Spiritual Patterns Beneath Physical Imbalances

January 23, 2019

EP 70: Spiritual Patterns Beneath Physical Imbalances with Kiya Hunter

Kiya Hunter is an acupuncturist that thinks way outside the box! Even in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she works with all of the wildest, most interesting ways to heal the body, even in the scope of techniques and methods that most acupuncturists don't tap into! Kiya will be featured as a regular guest ~ and I think when you listen to our conversation, you'll understand why. 

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine as a safer, tested + more effective form of caring for your health 
  • CBD + Marijuana: why she doesn't recommend it if you want to get to root causes
  • How short-term trends can lead to long-term damage 
  • Why icing an injury was never a good idea 
  • Needles as spark of life to create new nerve communication patterns 
  • How your body communicates messages through myofascial tissue 
  • How acupuncture can heal old emotional trauma quickly 
  • Why Kiya doesn't believe in meridians and points 
  • How physical tension can cause problems in your organs 
  • How cupping relaxes tension, toxins + in the tissues 
  • Healing your ovaries + testicles with a natural eye lift! Yes, you read correctly. 
  • Reading the imbalances of your body in your face & ears 
  • Gua Sha, a method to break up scar tissue (wrinkles, C-section scars)
  • Why it's so important to trust in your body's natural defenses
  • Why cupping could be the answer to healing your chronic pain/stress
  • Personal ear massaging as a way to heal yourself
  • How the way you were born could lead to various primitive reflexes (i.e. extra ticklish or lack of coordination) 
More about Kiya:

Kiya Hunter is a licensed acupuncturist with a combined 15 years of experience in massage, bodywork, pelvic care and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also practices cupping, gush and facial acupuncture + cupping. In her free time she studies the human body, reading articles + staying up to date on all the latest health info. She loves hanging out with her seven year old son, eats a ridiculous amount of homemade pesto and loves GF chocolate chip waffles with peanut butter, maple syrup + honey for breakfast.

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