November 07, 2023

Recently many people have been asking us about flower essences for skin. Whether it’s acne, irritation or other types of problematic skin, it’s disheartening, especially if it’s on your face. When I was a teenager, I had acne and at times it really challenged my self-confidence.

The skin is the largest organ of elimination and I’m always amazed at how fast it reacts when I eat food that’s not good for me (itchy all over!). If you believe that your skin issues have a physical root cause, Self Heal elixir activates and amplifies your body’s natural self-healing abilities. You can also drink teas that contain herbs like dandelion root, which cleans the blood and the lymph. For chronic skin issues, healing from the inside out is much faster than applying a topical cream or salve.

If you believe that hormones are behind your skin flare-ups, the flower of choice is Pomegranate. Pomegranate helps balance our reproductive system, regulate our menstrual cycles and reduce PMS symptoms.

If you can’t think of any reason that your skin issues are related to a physical cause, then it’s a great opportunity to explore the emotional root causes, so you can identify a flower essence to uproot it.

First - how do you figure out the emotional cause for a physical symptom? (This works for ANY physical symptoms, not just the skin).

Here’s how: close your eyes and become aware of how your body feels. Notice your breathing and observe a few breaths until you perceive that your breathing is slowing down. Relax any tension and scan your body for any areas that want attention. In those areas that want attention, ask that body part what the pattern is.

Is there an emotion there? Is there a thought? What is held in that tissue that’s causing a misalignment of energy?

Open your mind and see what kind of answers you get. Whether they are logical or not, write down the answers. If it doesn’t make sense, you can come back to it later.

If you get a clear answer, here are some flower essences that I recommend specifically for skin, with their related emotional root patterns.

1: Silk Floss

The flower for feeling more comfortable in your own skin whether that's your skin-skin or just feeling more comfortable in who you are and allowing yourself to be seen. It’s also about allowing yourself to shine and feeling settled in who you are as a person. What face do you share with the rest of the world? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin or do you tend to feel awkward?

This flower elixir is found in Inner Peace.


2: Hollyhock

Hollyhock is the flower for skin issues that are caused by irritation by a partner or a lover, a romantic situation, or a friend. Someone that you're close to or intimate with … maybe you don't trust them or feel like something might go wrong. Or simply they’re driving you nuts and you’re getting hot under the collar.

Hollyhock is also in the mallow family so if you grow hollyhocks in your garden you can use the actual flowers to make compresses and washes. There are instructions for a Hollyhock steam and facial rinse in the Flowerevolution book.

This flower elixir is found in Fierce Compassion.

3: Nectarine Blossom

My favorite flower essences for softening the skin are stone fruits like peach, plum and nectarine blossom. Funny thing is, they soften our skin, our character and the way we perceive the world around us.

This flower elixir is found in Luminous Chi.

There are times we feel like the world is against us. Someone cusses us out randomly in a store, we get flipped the bird on the freeway for being in someone’s way or a family member yells at us unexpectedly. We feel attacked. Or that we’re living in an environment that’s not friendly.

Take my dog Gracie for example. She’s our hound dog with chronic skin allergy issues, and unless she’s on a regular formula of Chinese herbs, she itches like crazy. We did an allergy blood panel on her and she’s virtually allergic to every tree, plant, flower AND food. How’s that for feeling under attack? Yet from my personal experience with food sensitivities, I know allergies come and go as our immune system strengthens or weakens.

The other day before our latest installment of Chinese herbs arrived, she was scratching like crazy, so I asked her: "Gracie, what flower essence do you need?" Nectarine immediately popped into my mind. I thought to myself, what a great fit! She literally feels under attack from the world around her. And I know this is an old emotional pattern, because before we rescued her, she lived in a terrible situation, abandoned alone in a dusty gravel backyard with little food and water for weeks at a time.

So, if your skin is itchy or you experience sensitive skin due either to allergic reactions, rashes or heat, this could be a good fit if the emotional pattern underneath relates to inflammation from feeling attacked in some way. The end result of using Nectarine flower essence regularly is a softer appearance, both your skin and your energy field.

Nectarine Blossom is available as a Single Flower Elixir.

4: Night-Blooming Jasmine

Jasmine is indicated when there’s an underlying pattern of “I’m not beautiful” or if you have discomfort with an element of your physical appearance. If there’s something that bugs you when you look in the mirror … your teeth or your nose or the cellulite on your butt or your extra curves or your straggly grays popping out, whatever - Jasmine invites radical self-acceptance and feeling wildly beautiful. It dissolves loneliness, comparisons, jealousy and insecurities around your physical appearance.

Additionally, it brings more radiance into your face. If you’ve ever walked by a night-blooming jasmine plant, you know that the flower is pretty simple and ordinary-looking. But then you walk by and the scent is wholly intoxicating and magnetizing. You have to stop and take note. That’s the kind of energy you can tap into when you work with the Jasmine flower. Aka: your own beauty, inside and out. So if you’re skin is dull, pale or lifeless, Jasmine is your go-to.

(Also, exercise more and get out into nature! Get off the computer screen, haha.)

This flower elixir is found in Wild Abundance.

5: Jade Succulent

Speaking of movement, have you ever had this experience? You’ve been jogging/running/working out or you get a massage and the blood flushes to your face and everyone's like, ‘Oh my God, you look amazing today!’ and it's simply because you've moved your energy, blood and chi.

Jade Succulent flower offers a similar effect. It looks like a star and appropriately so, it’s a chi tonic and magnifier. When you walk into a room, people can feel your powerful presence when you're taking this flower elixir because it expands your aura.

The effect on your skin? A more luminous quality and better overall skin tone.

Jade Succulent is found in Radiant Energy.

I hope this gives you some ideas for enhancing your skin with flower essences. More importantly, my wish is that it inspires you to think differently about the symptoms you experience, as well as encouraging you to dialogue with your body about what’s going on, so you can be open to a world of possibilities for healing. Oftentimes our body nags us with symptoms in order to get our attention. We tend to ignore it, fight it, or be angry with our bodies for not operating perfectly, but when we give ourselves a little attention, self-compassion and flower power, it can work wonders not only for our skin, but how we feel in the world.

Love + flower petals,

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