August 26, 2023

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Irritation, impatience, annoyance or being rubbed the wrong way
  • Recent tendency to criticize yourself or others that surprises you
  • Nit-picking, blaming or viewing someone as stupid for little things
  • Noticing that you’re hard on yourself
  • Aware of being critical toward others
  • Desire for exploration of more gentleness with yourself and others
  • Interested in discovering the impacts of embodied softness


If you’re drawn to the Peach Blossom (Prunus persica), you may have recently become aware of some unusual or latent tendencies to criticize yourself or others. There is a part of you that longs to understand the results of more embodied softness and compassion. In order to experience this, you must purify and purge the critical, impatient tendencies from your system.

You may be at a point in your life where you’re ready to unveil new layers of gentle, soft love and connectedness, as well as recognizing when you’re not in that mode. When you’re not in that mode, it will become obvious to you that you are being subtly antagonistic.

You will also recognize when others are subtly antagonistic toward you. Seeing these tendencies and making space for them to arise and subside is the clearing of it, in order to attain greater understanding, compassion and softness on the other side.



Activate: Softness
Message: Soften, soften, soften.

Peach Blossom Elixir helps us embody love, the kind of love that could be classified as motherly love, aka, a love inherently patient, wise and tolerant. Whether we are mothers of children or not, it elicits an unusual softness and patience from us. We are more tolerant and forgiving to others’ emotional outbursts and we can steady our love into endurance, with more acceptance of others’ temporary shortcomings or what we perceive as a weakness or stumbling block.

Our close relationship interactions become slower, softer, more attentive, loving and enriched with a deep sincerity. We can anticipate what others need or don’t need, which allows us to be of service. Our softness can operate as a platform for experiencing non-verbal connection and understanding with the people around us.

We become more in tune with what’s truly on someone’s heart and we can be with that and hold that, rather than gloss over it or disregard it. Likewise, we feel more able to demonstrate our vulnerability to others, as we’re more able to hold ourselves with a tenderness and understanding that allows for us to be vulnerable without fear of being judged, dismissed or disregarded. And if we are, we can take care of ourselves.

Peach Blossom magnifies our ability to hold ourselves and others in a gentle embrace. We may notice that while taking the elixir, we feel warm toward others. We’re suddenly engaging on a different level with people in our everyday lives: more open-hearted, joyful, soft and welcoming.



The Peach Blossom belongs to the Stonefruit family and flower essence-wise, it has similar characteristics as the Nectarine and Plum. It has its own unique magic, of course, but they all amplify a certain kind of softness, gentleness and tenderness.

In the Far East, Peach symbolizes longevity, youthfulness and vitality. Its wood was used to ward off evil and its blossoms were used for Taoist love potions.

Peach Blossoms were brought from China to Japan some 6000 years ago and have since become very popular in Japanese culture. The bare branches of peach trees come to life with large pink blossoms after a long, cold winter, symbolizing rebirth. They are one of the first flowers to bloom after the snow, signifying the end of winter and the beginning of spring. With their short blooming period, they remind us of impermanence.

Their flowers are featured on March 3rd, in one of Japan’s most popular festivals called Momo no sekku, or Peach Blossom Festival. Peach Blossoms are also popular in Japanese poetry, music and art.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Attentive love; Softness & compassion; Tenderness

DISSOLVES: Judgment & criticism; Blame & intolerance; Provocation & annoyance


Love + flower petals,