September 26, 2023

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Fluttery, nervous energy or overstimulated nervous system
  • Fatigue or total exhaustion
  • Fragile, weak, needing to sleep more than usual
  • Unable to manage what you have on your plate
  • Lack of clarity of purpose & follow through
  • Things ‘falling through the cracks'
  • Working on lots of projects with no finish or sense of completion
  • Making it to the finish line crawling
  • Making excuses about anything
  • Sense that people are not listening to you
  • Hot-tempered or thin-skinned
  • Resentment or bitterness due to overexhaustion


If you’re drawn to the Icelandic Lichen, you may be feeling weak, exhausted or overstimulated. You may have too much on your plate and as the seasons change, your body becomes overwhelmed. You may be feeling too much air or fire element blowing around or burning you up – and not enough earth element to ground you.

You may feel as if it’s hard to follow through or you finish your projects crawling to the finish line. Your body may feel weak or susceptible to odd or unexplainable physical imbalances. You may find that you want to sleep, rest or nap more. You may feel fluttery, flimsy, flakey or fragile.

You might feel as if the people around you are not listening; you may feel hot-tempered or quick to anger. When things are ‘falling through the cracks’ and you’re either overwhelmed or over-exhausted, Icelandic Lichen comes to the rescue.



Activate: Strength in purpose
Message: Make your mark!

Icelandic Lichen (Cetraria islandica) roots us into ourselves and into the earth, so we can stabilize and be more grounded. It sinks us into what we’re here to do, and grounds us into our path. We become more tenacious. We grab the reins and take charge. We feel more alive, fresh and outstretched, while being rooted and immovable.

We’re more able to root into a place, project, path and have more clarity of purpose. We see the world in a new way, and everything feels worth fighting for. We’re more able to deliver a message with clarity and strength and our message LANDS.

We have the strength to expand our energy in a powerful way across the earth. We can truly make an impact on people – and a stronger imprint with our energy. As we strengthen ourselves, we strengthen others.

Our intentions, words, energy and actions are like an energetic nuclear bomb effect, reminding people of their rooted connection to the earth and earth as an energy source. It’s like a ‘stamp’ or a body slam that awakens the environment. Lichen helps us experience our own inner strength and know what we’re capable of.




Icelandic Lichen grows in mountainous and arctic regions of North America and Europe, though is most prolifically found in the lava fields in Iceland.

It’s an edible plant, slightly bitter and has been used in soups, breads and even hot chocolate. Herbally it’s used as a bitter tonic and gentle laxative. It soothes a dry cough and tonifies the lungs.


MAGNIFIES: Ability to root into the ground & earth energy for strength; Tenaciously grabbing the reins & taking charge; Ability to make a stronger imprint or impact in others; Amplifies internal strengthening process so you can strengthen others

DISSOLVES: Fatigue & low energy; Flakey & lack of follow through; Flimsy: fragile, not well substantiated, making excuses; Fluttery: airy, moving here and there



Love + flower petals,

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P.P.P.S. Reminder for all mamas out there reading this ~ we are partnering with Naturopath Dr. Kayla Eckart this month in the Flowerevolution to bring you a SPECIAL TOUCHSTONE dedicated to mothers. Join our regular one, as well as the one with her for more support!