July 26, 2023

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Scattered or distracted
  • Sense of being lost on the path
  • Out of alignment physically or emotionally
  • Misuse of resources, energy or time
  • Taking advantage of someone or something
  • Feeling taken advantage of
  • Wanting something in return for your offerings
  • Worried or paranoid about something
  • Codependent or needing someone to feel ok
  • Desire for comfort via affection, touch, sweets, etc.
  • Vague, veiled or underhanded intentions
  • Catching yourself being sly or disingenuous
  • Subconscious fears of embodying the best version of yourself


If you’re drawn to the Saguaro Cactus Flower (Carnegiea gigantea), you may have recently felt paranoid, scattered or out of alignment. You may be wanting external comfort, whether that’s kind words, affection or touch, food or other sources of comfort for you. You may have had moments of distraction, feeling lost on the path or have a sense of meandering without purpose.

You may be in some dynamic where you are either taking advantage of someone or something, or you feel taken advantage of, or both. You may notice an imbalance or misalignment in terms of energy, time, resources, land or money.

Ultimately, all of the above are forms of fear that strategically prevents you from being your best self, and consequently offering your greatest service to the world. Subconsciously, you may find it easier to slip back into patterns of comfort, distraction and misalignment, rather than do the inner work to take charge, change your MO and realize your greatest potential, aka evolve.



Activate: Fearless independence
Message: Stand tall.

Saguaro flower essence reveals and illuminates imbalances and misalignments, so that we can return ourselves into a state of pure heart and willingness to be of service without wanting anything in return.

An embodiment of divine masculine, Saguaro essence fosters effortless problem solving, divine righteousness, fearless independence and self-sufficiency. It helps us embody a protector quality: protector of children, women, men, and the land.

As a symbol and beacon of divine masculine love, it encourages righteousness, directness, virtuousness and purity of service. It cuts through distractions and helps us become a sharp sword of clarity, truth and uprightness. Saguaro offers us an infusion of strength, patience, wisdom, love & support.

For women, Saguaro gives us a framework of strength so our adrenal systems can relax, and we can breathe a sigh of relief. Awakening masculine support within allows the feminine side of us to fully express itself. Our whole body can relax because you're supported.

For men, Saguaro enhances righteousness, truthfulness and determination. It awakens the protective, gentle warrior that provides a structure of support that allows for the divine feminine to expand and flourish.

For everyone, Saguaro awakens a joyful anticipation of needs, a framework of strength and tireless virtuous service. It elicits the righteous, gentle warrior within us, along with the protector of the people & the land.



The Saguaro Cactus is an iconic symbol of the Sonoran desert. Saguaros live up to over 200 years old and its form is majestic, wise and ancient-looking. It must survive the harsh desert heat for at least 50 years for a flower to blossom and at least 100 years for an arm to grow.

A symbol of resilience and fortitude, it must survive the harsh conditions of the desert of extremes of heat and drought. In some Native American tribes, it’s also a symbol of fertility due to its abundance of fruits, as well as a source of food, shelter and medicine. Its crown of flowers explode into delicious fruits.

Nocturnal bats pollinate the flowers with their long tongues and ability to fly to the tall heights of the Saguaro cactuses. Although they they look dry and spiny, Saguaros are full of water, each one weighing up to 4 tons!

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Fearless independence & self-sufficiency; Righteous sword of truth, perspective & service; Divine masculine: protection, support & problem-solving

DISSOLVES: Desire for comfort and codependency; Taking advantage of something or being taken advantage of; Distraction, meandering, scattered or lost


Love + flower petals,