Eastern Approach to Common Health Struggles

July 24, 2019


EP 101: Eastern Approach to Common Health Struggles with Kiya Hunter

In this episode, I ask Kiya Hunter for simple remedies to common health issues like headaches, digestive issues, and achy joints, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. We talk about the dangers of drinking cold drinks & icing your injuries.

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  • The differences in training in Traditional Chinese Medicine + Western Medical systems
  • How her practice has been enhanced by incorporating flower essences 
  • Different types of headaches, how to get to the root cause of them + simple practices to ease the pressure
  • Dangers of drinking cold drinks & icing your injuries
  • TCM theories that will keep you healthy + well: 
  • Importance of mindful eating to prevent bloating, food sensitivities + digestive issues
  • Why white sugar magnifies emotional issues + causes imbalance in the body
More about Kiya:

Kiya Hunter is a licensed acupuncturist with a combined 15 years of experience in massage, bodywork, pelvic care and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also practices cupping, gush and facial acupuncture + cupping. In her free time she studies the human body, reading articles + staying up to date on all the latest health info. She loves hanging out with her seven year old son, eats a ridiculous amount of homemade pesto and loves GF chocolate chip waffles with peanut butter, maple syrup + honey for breakfast.

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