July 29, 2023

When I first started working with the Saguaro flower elixir, I had a mini healing crisis.

It wasn’t unbearable … but certainly notable.

I came home in the evening and felt so … irritable with everything, and uncomfortable with myself.

I had a list of negative gripes that were on my mind. I went outside to sit by myself for a time out.

I listed out all the nagging thoughts into a list on my phone, just to get the swirling thought monkeys off my back.

Then I made a list of what I’m grateful for, to get a different energy going.

I put my phone down and just sat with whatever the sensation was.

What should I be doing?
How should I be of service?

I felt a sense of frustration, like I should be doing something, but I wasn’t sure what. I could jump on my computer and work, but I had been working all day. No, that wasn’t it.

I realized the task at hand was to just sit with: the restlessness & discomfort.

I said to myself:
This is restlessness.
I am restless.
Restlessness is awareness.

I could feel my body take a deep breath and relax into a little more relief.

Sometimes just naming it helps.

I was surprised and slightly disappointed in myself for the waterfall of negative thoughts I was having.

Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait it out.

The next morning I was so incredibly tired (I’ve been getting up at 4am) that I took a nap in the morning. My head fell hard onto the pillow and I was OUT.

Since then I’m in much better spirits and feeling the upside of the Saguaro magic:

  • The joy of being of service. Making people food. Watering plants. Spending quality time with my niece. Anticipating people’s needs and being thoughtful.
  • Priorities. Saguaro helps us nail our priorities. What’s most important? Do that. Period.
  • Not seeking comfort in the usual ways I do. Finding other ways to lean into myself.
  • Not offering comfort when others are struggling. Just let them struggle and learn.
  • Not feeling overly responsible for others; let them take charge … they are capable!

During the first week of taking a flower elixir that is energetically upleveling you in some way, you might dump some negative thoughts & excess energy. You might simultaneously want – and not want – interaction with others. And you might need to take a few extra naps. But after that, you’re golden!

If you're curious to know more about this healing crisis phenomenon, you can read about it here.

Love & flower petals,