The Beauty of Aging + Making Life Count

January 30, 2019

EP 71: The Beauty of Aging + Making Life Count with Sarah Villafranco

In this episode I talk with Sarah Villafranco about how she went from being an ER doctor to growing her own soap + skin care company. We talk about fear + trust in business + the beauty + complexity of aging.

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In this episode, we talk about all kinds of things:

  • What would make an ER doctor want to be a soap-maker
  • How she ended up feeling handcuffed in a broken system
  • How her Mom’s death impacted her perspective of life
  • Her biggest joys + challenges in business
  • An authentic life path vs. a marketing story
  • The beauty + complexity of aging
  • How anti-aging procedures can accelerate aging
  • What creates true beauty
  • The best way to deal with fine lines, age spots + silver hair
  • Making every moment count 

More about Sarah:

Dr. Sarah Villafranco, founder and CEO of Osmia Organics, is a natural skin-care expert and a noisy advocate for cultivating joy and health every day. She practiced emergency medicine for 10 years, when she saw and treated a broad spectrum of human health and illness. She now works through her artisanal skin-care brand to improve people’s health and happiness (as well the planet’s) by decreasing the number of chemicals in their personal care routines and by encouraging people to "return to their senses." If you’re into green beauty, fitness, border collies, Colorado, or healthy living, you should stalk her Insta feed.


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