Expanded Focus & Relaxed Mind Kit


Experience Deep Peace, Calm & Steadiness With The Help Of The Expanded Focus & Relaxed Mind Kit

- QUIET MIND Mist (50ml): Smells like you're skiing down the mountain with fresh air, green herbs, a slice of citrus and cooling spices.

- PEPPERMINT DARK CHOCOLATE (50g): Let this cool, clean, refreshing dark chocolate melt in your mouth and you'll sense it — the vitality and liveliness of the wind. Nothing beats the fresh, coolness of peppermint in a smooth, creamy 68% cacao dark chocolate! Infused with LOTUSWEI Inner Knowing flower essences for self-trust and strength to break through limitations & embody your vision.

This will encourage:

  • Deep calm, peace, steadiness
  • A Quiet, meditative mind
  • Ability to let go, relax, rest + sleep soundly
  • Moving from head to heart
  • A Magnification of inner knowing + self-trust
  • Step-by-step unfolding
  • Trusting + embodying your inner vision

When to use:

  • Sleep: You have trouble sleeping or winding down at night before bed; you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep
  • Pregnancy: Troubled sleep due to menopause or pregnancy
  • Overactive Mind: Inability to focus; mental chatter; racing thoughts; thinking too much & too fast
  • Entrepreneurs & Creatives: You have lots of ideas but have trouble turning them off when you need to
  • Travel: Switching to a new time zone when traveling
  • Stress: Stress that comes from thinking too much & overanalyzing everything
  • Physical Tension: Shoulder/neck tension or lots of knots
  • Meditative Mind: Bring energy from the head down into the heart
  • Burnout or Adrenal Fatigue: Depletion from working too much

For a full list of ingredients, please see each individual product's dedicated page.

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