December 14, 2023

Have you ever had the feeling that you could be and do so much more …

If you could just let go of certain fears that hold you back?

Fears keep us small, seemingly safe and comfortable.

Are you curious to explore what it means to move beyond fear – and see what’s on the other side?

The unknown world of wild expansion and freedom sounds good, but it’s actually scary AF.

Especially if you have to face your fears.

Ever consider how many kinds of fears there are? It’s insane!

I could list 100s. Here are a few:

Heights. Dog fights. Vomiting. Dying. Kidnapping. Violence. Poisonous Snakes. Partner dying. Persecution. Attack. Abandonment. Loneliness. Dog/cat dying. Failure. Criticism. Public speaking. Being kicked out of a group. Looking like a fool. Being deemed unlovable, old, fat, unattractive, purposeless, useless. The list goes on … and it’s a HUGE list.

Facing our fears is important, because fears keep us constricted – trapped in the zone of playing small.

This endeavor, however, is not about glossing over or avoiding your fears.

It’s about slowly & consciously becoming more open to facing them and working through them – perhaps even dissolving them … bit by bit, over time.

As humans, it’s unavoidable that we have to experience things that scare the shit out of us.

Our pets die. Family members get sick. We give birth. Our loved ones die. Relationships come and go. We feel anticipatory grief and anguish at the prospect of losing someone we love.

Being human is not for the weak of heart.

And wouldn’t we all like to feel more fearless, courageous and bold?

In my [humble] experience, one of the first steps to building fearlessness – is to gently turn toward and acknowledge our fears without running away.

We want enough stability to be able to face them. Energy to move through them, gracefully or messily. And the courage to discern between illusion and reality.

Fears hold us back. That much is clear.

And they're often illusions. Or potentials for bad experiences that haven’t happened yet – and might never. They’re worries and what if’s.

Ask yourself:

How does fear color or filter how I see reality?

Aren’t you curious:

What lies on the other side of the fear?!!

If you were absolutely fearless about Every. Single. Thing. in your life, what would it look like?

What would it feel like? Exhilarating?

Fear is not far from exhilaration.

Exhilaration is not far from wild possibilities and expansion.

Are you curious to see the massive potential that lies beyond your fears?

I am. It scares the shit out of me too, LOL, but it’s like a rollercoaster.

And we can ride this baby together.

But for me – and likely some of you – there’s another side to this story.

Fears, worries & doubts sometimes also protect us. They help us see more clearly. And even then sometimes – we ignore it!

Sometimes we’re afraid of seeing the truth of life.

As a result of that wariness –
We override our intuitive hits and glimpses of energetic misalignment.

You may see something that puts you off, and then override it and go into self-negation or blame. How could I think such a thing? Oh, I am just a negative person. I am projecting.

And this could be true.
OR – how you’re perceiving things might also be true.

If we don’t have discernment, we run the risk of making decisions that lead us down the wrong path.

There’s a possibility that You. Are. Seeing. Clearly. in those glimpses.

And in the moments of overriding yourself, you abandon yourself. Aka, you’re not being your own best friend.

So … Are we afraid of an illusion? Or are we afraid of seeing the truth?

And – isn’t it possible that multiple things can be happening at the same time?

Ask yourself:

How do I prevent myself from seeing the truth?

And aren’t you curious:

What experience is on the other side of self-doubt? When doubts & worries finally dissolve, what is possible?

Feel more grounded, supported and stabilized as you consciously dissolve worries and doubts, and accelerate your expansion into your most powerful leadership experience yet.

Our newest flower elixir starts the ball rolling as the first of a 3-part Awaken series.

We start with --


Open to the truth
Be more discerning
Navigate gracefully (or messily)
Move toward uninhibited freedom
Experience more fearless, unwavering strength
Allow pleasure through authenticity
Let down your guard & truly be seen
Feel safe & protected by benevolent forces
Invigorate yourself by looking at the truth

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Love & flower petals,