July 27, 2023

Would you like to speak more powerfully?
Command attention?
Cut through confusion in the room?
Illuminate the vibe around you with your words?
Gain more respect & trust?

Scroll to the bottom for the blooper video; for the speech mastery tip, read on.

Years ago, I wrote this blog post: 6 Methods for More Powerful Speech

Here’s a new one to add to the mix!

It’s super simple …

The hardest part is that it requires your continual awareness and attention if you truly want to improve.

It’s a fun method to get there though – and you can enlist your loved ones to help:
  1. Record yourself saying something on camera. Prop your cell phone up and tell a quick story or explain something.
  2. Play back the video and notice what filler words and phrases you use that make your speech less impactful.
  3. Now enlist your family, friends & loved ones to help by giving you a gentle nudge – or repeating back to you your filler words when you hear them. Promise not to get irritated at them if you are asking them to make you a better person!
  4. If you haven’t already, start taking Divine Truth!

Coincidentally – or not so coincidentally —
when the LOTUSWEI team was hitting the Divine Truth remedy really hard …

Taylor got tired of editing out filler words in our videos, and brought it to my attention.

I asked her to put together a video of all of our flub-ups.

These are not mistakes. Mistakes are fine; mistakes happen & that’s how we learn.

These are habitual patterns.

They are filler words that we use in conversation – or on camera — that:

Delay and detract from the point
Unnecessarily soften the delivery of our words
Make our speech less effective
Create more confusion
Undermine our expression in the world
At worst, catalyze a loss of respect

Now, we’ve become ultra aware of speech patterns that give the impression of being insecure, inexperienced or lacking in power & strength.

To get specific, here’s a list of each of our favorite go-to, fluff-puff words:

Lisa: right … and so … and so um … you know … just … things

Alan: be able to … actually … kind of … sort of … particularly … ability … necessarily

Katie: um … and so

Justin: just … mmm

Taylor: um … like … aaaaaand

It’s not easy to expose our weaknesses, because it forces us to be vulnerable & human.

But one of the fastest ways to wake up is to enlist our loved ones to gently point out or reflect when we’re doing it – not to judge, criticize, point fingers or make fun of – but to encourage us to be the most powerful representations of ourselves.

Having a sense of humor about it is the best medicine!

And so …. uhmmmmm …. LOL, here’s the best part – watch our blooper video here:

Here’s to being perfectly imperfect human beings doing our darndest to improve and evolve!


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