October 25, 2023

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Worry, what if’s or worst-case scenarios
  • Rumination, fears, stories in your head
  • Stuck in your throat or unsaid things
  • Fixation on small details
  • Feeling cold, frozen or unable to move
  • Hyperalert or panicked
  • Shy or verklempt
  • ‘Monkey on your back’


If you’re drawn to the Golden Monkeyflower, you may have felt immobilized for some reason. Whether it’s an unusual bout of lying in bed motionless, or not being able to make a move on something, it indicates a hesitation or a lack of moving into action based on fear. You may be engaging in 'what if' scenarios in your mind and imagining the worst possible outcome (as if preparing for the worst fortifies you, when in fact, it disempowers you).

Rather than visualizing and expecting the best, lately you may have a habit of projecting an imminent terrible fate. Alternatively, you may at times be shy or hold back your expression. You may at times be lacking in confidence and self-worth, or feel that ‘everyone else out there is better or more important’, or merits more attention and care than you do.

You may not see yourself as a worrier, yet if you pay attention to your recent mental stream of thoughts, you may notice that you are running worst case scenarios and worrying about the little things, secretly preparing for the worst or 'making mountains out of mole hills'. Furthermore, the anticipation of the 'worst' is actually worse than the actual reality of the situation. When this happens, your mental ruminations prevent your pure enjoyment of the present moment.

Alternatively, you may not feel a deep sense of your value and power. You may feel subject to fluctuations in confidence depending on your surroundings – or attention or love you're given – from external sources.



Activate: Confidence
Message: Fear is an illusion

Golden Monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus) magnifies confidence and ease. It helps us enjoy the sensory pleasures of the present moment, because we can dissolve, drop or work with the fear of the unknown. At the very least, we can let fear be present without gaining access to all of our mental and emotional energy. Rather than fixating on details, we can expand into spacious awareness and lessen the grip on the things that terrorize us internally.

As we put more space between ourselves and our fears, we begin to see the illusion of our fears. We’re more able to maintain a calm equipoise & steadiness. We can make space for the fear to exist but don’t have to let it control our reality. Alternatively, we may be able to speak our deepest fears to a loved one. As we express them, they lose steam. They dissolve and seem much more insignificant or even surreal or untrue.

Golden Monkeyflower gives our solar plexus a boost of confidence and an infusion of self-worth. We can show up in the world as empowered beings & inspired leaders. Rather than keeping quiet and being shy or hesitant, we can move into a new layer of courage within ourselves.



Golden Monkeyflower is also known as Mimulus, or Sticky Monkeyflower. A uniquely-shaped, bright yellow flower with little hairs and polkadots, it's an exquisite wildflower that grows on the banks of natural springs.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Empowerment & ease; Strength & courage; Expression & expansive presence; Confidence, self-worth & value

DISSOLVES: Projections of fears or illusions; What-if's & worst-case scenarios; Immobilization or avoidance; Fixation on details


Love + flower petals,