July 18, 2019

EP #100: Without Mother Nature You're Dead WITH KATIE HESS + CLAIRE CHIANG

In this episode Claire Chiang + Katie have a conversation in Singapore about changes in our world, how flower elixirs have become critical for life today, and how a simple longing for a more meaningful life can unlock possibilities beyond your imagination. We also talk about drinking scorpion juice and butterfly elixirs, and how to tap into the magic of tide pool creatures.


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We talk about:

  • Meditation: common misconceptions and how welcoming the chaos + intense emotions is the secret
  • Why googling every question we have is killing us
  • Claire's experience of working with flower essences the past 4 years: more ease, self-confidence, spaciousness, power
  • How my Tibetan Buddhist practice has shaped my life, my work as a flower alchemist + my businesses
  • The Flowerevolution Program: why it's so powerful + why it isn't for everyone
  • Animal + creature essences: what they are + why now is the right timing to release them in the program

On a practical level,TheFlowerevolution is a life-and mind-changing monthly membership. A network of secret heroes making change every day; an inner circle for people who want to turn this Flower Power all the way up. It takes you on a guided, enhanced tour of elixirs designed just for you, with end results like:

  • Tapping into a deeper well of fearlessness + badassery
  • Sensing how profoundly the Earth supports you
  • Tackling that secret list of “what I’d do if I weren’t afraid
  • Stop being scared to speak, do, be
  • Becoming boldly expressive, without hmming and umming
  • Waking up powers within you that you didn’t know existed

You’ll be part of a community of people who incorporate targeted, specific flower elixirs to wake up certain qualities in themselves, all in a shared moment. Every month, each person in the program is taking the same flower elixir, which is designed to wake up specific energies and catalyze personal growth not only for the Flowerevolutionaries, but also their family, friends and anyone their energy touches.

Have more questions? Email Claire ~ she helps run the program + can answer anything.


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