Flower Wine as a Medicinal Libation

April 02, 2019

EP 83: Flower Wine as a Medicinal Libation with Aaliyah Nitoto

In this episode I chat with Aaliyah Nitoto, founder of Free Range Flower Wines, about the age-old practice of women making flower wines around the world. We talk about the business of flower wines, including: fermentation, tasting rooms, batch sizes and the difference between wine as a libation vs. medicine.

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We talk about:
  • What it means when a swarm of bees comes around you
  • Aaliyah’s grandfather making elderberry wine
  • Distinction between wines as libation vs. medicine
  • Flower Wines in History in China, Korea, North Africa
  • How women were traditionally the flower wine makers
  • Fermentation process in wine-making that makes it different from an herbal tincture
  • What running a flower winery is like - just shy of one year old
  • Her batch sizes and what flowers can be scaled vs. limited edition
  • Her Wine + Design tasting room opening every 2nd Sunday in Oakland
  • Taste descriptions of her Lavender Wine + Hibiscus Rose Wine
More about Aaliyah:

Drawing from her lifelong studies of biology, herbalism, and nutrition, winemaker Aaliyah Nitoto combines her knowledge of flowers and plants, taste profiles, and science into the art of flower winemaking. 

Her process marries the garden winemaking traditions of women from centuries past with the innovative spirit of today's San Francisco Bay Area food and drink culture.

Dedicated to sustainable practices that yield world-class wine and build community, we welcome partnerships with local farmers, makers, artists, mixologists, event planners, and community-minded organizations.

Launched in the summer of 2018, Free Range Flower Winery is an award-winning, family-owned urban winery located in Oakland, California, that handcrafts wine in small batches from locally sourced, organic flowers.

Aaliyah's Favorite Flower: RED CLOVER

Her words to describe the Red Clover, which also perfectly describe how she brings her gifts into the world: 

Happy, content, connected to the Earth, mindful + chill.


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