets crazy + emotions run on high
  • Instructions on how to use these techniques in your everyday life

You’ll receive one short + snappy email each day for a week that includes both a teaching, and an audio recording of real life in Taiwan. These are game changer methods that you can use for the rest of your life to stabilize your mind.

real life in Taiwan
Food Street

Join me at a:

Taipei market, deep in the jungle, at my favorite city park, during a rain storm in the mountains, or on a commute through a market.

With these recordings, you'll learn 7 different ways of listening. I also explain how these practices can become a lifeline for keeping you sane when the world inside + outside is full of insanity.

Taipei market

If you feel stressed, nervous, irritated, you name it … these methods can keep you calm + focused no matter what. Not only that, these practices have a cumulative effect. The more you practice them - applied to your own home environment - you’ll experience a more powerful presence within you. You will surprise yourself.

seven teachings

Come along with me + get access to these seven teachings:

Welcome to Taiwan: listen to this
Absorb elemental energies
Creature songs in your body
Listen to the chaos
Listen between the lines
The aliveness of music

Click here to start your tour.

Love + happy listening,