July 07, 2019

Last night we met with Clare who lives in Singapore + is a part of team LOTUSWEI - she heads up our 6-month Flowerevolution program.

3 People in a Store

We met at our favorite coffeeshop, The Social Space over a pot of flowery oolong tea and then set out to visit a few possible event venues while we’re here in Singapore.

After we finished our work, we set out for dinner in Little India.

2 People Standing Outside a Shop

As soon as we got out of the car, I was swept away by the scent of rose incense, spices, and fresh jasmine offerings.

Rose Necklaces Hanging in a Shop

Oh my heart. It’s been a few years since I’ve last gone to India, and this is the closest I’ve come. It certainly feels, sounds, smells like India.

Crates Outside a Shop
Flowers and Products in a Shop

Clare took us to a sweets shop, where we bought some sweet treats.

Shopkeeper Interacting with Customers

Then we went to Clare’s favorite restaurant, which led to a hilarious scene of three Pisces trying to decide what to eat. We finally settled on Teh Tarik (Chai), Masala Dosai, Mutter Paneer, Gobi + Butter Naan. Yummmmm and we dropped our favorite flower elixirs into everything on the thali plates and in the metal cups.

People Enjoying a Meal
Person Doing a Trick with a Drink

Such great people watching while you eat! I love watching Indian women, in their bright colors, huge gold earrings, and red, 3rd eye bindis, as well as the occasional Westerner or Chinese person who loves Indian food. With full bellies, we spilled out the restaurant door onto the tiny sidewalks next to flower, fruit + bangle vendors.

Person Trying New Earrings

After a stroll enjoying happy Tamil songs playing in the shops, we sat down on the side of the street to relax, cool down + enjoy our sweets.

Food Displayed in a Store

First one: balls of almond flour with chunks of almond nuts and a milky cardamom flavor. The other a sweet grainy yellow ball. And the third, Gulab Jamun, a syrupy sweet ball of what tastes like a donut hole or fresh toast drenched in maple syrup. We did a taste test together and laughed and laughed.

People Standing Outside a Shop


That’s one thing about Singaporeans that I love so much. They are hilarious. Always cracking jokes, making funny faces or saying quirky things, I love the Singaporean sense of humor so much + Clare embodies that part of Singapore - it’s such a joy to be with her.

Love + jasmine flowers,

Person Meditating