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A flower usually grown at home in a garden, Sweet Pea flowers are flown in from Japan and sold in the New York flower market for $75 for a small bundle! Sweet Pea flower opens our minds to the endless possibilities that are available to us. Infusing us with the sense of a wealth of opportunities, it dissolves poverty-mentality and the knee-jerk “no, that won’t work” mindset. Sweet Pea helps us be open, adaptable and able to embrace the big picture with patience, fluidity and softness.  Read more here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

There are limitless possibilities.
I attract money + opportunities effortlessly.
I am becoming the fullest expression of myself.
I am open to new ways of seeing + doing things.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, opening to the limitless possibilities that abound By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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Click here for the Allowing Softening + Effortless Possibilities teaching transcript
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What ‘deadends’ or roadblocks do I feel like I’m facing in my life?

When do I feel frustrated with myself or others?

In what situations do I find myself automatically saying ‘no, that won’t work,’?

If anything were possible, what would I be doing right now?

If I could magnetize any opportunity, what would that look like?

What projects or aspirations would benefit from a broader approach?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Sweet Pea Support Guide here.

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List out where in your life you feel as though you’re hitting a wall. Next, list below each one how you think it ‘should’ be resolved. Then ask yourself - what would happen if you did the exact opposite?

List out everything you feel you can’t afford or are waiting for more money to complete. What would happen if you simply made the purchase or maneuvered the situation as if you already had the money?

Create an account with your significant other with only your name on it. Every month, each of you put in 100 dollars a month for your combined future. This shows: 1) commitment when you do it every month, and 2) if the other person tweaks out about it, it shows they aren’t invested or don’t take you seriously. This is a good way to judge character, commitment level + responsibility. Already married? You can do something similar towards a business you want to create or other life goals.

What is something in your life you would love to have someone else do? Clean your house, a personal assistant, landscaper, meal prep? Consider this - people who have had money for a short time spend it on things. People who have had money in their life for a long time spend it on support.  It's worth it to spend money on support for things that free up your time. Envision how getting help in those areas would free up your time to spend with loved ones, working on your business and other things you love.

Check out Ramit Sethi's financial tips. His main focus is mindset, and he has great actionable steps - everything from negotiating your credit card interest to getting a raise to earning $1k in a side business. My favorite quote of his: "There's a limit to how much you can cut back [spending]. There's no limit to how much you can earn." Here's his Instagram and website, and his book I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Every moment is full.

I will help you:

  • Embrace all parts of yourself as beautiful + human
  • Be in tune, open + receptive, able to recognize synchronicity + opportunities
  • Tap into the magic of everyday life, while being uninhibited + graceful

Reach for me when you:

  • Engage in scarcity mentality or a sense of ‘not enough’
  • Doubt your inherent self-worth
  • Feel unable to connect with the present moment



    Teaching 1 - Sweet Pea + Your Energetic Signature ~ Expansion vs Contraction

    Something that comes to mind with the Sweet Pea flower elixir is that in developing or discovering the expression or the fullest expression of yourself is that you also will run into areas of yourself or of your experience that don't feel like you. Maybe they felt like you at one time and now no longer feel like you because we're not static, right, as human beings? We're changing and evolving constantly over time.

    What Sweet Pea helps us do is listen more astutely both to our inner stirrings and our inner voice and our perception of things, to the way we maneuver through the word and our experiences and our surroundings, as well as the way we listen to others on a more profound level. So that we can sort of file or sort or organize those things with anenergetic signature that feel resonate to us and those things that no longer feel resonate to us.

    I think it's valuable to allow ourselves the freedom to shift and change over time, and to not have it be anybody's fault. For example, you may feel really aligned in a particular job, and then maybe at one point, you don't feel as aligned. Or maybe you have a relationship with someone that feels nourishing, and then it reaches a point where it's not nourishing. Or where, by nobody's fault, it just isn't a good fit or something is like toppling or maybe just not in the right expression that it could be in.

    These examples are kind of obscure, but I think it's an interesting exploration to sort of go to the edges of what feels like the fullest expression of you, and what doesn't feel like the fullest expression of you. And really allowing yourself to explore that and explore those things, and maybe even explore things that you previously had closed the door on. So a really silly example for me is when I go dancing - there are two kinds of dance that are down in like the Latin dancing world when you go to like social dancing parties, which I realize is kind of an underground world, so not many people know about it. But there are two different kinds of dancing, one is Salsa and one is Bachata. Salsa's a lot more like dynamic and complex and hard to learn. Bachata's a little easier to learn, and like you can kind of pick it up. And yet, it can also be like extremelysensual, like whoa-ah. I mean, Salsa is sensual but Bachata can be like way over on that end of the spectrum.

    For the longest time, I only danced Salsa. I just sort of refused - there are actually quite a few people in the scene who just kind of refuse to do the other Bachata dancing because it's a little bit much. But then I thought, you know, I could be like exercising 100% of the time instead of half the time in like waiting out these songs, so I started to just pick it up and dance it with certain people that I knew who would be appropriate.

    Then, it's a slippery slope. A friend of mine was teaching a class, and I thought, "I want to see what her teaching style is like." I went to a class, and figured if I'm going to be doing this, I might as well know the steps, like what are the actual steps. Then, I spent the entire class like feeling like at any moment in time I wanted to just like run out for some reason. It just didn't feel like me, and for some reason, and it sort of like pushed me to the edges of like what feels like the fullest expression of me. And is there a way that I can use this particular style of dance and music in certain occasions to express my creativity? Sure. But I don't really feel like I need to take classes and excel at it, it just doesn't feel like my vibe.

    But I thought it was kind of a fun exploration to just notice the edges of where I start to feel really uncomfortable and clear this isn't me, or it just doesn't feel ... it doesn't resonate with the fullest expression of who I want to be in my free time. Because there are a lot of activities that like, for example, even though it's just dancing, you can also bring in spacial awareness and connectedness and interconnectedness and notice how your energy is affecting others. You can bring in love and kindness into everything you do and awareness and presence. And so, something that may seem sort of mundane can also be instructional in terms of how you “be” in life.

    For you, it may be like a particular type of art or going bowling with your friends or the way that you interact with certain people or going out for a glass of wine, or I think it's helpful to explore the edges of what may or may not lead to a fuller expression of you. It's just as important to recognize when something does feel like it magnifies your energetic expression, and when something just doesn't feel right for some reason, it just doesn't feel quite like you.You might not know the reason, but it's good to explore those sides of yourself, and then to find those edges and establish what isn't you.

    I would say the homework for this week is to try something new. And observe in that situation those moments when you energetically feel resonant and aligned and expanded and magnified and multiplied, and, or, if you feel, in some way feel smaller or diminished or tightened, contracted, constricted, or experience resistance. Being able to really feel the differences in your body to a more refined level is a good training and practice to help orient more quickly and more adeptly when we're in a situation or surrounded by certain people or in surroundings that we want to like quickly make a U-turn instead of just - "Keep giving it a chance," or, "Oh, everybody else is here. Oh, well, I got a ride here with everybody, so I'm going to stay here." Really astutely being aware of things fall in like with your energetic signature and will make you feel expanded and magnified versus contracted and resistance. And really getting to know those edges, so that you are very aware in every moment, in every activity that you engage in, what is expanding you into your fullest potential and when are you contracting and how to immediately do a U-turn.

    That's what's up for this week. Try something new and notice when you feel expansion versus contraction.


    Teaching 2 - Allowing Softening + Effortless Possibilities

    When you're working with the Sweet Pea Flower Elixir really intensely or consistently there are some subtle shifts that I want to share that may occur - that I want to just highlight this week so that you can shine a little bit more light in that area or just gently have some curiosity and awareness around in your own life. It's as usual a little bit obscure, not totally clear, but let me just try to explain how it feels.

    So Sweet Pea, one of its magic powers is getting us to open up to limitless possibilities. How, right? How do we see things as possible that we didn't see as possible before? And I see it as softening our resistance and allowing. And there are so many ways it can express itself in your life. I'll give you some examples.

    One is softening any resistance to receiving love or to allowing yourself to not only have an experience of warmth and care and love, but it's like, it's not receiving isn't quite the word, it's like softening any resistance to allowing someone to express their love to you or to allowing yourself to experience what their warmth feels like in your body. That's one example.

    Another example would be - allowing this process of breaking down resistance and this process of softening and opening to limitless possibilities - allowing that process to be very effortless. To be looking for not only ways that you move for example, your physical body, your embodied state. Seeking out more spaciousness - like a silly example: I'm at the office and today I found myself acting really silly and walking with really big steps and reaching my arms out and just kicking up into the air before I would step and walking like a goofball, feeling like my body wanted to explore the space. And that's sort of a metaphor or a kind of blown out of proportion like an exaggeration of what's happening to our energy states.

    As we're working with Sweet Pea is like - how do we explore space? Even just thinking about how we move, right? Not to mention how we drive, like drive to work, drive home, drive to the office, drive home, drive to the grocery store, drive home. Like these weird little patterned routines we take, but also just how we move. Like getting up from a chair. Getting down into the chair. Walking across the room. We're so kind of patterned in ways that we don't even realize and so much so that walking across the room, stretching your arms out into the space around you and stretching your legs out and walking really funky and changing your pace and slowing down and reaching forward and reaching backwards.

    Exploring all the opportunities of movement is sort of like the metaphor or microcosm of what we're actually doing this month. Like I was saying before, it can be effortless like in just that movement example. It's not hard to say like, "Right now reach your arm out to the right. Reach your right hand out and reach out towards the right and feel the space in front of you and on the sides of your body and at the back of your body." Notice what that feels like to just sort of move your hand through the space and then you can try your other hand. Move your left hand out through the fronts and the sides and the backs of the space around your body and just noticing what that feels like. "Oh wow, that feels interesting. Like I normally don't move that way."

    And how does it feel to sort of move your hand through space? Can you perceive your own chi and the chi of the space around you? And how does the movement affect the rest of your body and joints? And do you like to move slowly or quickly? That kind of exploration is what's happening energetically with our relationship to softening, opening, being curious versus very subtle levels of resistance, blocking, disbelief, hardening ...

    Funny, as I'm talking I'm remembering this conversation a week or so ago with my teacher and he was saying .... We were talking about incorporating the idea of having mud baths at the SAN Center, at the building that we're in. Not like swimming in mud, but putting on beautiful clay and flower essence mud onto your body and then having that detox and pull things out. And when I reflect back on it it's funny because he was sort of painting this picture on what could be possible and I would just watch my brain, my thinking mental brain go to like all the different obstacles like, "Oh my God, then we have to put in a shower," - which is something I wanted to do anyway - but we've got to put in a shower and he was talking about, "Oh it's just so easy 'cause you just like squeegee the mud off. It dries and then you spray it wet again and then you squeegee it off people's naked bodies."

    I was like, "Oh my God we gotta put in a shower," and "Oh my God, do you think Americans are gonna let us squeegee off their body, like with a rubber squeegee like you'd squeegee your windshield? That's crazy. I don't know if they'll allow that and that's kind of weird and even if we squeegee them they'll still want to shower and they just had dirt on their bodies and then we have to have drains and we gotta move our office upstairs and we gotta outsource production."

    Oh my God, it was like five million obstacles and I think that whether or not ... It's so great. My teacher is so skillful, because whatever happens in the future or doesn't happen in the future or any of the multiplicity of ways that the future could self arise, it was an interesting conversation and exercise to watch my own brain find all the possible obstacles and things that could block the possibility.

    And I tend to be a very big thinker and very visionary and very what if and what if this were possible and what if we could do that and what if. I'm very expansive and so to have him point out to me where those areas were in my system that I could so easily just put up a block or an issue or a problem or a reason why that wouldn't work, which is I would typically say is not my nature. But we all have that and we all have our edges and our limits. We may be super expansive in a certain area and then we could be pushed all the way out to the edge of what we think is possible and not possible.

    So noticing in your life when you experience a subtle resistance or when you notice that that subtle is gone. When you soften into not knowing or you soften into allowing and I think that's another word that keeps coming up into my mind is allowing. Allowing softness. Allowing love. Allowing abundance. Allowing prosperity. Allowing things to be easy and effortless. Allowing things to fall into place. Allowing yourself to have the best possible combination of elements in your life. Allowing things to be fluid and mutable and to be able to move through things quickly and let go of things more quickly. Allowing ourselves to transform at a higher rate or faster speed or velocity so to speak, like enhanced capacity to transform and evolve when we can just allow, just allow it to be and allow it to be easy.

    Kiya - the acupuncturist at our building - she and I have been working on a new form of treatment working with clients. But we're not actually working with clients yet, we're working on each other to sort of see how this new idea unfolds and I was pretty shocked at how effortless, honestly, that it could be. Two people in one room accessing all the different tools and targeting different patterns.

    We moved through so much stuff that the kinds of shifts and changes that I experienced in the next few days were just like radically different - and also like a big physical detox symptoms - but the actual process of it was just so simple it didn't feel dramatic. It just felt like fun and easy and effortless and then for the next two days, terrible headache and neck ache and having to take salt baths and do special things for my body so that I could allow all the junk to move through and access sort of a new way of being.

    So those are just some personal examples that I share with the key words being allowing and effortlessness and softness and possibilities. Even the possibility of things falling apart so that they can find their way back, in the way that is the best combination for them, without having to exert force or pressure or orchestration or fixing or solving.

    So there is in this softening of the resistance still limitless possibilities. There is an enhanced ability to let things fall apart, to let things be messy in your own life or in others around you to not feel responsible that you're the one that has to fix it or save it or solve it or be responsible for it. You can let other people have their reactions. Sort of letting things fall apart so that better combinations and solutions can self arise from the spaciousness of what's possible in a way that you don't have to exert any effort or force.

    Things to reflect on this week:
    Where do you experiece subtle resistance?
    Where do you experience that subtle resistance lifting or softening?
    Where or in what situations in your life do you feel yourself opening to more possibilities of experience?
    Where are you opening to new experiences? How are you opening to new possibilities?
    What is sort of freeing up in your life? What's kind of snagging you?
    And what are you allowing? What can be easy and effortless?

    Those are just some questions to ask yourself or to be aware of in your day to day moments.


    Teaching 3 - Breaking Patterns, Resting More + Embracing Right Timing

    So with Sweet Pea we have been working a lot with effortless growth and being open to new possibilities. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I just wanted to talk a little bit aboutreally giving ourselves the permission to listen to ourselves more. So that could include listening to our bodies. If you need a little more rest one day, or if you need a nap, or if you need to go to exercise, or eat something different, or go to sleep early. Really giving ourselves permission to listen to our bodies more, as well as our inclinations and allowing ourselves to wait until something feels right, until we make a move on it.

    I'm not talking about like, "Oh, I don't feel like filing my taxes this year so I'm just gonna let that slide until I feel like it." 'Cause you'll probably never feel like it, but there are certain things that we … Let's see. How do we make this distinction because you may not feel like getting up going jogging in the morning but you know that that's the right thing to do for your body, and so it just requires discipline.

    So this isn't a discussion about discipline orfeeling like doing something, but it is in the cases that you normally would feel an attraction to doing something but you are not currently. So I'll give an example: In my life, usually when I go on flower essence collection trips I'm pulled, and magnetized, and excited. And I just want to plan the trip and at least I'm looking at photos, or Instagram photos, or Airbnbs, or something that kind of sparks my curiosity, or joy, or wonder and gets me going in the right direction. I had thought that I was going to go to Azores to do some flower collections, but I just haven't had any polar magnetization towards looking more into how to make that work. So I'm just allowing myself to put it off, and perhaps I may not go this year. Maybe it's a different year that I go. Maybe I have a bigger trip planned later that's more important and will require more resources. So I think that what I'm trying to say is allowing yourself the ... giving yourself permission to wait until things feel right to you.

    Another example might be like you know you need to call someone back, for example. You've had it on your list, you've been meaning to get back to somebody, but you just are not getting to it and kind of can't bring yourself to doing that. I think that it's okay.Sweet Pea is sort of like this magical elixir that teaches us that things are not only effortless, but it's also okay and that we can trust in our body's sort of ability to take the temperature of situations, and perhaps in this example of, "Oh, I need to get back to so and so, but I just haven't yet" - to really trust in the timing of things and that if you really needed to get back to them there is a part or a piece of you that will know, "I really need to get back to them right now." Maybe by allowing yourself to wait, you're waiting for the right timing of something else to occur before you actually reach out to them. Maybe if you reached out to them now you would interfere in some particular situation by voicing your mind, when maybe you would all just fall into place by the time that you actually feel the strong inclination to reach out to them.

    Super hypothetical example, but something that I think we can relate to because most times all of us have a huge to-do list and we put lots of pressure on ourselves to do a lot of things. Typically an impossible amount of work or tasks, and so we constantly feel this pressure of needing to do all these things that can't be accomplished. And so - I think that in the effort to experience more abundance and prosperity and attract sort of like a higher expression of our lives, through removing our inner blocks - I think that this month, if we feel the inclination to do so we can, sort of like accomplish more by doing less. I know that sounds really cliché, but it is a sort of deep listening practice, like in the same way of “what does my body need right now?” And that is a really good and practical practice that we can come back to every single day of our lives.

    What is it that I need to be doing next? What's the next highest priority item? And allowing certain things to slip and slide if they are not at the top of your list and super crucial and critical. And allowing yourself to go a little slower if that's what you need. And maybe by the going slower pace, some of those other things will just fall into place in their own natural timing. And that way things feel more effortless, and growth feels more effortless.

    I'm, for some reason, thinking of this little fortune inside a fortune cookie that somebody had at a dinner, it was earlier this week, and I absolutely loved it. And that was, "Do everything in moderation, including moderation."Do everything in moderation, including moderation. So it's like ... This is just such great advice. Do everything in moderation, yes, including moderation, yes. Sometimes we want to go to the edges, sometimes we go to the extremes. Sometimes we want to explore the extremes, and the edges, and kind of go nuts in a certain area and the pendulum swings back and forth so we don't get too stuck in our comfort zones.

    I think this month is about taking risks, in some ways. Reaching out to someone that we know we wouldn't typically reach out to. Talking to someone that we wouldn't typically talk to. And then it's also likewise just as heavily weighted towards the effortless portion. The effortless, sort of like waiting for the right timing, and not in a passive waiting way, but waiting until things feel aligned and resonant in order to take action on them.Allowing yourself a little more space, a little more rest, a little more down time so that when you do take a move, it feels more effortless.

    Things don't feel like work so much. Because ultimately I believe that the focus - I mean, of all of life, but especially this month with Sweet Pea - isif we focus a little more energy and attention around removing our inner blocks and resistance, that liberates a whole lot of energy in our external world. And that makes things a lot more effortless in the external world, and in how we operate and in how things can fall into place for us. And sometimes the way to remove inner blocks is to relax, relax more. Let's actually physically relax and soften the body, and that relaxes other types of resistance in our systems.

    So this is your permission to relax a little bit more, to rest a little bit more if you need it. To ... I don't know, take the night off from something you usually do. I usually go to salsa dancing every Tuesday night, I'm taking tonight off 'cause I just feel. Some random reason just feels like it.So give yourself permission to change up your routine, to try something new. Rest a little bit more, relax a little bit more.

    You know what else is popping in my head as I'm talking as I just mentioned dance? It's so strange. I have always noticed that when I have this regular practice of salsa dancing and I go several times a week, and I have noticed that when I go away, like traveling for example for a long period of time, I come back and I'm a better dancer.

    So for example, when I went on Flowerlounge tour and we drove all over the United States, and I was gone for the entire month of July. Then I came back into salsa dancing world and I was a much better dance after one month of not practicing or doing any dance at all. How do you explain that? I explain that kind of like what I was talking about before,when you relax, when you break up your routine, when you relax your physical body and you break up your normal routine, you relax other types of resistance in your system. So maybe back on the dance floor you can be more flexible, open, aware, risk taking, or uninhibited maybe, or more open to learning more quickly, or syncing more naturally into your own body. And this could happen in our work, or our businesses, or home life, relationships, relationship with ourself, all different kinds of things.

    Question for this week would be:In what ways could you make everything just a little bit more effortless? And in what ways could you allow yourself to rest and relax just a little bit more?