An Aural Tour of Taiwan with Techniques to Stay Sane in Today's Crazy World

7 awareness-through-sound audio recordings throughout Taiwan with Katie Hess!

From the night markets of Taipei to the insects of the jungle, from the pouring rain to a language you don't speak, the recordings act as a practice ground for learning how to listen in a different way, for a richer life!

What you'll get:

  • A taste of Taiwan through your sense of hearing
  • Seven specific instructions that magnify your ability to be present through sound awareness
  • A sound awareness experience that will change how you listen forever
  • A powerful method that steadies you when life gets crazy + emotions run on high
  • Instructions on how to use these techniques in your everyday life

Access to the 7 teachings of the Aural Tour will be sent upon purchase. As daily reminders, you'll also receive short + snappy emails for a week that gives a breakdown of each recording.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

loved it! such a cool idea! thank you for letting us experience asia with you!

I recommend!

Katie Hess with her gentle centered voice takes us on a journey through Taiwan. I am savoring it and today I did the Chaos meditation. How beautiful. I live in NYC so I thought it would feel pretty normal and possibly annoying but I was interested to observe. What kept coming to me was that you cannot chanhe the outer world but you can change your inner world. To be more observing when we choose. Also there is so much life force in the energy of people.

Exploring the elements and creatures too has been magnificent. Those are different on different parts of the earth so that was very cool to hear. Looking forward to the rest.

As with all things she does, these are special meditations. A truly unique approach to an ancient technique. But isn’t that just meditation in a nutshell? It’s never the same. Thank you Katie💕