August 14, 2023

What is stressing you out right now?

Here’s an expedient way to soften your pain points by offering them flowers.

First things first.

Bring your three most challenging stressors to mind right now.

Awareness is the first step:

Once you can observe (and name) them … they already start to change shape.

Write them down if you can.

Rate them in order of difficulty or intensity ~ the first one is the hardest; the third one is the least intense of the three.

Let’s start with the gnarliest, most uncomfortable one.

1. Turn toward this stress within yourself, and look at the bouquets of flowers below. Choose the one you’re most drawn to, or that you intuitively feel will benefit your specific situation most. Take note of the number.

2. Where do you feel this challenge in your body? Without thinking about it, point to that place in your body.

Next, move to the stressor that’s slightly less intense than the first one.

1. Intuitively choose the bouquet below that will soothe the pain of this stress. Note the number.

2. Where do you feel this challenge in your body? Without thinking, point to the area of your body.

Finally, focus on the least intense of all the stressors you’ve got happening right now.

1. Tune in to this particular dynamic in your life. Choose from the bouquets below that will soothe or transform this current dynamic. Remember the number you picked.

2. Where do you feel this dynamic in your body? Without thinking about it, point to that place in your body.

Here’s what I recommend:

For a nourishing, yet transformative ritual, look at the key below to see which bouquets correspond to which blends:

KEY: 1. Joy Juice, 2. Infinite Love, 3. Radiant Energy, 4. Inspired Action, 5. Quiet Mind, 6. Inner Peace 7. Wild Abundance, 8. Fierce Compassion, 9. Truthteller, 10. Gamechanger, 11. Full Bloom, 12. Boundless Wisdom, 13. Expansive Presence, 14. Open Heart, 15. Luminous Chi, 16. Inner Knowing, 17. True Strength, 18. Luscious Embodiment

Use the anointing oils from each of your three flower blends in this divine ritual:

As many times as you remember in a day, take a 3-second time-out to nourish yourself with your flower magic.

Apply each of your anointing oils to the place where you experience – or are affected by – each corresponding stressor (that you intuitively pointed to above).

Start with the most intense challenge and work your way to the least intense.

Mindfully, lovingly, intentionally do this ritual several times each day.

Turn toward yourself and your experience – and apply the oils as a soothing antidote.

As you lean into your pain and offer it the softness of flowers, you will likely notice some kind of shift into more ease within 24 hours.

And if you really want to go all out, put all three elixirsin your beverages and mist your entire aura with all three bouquet-blends multiple times each day.

Shower your wounds with flower petals & watch them transform.

Discover more ease in your body.

Experience more peace in your heart.

Free up space all around you for miracles.

Love & flower petals,