Luminous Chi Set

Luminous Chi in a BIG WAY. Use the Luminous Chi Elixir, Aura Mist + Anointing Oil at the same time - 5 times a day, everyday - for maximum benefits.

MAGNIFIES: Powerful engagement, clear boundaries, wild freedom 

DISSOLVES: Feeling overwhelmed, attacked, trapped or drained

MIST & ANOINTING OIL SMELLS LIKE: Bright Thai meets India sacred: wrap yourself in spices, fruits, flowers and roots of Thai herbal compresses and Ayurvedic Shirodhara. Thai Plai Root, Makrut Lime Leaf, Rose, Sandalwood, Nutmeg + Juniper Berry.

Customer Reviews

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amy cassidy
first day and I feel so much different

I layered the Luminous Chi with Sacred Body and I felt so light and free on my very first day. I am part of the Flowerevolution and am used to feeling powerful shifts in short order, but this one felt the most like a return to my 'factory settings" for lack of a better description. I am really sinking into the truth that the Lotuswei products are doing the heavy lifting of some massive positive personal shifts. Luminous Chi, now doesn't that just sound like the greatest energy to reside in?

Maui Surfer

No matter what the Zen keeps going despite Fire balls of trials.
the elixir too ZEN puppy!

Emily M

Luminous Chi may be my favorite yet. I have been dealing with so much stress and stagnation in my life. I feel unstoppable now. There is confidence and self-assurance that I haven't felt in quite a while. I feel like I am waking up and stepping forward and accomplishing what I am here to do. There is ease to my day now because I am not wallowing in self-doubt.

Ashley Rey
Fire-Breathing Dragon

Luminous Chi makes me feel pulsing with hot life-force energy! As someone who tends more towards cold/yin I could feel the effects of this elixir right away. I feel overall more solid and warm in my body, especially in my spine & lower back. I had a flare of anger over something in a situation where I normally “let it go” where afterwards I was afraid I may have burned a bridge–but instead the other person respected me more and now I have a firm boundary in the place where I used to have a massive energy drain. This plus Radiant Energy are my new standby flower remedies.

Moving forward!!!

Luminous Chi anointing oil smells divine and exotic. The spray is more subtle but still lovely.
Taking the elixir has given clarity to so many issues previously holding me back. Thank you Katie and team xoxo