What Your Period Is Trying to Tell You

March 28, 2018

EP 24: What Your Period Is Trying to Tell You with Erin Borbet

Last summer, I had the joy of meeting Erin at her home in Victor, ID, as we were traveling across the country collecting flower essences + hosting Flowerlounge Events. We were greeted with the most decadent spread of eggs, bacon, fresh salad greens, elk sausage, homemade pate, banana almond flower muffin + black cherry coconut raw cheesecake ~ she wrote an amazing post about the breakfast feast here!

If you're a regular listener of the podcast, you may be thinking, "this woman sounds familiar!" That's because I interviewed Erin for our first ever Flowerlounge Podcast episode! She is spilling at the brim with SO MUCH information that e v e r y  w o m a n needs to know ~ so I invited her back to divulge more!

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Eastern vs. Western approaches to the menstrual cycle
  • Way of working towards a symptom-free menstrual cycle: herbs, supplements, and practices!
  • The one supplement that everyone needs + why
  • What's the deal with the birth control pill?! Dangers of using it + safer, natural alternatives 
  • Noticing the Yin/Yang patterns in your cycle + how to use that information to harness your intuition, right timing + power each month
  • Erin's favorite supplements for hormonal + overall balance
  • A little bit of Western Science - the role of inflammation, blood sugar, and gut dysbiosis in hormonal imbalance (aka = PMS and painful periods)
  • Basic Foods, Herbs and Lifestyle to Support each of the phases with practical home remedies

Erin is a Transformational Health Coach and Herbalist. After seven years in private acupuncture practice in New York City, Erin now works remotely with women all over the world to resolve hormonal symptoms and nourish fertility. She has her Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine, clinical experience working in renowned hospitals such as NYU Medical Center, the New York VA Hospital, Zhejiang Hospital in China, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in New York, Planned Parenthood in San Diego and Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.

She uses her fifteen years of clinical experience to provide her clients with a comprehensive holistic health strategy and effective, natural solutions. It is her belief that true and lasting healing must also integrate emotional and spiritual aspects, which she addresses via consistent coaching calls.

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Connect with Erin:

Email her for a free 20-min consult: erin@erinborbet.com
Learn more about her work:erinborbet.com
Remote coaching services: complimentary 30-min call.
Visit her acupuncture clinic in Victor, ID.


Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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