July 10, 2019

I’m writing you from hot, sweaty + beloved Singapore, where the heat is mooooore intense than in Phoenix (can you believe it?!!), where we use umbrellas to protect from the sun and where sweat drips down the back and front in tiny rivers. I think I’ve also now become obsessive about wiping away my upper lip sweat mustache. Sexy, right?

This morning I took a break during the middle of my run and squatted in the grass, leaning up against the trunk of a big tree. I wedged myself in between two huge roots and closed my eyes, listening to the ocean lapping at the shore. The breeze washed my hot skin in a cool wave of sea air.

I reflected on how important it is to make time to allow space for everything to arise within ourselves and for us to meet it. Otherwise, odd little sensations, and bits of thoughts and emotions get lodged in strange places in our bodies + psyches.

In that moment, a guy arrives in front of me and throws his things noisily down in front of me. A few times. He tosses them to the ground as if he’s trying to break them. He starts pitching a tent blocking the breeze and ocean waves. This park is meant for everyone, and I find it hilarious that his carelessness and noise disturbs my peaceful moment at the ocean.

While he drives the tarp stakes into the ground, I contemplate on irritation. I reflect on …

Moments of extreme heat, bright afternoon sunlight and the sticky sweatiness of walking around midday at the equator, clothes sticking to your skin.

Weird inefficient customer service experiences that drive me crazy.

Random, rare moments when I see other Westerners speak really loudly in a peaceful place.

The continual disappearance of my towel, so instead I begin using my pajamas to dry off after a shower. Then I place them out to dry during the day. (Update: Taylor discovered a hidden stash of towels, so will try this again, haha).

When my tummy bloats up after every time after I eat. I thought it was wheat, then I thought maybe hidden sugar. Then I thought maybe it’s coffee or something else that is disturbing my system. It bugs me that I can’t figure it out … if I knew what it was I could avoid it, but my intestines are just generally inflamed and irritated after every meal right now.

That I am a few pounds heavier than I want to be and that I’m not getting any younger. (I find this especially humorous that I’m irritated that I can see myself aging, because there’s nothing I can do to stop that.)

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because maybe sometimes you experience irritation too?


Annnnd, because I believe irritation is good. If we open ourselves to tiny little blips in our otherwise perfectly peaceful and lovely neutral state, we can open our hearts to experience it fully.

I’m not advising perseverating on anything or recreating it - just a quick acknowledgement to ourselves and to see what it feels like in our bodies.

This does two things:
  1. It allows it to be hilarious. When we look at it directly, we can laugh at the situation, at ourselves and just how funny life is sometimes.
  2. It liberates the space and fluidity to fully experience joy and wild freedom when they arise, because we’re not in the habit of covering up any subtle emotions.

Because … sometimes we do the opposite. We repress irritation in order to be civil, courteous, quiet and not ruffle status quo of hunky dory. If we try to resist anything, we create more tension in our system.

As long as we don’t speak or act out of irritation, I believe that irritation is a wonderful thing. Mostly, because it’s hilarious. But also because of that ‘richness of life’ feeling.

When we’re alone, with a moment to ourselves, we can allow ourselves to fully experience the sensations of that dynamic without being averse to it. That means we can equally experience all the colors in the palette of other more feel-good emotions. Does this make sense?

Intensity is precious - whether it ‘feels good’ or doesn’t feel good.

I share my funny moments while traveling, because you might find yourself in a situation right now where you are struggling in some way. You might find yourself somewhere in the range between occasionally mildly irritated all the way up to excruciatingly pained.

In any case, we’re human.

We’re always being challenged in some way, from a simple mosquito to chasms of grief.

This is a note of encouragement to embrace whatever arises and experience it fully. It is all precious.


Annnnd, since we’re on the topic of irritation, I thought it would be funny to lay out all the different kinds of irritation that I think of could of - and the flower essences to remedy it (or at least take the edge off).

If you experience the irritation of:

To many things to do or not enough time.

Antidote: Giant Spider Lily (aka Gamechanger). Result: Everything feels more effortless + easy.

Aging or don’t like something about your body.

Antidote: Night-blooming Jasmine (aka Wild Abundance). Result: More deeply appreciate + love yourself no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Weird food sensitivities.

Antidote: Self Heal Flower Elixir. Result: We’ve recently heard some incredible stories about it being effective for digestive issues (I need to get some shipped to me in Singapore!).

Hot as hell because it’s summer.

Antidote:Rose and Jasmine essential oils (Infinite Love, Fierce Compassion + Wild Abundance Mists) will cool your body. (Kiya our acupuncturist at SAN Center recommends putting Wild Abundance anointing oil on a cooling point on the tops of your elbows to give you relief.

Holding back self-expression.

Antidote: Trumpet Vine (aka Truthteller). Result: Speak your mind without stress or worry

Annoyed with yourself.

Antidote: Hong Kong Orchid (aka Infinite Love). Result: Soften + lighten up on yourself. Love all parts of yourself.

You can’t sleep or your mind is restless.

Antidote: Passionflower (aka Quiet Mind). Result: Feel more relaxed during the day; sleep deeply at night.

You need more support.

Antidote: Arctic Lupine (aka Inner Peace). Result: You feel more supported, even if you’re not (insert hilarious laughter).

Irritated and not able to laugh about it.

Antidote: Joy Juice. Give it a few minutes and you’ll be laughing

What am I forgetting? Let me know I’m not the only one who gets irritated. If you can think of one I didn’t share and wonder about the antidote, reach out.

Love + hilarious laughter,