Moving Closer to What Brings Us Joy

March 21, 2018

EP 23: Moving Closer to What Brings Us Joy with Diane Read

Diane's favorite childhood flower + words she used to describe it:
Sweet Pea: Fun. Delicate. Intricate. Intriguing

I met Diane in a boxing club. I had just gotten off the boxing ring. I wasn't boxing though ; ) - I was introducing my business to the Phoenix community of social entrepreneurs/investors/movers-and-shakers. That's where I met Diane, a Canadian from Vancouver, who had moved to Arizona from NYC. She owned a natural makeup company and our business philosophies were very similar. Diane and I became good friends - meeting up every now and then for meals + chatting about the challenges + delights of having product-based businesses (capital/cashflow, manufacturing, hustle, etc.), how crazy the world is + how we secretly have future escape plans for living in Asia.I cherish Diane as a sister-friend from another lifetime. If you don't know Diane, she is simultaneously one of the most gentle, yet fiercely determined people I know ... and I am so excited to share our Fowerlounge Podcast interview with her with YOU!

Diane Read's mother + grandmother taught her first to look to spiritual wellbeing for beauty. Growing up, Diane and her sister were raised with holistic, naturopathic, aromatherapy and flower remedies from as early as she can remember.

After leaving home, going to design school, years of travel and living in London and Hong Kong, Diane moved back and began focusing on her own wellness. She started looking at how she was eating, what she was using on her skin + in her home. Mindful living led Diane straight into exploring beauty from a different perspective. She began to research + explore the beauty products that were available - specifically looking to find cosmetics made without animal testing, and products that incorporated what she learned from her mother and grandmother. With a big desire to incorporate beauty rituals she inherited from the important women in her life, she started her own high vibrational beauty brand: Modern Minerals. The result was creating a different kind of beauty ~ inspired by the desire to create something fueled by positivity, purpose + love!

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Not sacrificing quality in your business
  • Being aware of what goes into your makeup + skincare routine
  • Transitioning a 'hobby' business into a full-time career
  • Finding inspiration in the people + places around you
  • Gaining the courage to start your own business

Connect with Diane:

Shop: Modern Minerals Makeup - infused with our flower essences! Aaaand she's launching her new hair care line this Spring!
Instagram: @ModernMinerals


Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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