March 31, 2019


April is a month where we integrate a deeper healing from the lessons we learned in March during the Mercury Retrograde review time. We’re getting inspired with a new, fresh energy + using that energy in a productive way. We may find that the antidote for leaking power in some way is: choosing an idea + focusing on the execution of it, which will bring us greater into the realm of wild abundance + the fullest expression of ourselves.

Join me and Intuitive Astrologer Kristina Wingeier for this months episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast! We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Springing into action, but pacing ourselves.
  • Pressure + focus offering clarity in what we are wanting to accomplish
  • Taking measured action steps
  • 3 outer planets are retrograde: collective review of what we’re expanding into and noticing where we contract, as well as where we need to either trim or invite more in
  • Observing give/take in relationships, along with a loving compassionate vibe
  • Fierce clarity with communication
  • Learning how to experience greater capacity with less effort
Monday + Tuesday, April 1st + 2nd: Moon waning in Pisces, Mars in Gemini, Mercury Direct

We’re reviewing + integrating from last month’s Mercury retrograde

Tuesday, April 2nd: Mercury/Neptune conjunction

This is also the third and final Mercury/Neptune conjunction: confusion, not super logical. Feel your way through. If you perceive falsity or delusion, it’s probably that you are perceiving incorrectly.

Wednesday, April 3rd:Mars + Chiron

Look for a new point of view in any area of your oldest, deepest wounds (you or the collective). Learn from it all and integrate new wisdom. You may be looking at your identity, childhood stuff, or any areas where you are impulsive. You may feel boxed in and seeking a larger expression of yourself.

Question to ask yourself: Where do I have tunnel vision? Explore a new point of view.

Thursday, April 4th:Pluto + South Node

Great transformation, clearing the karma, looking under the foundation, purifying. It’s the day before the new moon, so it’s a deep release of the hidden or what’s been swept under the rug. Use this time to cleanse on any level that feels good: juice cleanse, detox teas, sauna, exercise, sweat.

Question to ask yourself: Where am I giving away my power? To what or who am I giving away my power? Is there some behavior I am engaging in that's leaking power somewhere? i.e. spending excess money, eating gluten, hanging out with energy vampires, not eating at the right time, etc.

NEW MOON in Aries on Friday, April 5th

Theme: New Year, New You

Aspects: Firestarter, initiation, taking action, create structures + plans. Consider follow through.

Illuminates: New ideas bubbling up, time to launch + start new projects

Shadow-side: Saturn in Capricorn, which leads to ideas coming more quickly than you’re able to execute. Allow the restrictions and pressure to hone + polish; it will refine you + your ideas.


  • Light a candle. Write down all your crazy wild ideas - don't stop until the ideas stop. Circle 1-3 of the ideas that you can start tomorrow.
  • Eat at regular times to fire up your metabolism.
  • Pick a theme song and light yourself on fire.
  • Get into a new exercise routine.
  • Get inspired + create plans for the next expression of you.
Sunday, April 7th:Make your plans.

Experience cosmic support in grounding your ideas + thinking process.

Tuesday + Wednesday, April 9th + 10th:Check In

Possible roadblocks or challenges that can fuel you to check out. If you feel overwhelmed, tap into your romantic side, meditate or spend time in nature. Venus is magnetic + pulls things together; despite wounds, you’re encouraged to love yourself + others.

Question to ask yourself:Last month, did I have any challenging times or challenging thoughts/emotions? Reflect on that.

Wednesday, April 10th: Jupiter Retrograde + Mercury Pluto Sextile

Your patience might be tested in the form of rules, structure or resistance. Use it to slow down + course-correct. What discipline do you need to put in place?

Jupiter Retrograde until Aug 11th: Review recent growth + expansion. Reconnect with the virtues of how you relate to philosophy (your own personal philosophy), idealism + truth. In what areas do you hunt for the truth, investigate relentlessly or look to expand your mind? Reconnect with your values, hopes + ideals.

Mercury Pluto Sextile: A day of power struggles - use it to hone your mental concentration + focus. Activate your creative mind + cut through distractions.

Friday, April 12th:Give yourself some love.

Your insecurities or controlling patterns may arise. Remedy this by showing your love. Buy yourself flowers. Buy someone else flowers. Show your love to someone or yourself.

Saturday, April 13th: Crunchy, but empowering!

A crunchy but empowering day. Use your willpower to not let personal arguments get in the way.

Sunday, April 14th:Fire Trine

A day of good fortune! Deepen into trust, adaptability + being forward thinking. Notice old patterns vs. being forward thinking, especially in the realms of external authority.

Monday, April 15th:Give into play!

You’ll want to play today! Instead of fighting the energy, go with it! Take an extra long lunch or leave work early + do something fun! Or take the whole day off and play hooky or take an extended weekend.

Tuesday + Wednesday, April 16th + 17th:Mercury into Aries

Mercury leaves Pisces and goes into Aries. Communication becomes more fiery, blunt, assertive/aggressive, sharp and quick.

FULL MOON in Libra on Friday, April 19th

Theme: New ways, new strategies, under current of hope

Illuminates: Relationships and give/take dynamic in relationships. What’s coming to resolution or a deeper understanding?

Shadow-side: Wounded inner child patterns. Are you speaking from past wounds or being forward thinking?

Planetary influences: Mercury/Chiron, Completion with Libra (second full moon)

Saturday, April 20th:Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus slows everything down a little, introduces the concept of pacing ourselves and making it manifest on a practical, tangible level. Venus moves into Aries from Pisces for one month, making us bolder, more independent and more courageous about taking care of our own needs instead of taking care of everyone else.

Monday, April 22nd:Earth Day

Uranus in Taurus + Sun conjunct Uranus: The way we look at money becomes electrified. What do we invest in? What is our relationship with money?

Also, tend to your physical body, so your nerves don’t get overstimulated.

Tuesday, April 23rd:Chiron Magic

Chiron gives you the energy to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.

Wednesday, April 24th:Pluto Goes Retrograde

Pluto goes retrograde until October 3rd, helping us review + reflect on getting to the root of power struggles, noticing where we leak power. Collective cleansing in areas of government + banking.

***Look to the Capricorn house in your own natal chart for more specific information for you.

Saturday, April 27th:Low energy day

A day of confusion, low energy, gossiping, or laziness. You might be tempted to watch Netflix all day.

Monday, April 29th:Saturn Goes Retrograde

Saturn goes retrograde until Sept 18th: less is more. Look at budgeting, money + resources. Explore cause/effect results of actions/inactions in life. How are you living in your integrity - or not? Explore how you spend your money both today and two more times: Saturn on the South Node happens two more times: July 4th, Sept 28th.


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

Flowerevolution Sweet Pea Elixir:

Magnifies: Prosperity; open-mindedness + adaptability; patience; forward thinking; greater expression of who you are

Dissolves: Feeling like things aren't working out the way you planned; frustration; stubbornness; hitting dead-ends

*This elixir is only available in our 6-month Flowerevolution Program.

Wild Abundance:

Magnifies: Awareness + sharpened senses; synchronicity; abundance + prosperity; gratitude + appreciation; embracing all aspects of self; gracefulness; attraction

Dissolves:Self-doubt, sense of scarcity, lack of clarity

*Discover the Wild Abundance Collection here!


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