August 19, 2023

Taylor here -

Within one week, I experienced two traumatic events & using flower essences immediately after the shock of the incident made a massive difference in the immediate response to the trauma. So I want to share how & why they are so important to have on hand & utilize.

First, I observed it with a stranger ...

I was in the LOTUSWEI store when we heard tires screeching & a loud crash out on the busy road in front of the building.

I ran outside & saw two cars had collided. People were already checking on both of the drivers so I called 911 from the side of the road to report the accident.

After hearing that first responders were on their way, I ran out to the middle of the road to check on the drivers myself. One was able to get out of the car, and was getting his stuff ready for when the police showed up.

The other, since her driver door had been crunched in, was still in her car so I went over to check on her.

She had 911 on the line & her hands were trembling uncontrollably. I could hear the 911 operator asking, "Ma’am are you ok? Are you injured? ..."

The woman was crying, and wasn’t answering because she was having a hard time breathing and said her chest hurt.

I took the phone and finished talking to the operator and reported to her what the woman was experiencing.

While I was finishing up that call, I took my phone & sent an audio message to the team inside the building saying:

"Can someone bring an Inner Peace Mist to the front of the building? There’s been an accident."

Within a minute or so, Lisa ran out with an Inner Peace mist & serum.

I reached into the woman’s car and told her that I was going to mist her a few times with something that would soothe her system and calm her down.

I misted her 7 times.

As soon as the scent of Inner Peace hit her auric field, her breathing slowed & her eyes cleared.

She said, "Wow, that smells nice," in a beautifully calm voice.

And then I saw her awareness go from being super closed in — about 1 inch outside of her body — to wide open & aware of the situation around her.

She noticed her seat belt was still locked up from the collision, and she took it off.

She noticed all of her belongings on the floor in front of her, and took note.

She asked me for my number so she could thank me later.

She texted her boss to let her know what happened.

Then the first responders showed up. I gave her the Inner Peace to take home & got out of the way so the first responders could take it from there.

The immediate & tangible difference that I saw 7 spritzes do for that woman shocked even me — someone who knows flower essences work without a shadow of doubt.

And then a few days later, I observed it in myself ...

(Backstory: I have a history of fainting/having seizures when my body goes into a high stress response.)

So! I was making a dish called 3 Cup Chicken for dinner.

I had bone-in chicken thighs that I needed to chop in half. Chef Justin Booher is my roommate so he let me borrow his cleaver.

I quickly realized that I’ve only ever chopped cooked chicken bones — so chopping the bones inside the raw chicken was a new thing. Slippery!

Well, the good news is — I didn’t cut myself with the blade of the cleaver — but I split my finger open on one of the blunt edges on the side of the knife.

The combination of the cleaver being too big for my hands, slippery chicken, and not quite knowing what I was doing was a recipe for bloooooood.

I immediately washed my hands (since they were covered in chicken juice). The cut was small but it was bleeding a lot.

Hmm ... is this really bad or am I ok?

I grabbed a paper towel and put it over my finger. The white paper quickly turned red.

I went into the bathroom to pour some HP over the cut.

Oh, that didn’t sting! Phew! Ok, this isn’t so bad.

Then I started to feel a rush of uncontrollable light-headedness.

So I popped down into a squat and tried to pull myself together until it passed.

And then ... buh-bye!

I blacked out.

As I was coming to, I was ... well, really scared actually.

My heart felt like it was 5 inches outside of my chest. It wasn’t just beating fast ... it was VIBRATING.

For a split second, I thought, "Oh I am dying. Something really bad is happening."

I didn’t know where I was.

I didn’t know what day it was.

I didn't know what was going on — at. all.

In the past when I’ve blacked out, I’ve woken up to someone saying, "Taylor, Taylor, wake up!" But this time it was just me. And no context to figure out wtf just happened.

Then I felt the cold concrete floor underneath me. Ok, I am on the floor.

I saw the sarong I sleep in hanging on a hook. Ok, I am home.

Because I don’t normally see my bathroom from the perspective of the floor, it took me a few seconds to realize where I was.

Then I saw the paper towel on my finger. Oh right! I just cut myself making dinner. It’s Sunday. And I just passed out!

I got up & jetted outside to let my family know what just happened.

I laid down outside in the evening summer heat until the cold sweats went away.

And then, someone asked:

"Did you mist yourself yet?"

At this point, I was still in a trauma zone. Everything felt locked up: my awareness, my ability to move through the experience, my breath.

I went into my bedroom and grabbed the Quiet Mind Mist on my nightstand.

With just a few spritzes of the mist, I felt like I was being unrestrained.

I felt my body. My nose & lip feel a bit funny. My face must have taken a hit.

Rather than be so consumed by what just happened, the flower essences helped me fully land back into my body & take control.

I wasn’t in that tired/exhausted/impotent state anymore — I was awake.

Within a few minutes, I was back in the kitchen cutting chicken.

When I was in that trauma state, it was either pure survival or so unattached like, "whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen." Those few seconds when I was thinking I was dying [sounds dramatic, I know], I wasn't fighting it at all. It was more like pure surrender because it didn't feel like I could actually do anything to change that outcome.

And in that moment, what I was NOT thinking was: "I need a flower essence!"

So what I suggest you do right now is shoot a quick text message to your friends & familythose who would most likely be with you if something happens — and tell them that whatever the emergency - big or small - that you want to be misted with your flower essences.

Make it a part of your emergency plan! Keep a mist in your car, your kitchen AND your first aid kit!

It may sound silly ... but I am serious.

I asked Dr. Elizabeth to explain WHY it’s so important.

Here’s what she said:

"When you’re in a traumatic accident, your body automatically goes into a state of Flexor Withdrawal Reflex — ie. when you put your hand on a hot stove, you immediately pull your hand away and move away from the stove. This muscle response is how your body protects itself from experiencing more damage at the time of the incident.

“Ideally, your muscles should return to normal — but depending on the seriousness of the incident, there can be long term effects. Your muscles can stay contorted, and oftentimes, whatever emotional state you were experiencing at the time gets stored in the tissues, muscles & organs. Taking flower essences as soon as you can after you’re in an accident or experience something traumatic helps quickly dissolve the emotional thought patterns (shock, trauma, fear, chaos) from your nervous system so your body can more swiftly heal itself."

Have you used flower essences during an accident or intense moment of stress?

Let us know so we can keep record of the stories!

Happy thoughts,

P.S. Boundless Wisdom is another really great flower essence to have on hand for traumatic situations. The Spotted Bee Balm flower essence helps clear the trauma from your cellular memory so it doesn't affect you in the future.