November 13, 2023

In the last month, I’ve noticed some phenomena in myself, in the people around me and at events in multiple locations.

I want to share them with you for you to reflect upon.

1. People are more physically & energetically fatigued.

Have you also noticed this?

At first I thought it was the changing of the seasons, and perhaps it is … but lately I feel that the energetic [toxic] overload within our bodies has reached a new level. We need to exercise, but sometimes we’re too tired to move.

Here’s one solution –
Gentle cleansing practices on a regular basis.

1. Move until you sweat.

I used to sweat buckets while salsa dancing. I haven’t been dancing in a long, long time. I need to sweat more. Move until you sweat! If are too exhausted to move (I see it happening a lot lately), here’s another option –

2. Sit in an infrared sauna.

Do this on a regular basis. I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’m going to shoot for 3x/week for 15 minutes each and see if it makes a difference in my energy levels.

3. Take detox baths on the weekend.

Here’s the simple, inexpensive recipe: Run a hot bath and add 2 cups of epsom salts and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Add a dropperful of your favorite elixir & your favorite anointing oil. Sit in the bath for 20 minutes and then slowly get out (you might feel a bit dizzy). Bonus: afterward wrap up in extra sheets or towels and sweat a little more with a cup of hot ginger tea.

4. Make sure you are eliminating daily - and do the shitting practice.

Instructions here.

I didn’t know about this method until my 40’s! I mean, how hard is it to poop? We’ve been pooping since we were born! However, this method continues to blow my mind. You get the urge to go. You go, and then your body feels like it’s totally complete. However, if you wait a few minutes and do these exercises, you’ll eliminate a whole other level of junk from your body. Over time, this makes a huge difference.

5. Use more flower remedies.

I’ve noticed that I want to use them more frequently! Put them all around your house and office & use them whenever you feel like it. Infuse elixirs into every single beverage you consume. Mist yourself every time you see one. Anoint your wrists or whatever part of your body is calling your attention. Bathe in flower energies.

6. Do whatever it takes to drink more fluids.

Add flower remedies to your glass of plain water. Sprinkle in some electrolytes. Add our sugar-free soda syrups. Make a pot of nourishing tea. Do whatever it takes to consume beverages. We all need fluids to wash toxins out of our bodies.

Choose at least 2-3 of the points above to try to do more of if you're feeling physically & energetically fatigued like me.

The second thing I've noticed:

2. People are emotionally taxed and overwhelmed. For many of us, emotions are just under the surface and ready to be released.

In the last month alone, I’ve never seen so many people burst into tears with one simple mist over their head.

In upstate New York, it was the Sacred Heart Mist. I did a flower card reading and misted a woman gently. She promptly burst into tears & had to go to the bathroom to collect herself.

In Texas, Alan applied one drop of Joy Juice Anointing Oil to the wrist of a sweet lady we’d just met; she immediately got teary and didn’t understand why so much emotion had come to the surface. She felt embarrassed & confused about her reaction. We reassured her.

In our store in Phoenix, one visitor got misted with Boundless Wisdom & burst into tears. Alan encouraged her to take a moment to herself for journaling. After years of not keeping a journal, she wrote 14 pages!

In each case when this happens, the recipient is suddenly overcome & overwhelmed by emotion.

They want to flee, because they don’t understand what’s happening – and, it’s happening with someone they’ve just met. We reassure people and tell them it’s normal.

It IS normal, but I’ve never seen so many cases of it, as this month.

Which makes me believe that something is different in our collective. Our emotions are overwhelming, overflowing and ready to be released and healed.

Our bodies are seeking balance and if we’re carrying around repressed emotions, the flower remedies – even a quick mist – gets everything moving and changing shape.

People who have never worked with flower remedies are being more drawn to them. When it’s the first experience, even a simple mist, the release might be faster and more notable than what we’re used to.

If you mist or anoint a family member or colleague and they unexpectedly have an emotional reaction, just tell them it’s normal, that it happens all the time. Hold space for whatever is arising.

Share your flower remedies with friends & family!

We all need it.

3. Rather than outsource wisdom, people are consulting within.

We love to outsource our power in so many ways. We consult our intuitive or astrologer or coach or therapist or acupuncturist or hairdresser about what's happening. We spill the beans to our friends and family and look for ways to cope with external support.

The alternative?

I see more and more people finding support within. I witness in myself the desire to share my deepest heart pain, and instead decide to observe it quietly by myself in my room. I sit outside under the stars, I listen to music. I keep quiet. I ask myself questions, and eventually the answers come from within.

I look around me and I see more folks unplugging from narratives on the news or social media, that are specifically meant to polarize and create division.

I see people unplugging from emotionality and moving into a neutral place of observing.

I also see more people telling their truth, taking risks and giving themselves permission to be themselves.

Blends like Inner Knowing help us root into our own truth and inner knowingness. We don’t have to wonder or believe, because we simply KNOW from within.

Gamechanger helps us find the middle path, instead of going to extremes or fanaticism.

Divine Truth help us share what’s really going on, what’s worth fighting for & what’s not.

Divine Within & Sacred Heart help us make friends with ourselves and have more curiosity about how we’ve gotten into the jams we create, and how to gently work our way out of the knots, into more softness, clarity and ease.

Golden Monkeyflower helps us get unstuck, where subconscious fears have kept us immobile. It purges deep fears and helps us detach from the fixation and terror of the worst possible outcome.

So, what are you noticing?
What’s happening inside you?
What are you witnessing around you?
What is changing right now?

Love & gentleness,