Order & Return Policy

Our fulfillment center processes orders very efficiently, so we are unable to accommodate order change requests once you’ve placed your order. This includes: cancellations, adding items, removing items, replacing items, changes on shipping preferences,and combining multiple orders.

Refunds will be honored only when product received is damaged or the wrong item is received. In these cases, please send us photos of the product, the packaging, as well as the packing slip.

To request a refund, please email hello@lotuswei.com.

If you feel you made a mistake in choosing a product — either because of the scent or some other reason — know that we trust that when you order it, you know what you need. It may be for a bit later, or after your next shift. We’ve seen people change from hating a scent to being a raving fan — in minutes, days or weeks. So simply set it aside for now.

Or it could be that you really do need it now, but you’re facing some inner resistance. In that case, start using it and notice what it brings up for you. We’re committed to personal transformation, and want to honor that in you.

We’re here at hello@lotuswei.com if you have questions.