December 08, 2023

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Feeling frozen or immobile from fears or worries

  • Worst-case scenario thinking that prevents expansion

  • Oversensitivity to negative forces or energies
If any of this resonates with you Awakened Perception is for you.

Read on to discover more about the flowers in this collection ...

Activate: Self-Exposure
Message: Reveal yourself.

If you're attracted to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Flower, you may feel guarded or have a tendency to keep yourself hidden. There may be aspects of yourself, funny quirks or habits that you don't feel free to express. 

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Flower sheds the layers of protective guards we've put up so that we can more fully experience ourselves. It helps us feel more free to reveal your most pure and authentic essence with the world.


Activate: Seeing the Truth
Message: Open your heart to the truth.

If you're attracted to Chicory, you may have habitual patterns of resistance, avoidance and unwillingness to see the truth.

According to European folklore, this electric periwinkle flower could open locked doors. Indeed, the elixir of Chicory flower opens doors to seeing. Rather than live in delusion or carry false expectations, it opens our heart to see the truth. It gives us the strength to be honest and face whatever we have been avoiding. It provides hope and the ability to make desired changes.

Activate: Pleasure
Message: I am safe to be free.

If you’re drawn to the Purple Pea Flower, you may have a habitual tendency of self-punishment or self-denial. You may fear that your concerns or experience will be ignored, met with anger or that it will lead to abandonment. Rather than subject yourself to those projections, or voice your needs, you keep quiet and endure. 

Purple Pea Flower catalyzes a sense of protection, care and understanding, so we can feel free to express our authentic selves and experience more freedom and pleasure in life. We feel more cared for, because we care more for ourselves! We dissolve the need for anyone else to make us feel ok. We become unwilling to abandon or ignore our own needs at our own detriment.

We become more ok voicing our concerns, desires, wishes and needs. We’re unafraid of being hurt and more fearless about our true inner selves being exposed. We become firm in our resolve that we will not betray ourselves, so we expect the same from others.


Activate: Seeing through illusions
Message: Cherish what you have.

If you're attracted to the Golden Columbine, you might feel like you have a big hidden scary monster inside of yourself. You may feel like you have an inner demon controlling you or phasing you from seeing the truth of reality. 

Golden Columbine helps us make friends with our inner demons. Rather than allow ourselves to be barraged by negative thoughts and emotions, we can be more matter of fact: “there’s no monster under the bed.” It dissolves self-criticism and fear of judgment for being ugly on the inside. It encourages us to expose ourselves and feel carefree! We’re able to widen our vulnerability, disrobe into our natural, explorative self and accept more love.

Activate: Imperviousness
Message: Remain unwavering.

If you’re drawn to the Society Garlic flower, you may have recently felt overly sensitive to external forces or energy. You may have experienced worries about loss, fears of attack or criticism, or a sense that those around you don’t have your best interest at heart.

Alternatively, you may be engaging in some kind of destructive patterns or behavior that makes you worry. You may have experienced shame or disgust, or felt that you’ve been consumed by negative forces.

Society Garlic magnifies a sense of protection and benevolent forces. It helps us be totally unwavering, solid and unaffected by anything external. Rather than feeling like we’re going it solo, we feel an unseen army of protection around us.

Society Garlic cleanses old destructive patterns or habits, and magnifies a sense of unwavering strength, calm & fearlessness. We’re stronger and more fearless. Even if someone looks at us with malintent or threatening eyes, it no longer penetrates or bothers us. We’re not afraid to take a stand & be in the world & be seen.

Activate: Trust
Message: Relinquish inhibitions.

If you’re attracted to the Monteverde Rein Orchid, you may be feeling vulnerable, exposed or that you’re somehow alone out on a limb. You may be experiencing high stress or feel overly alert and hypervigilant. Your fight-or-flight response may be turned on, preventing deep rest.

Having your RPM’s on high for too long can tax your heart or lead to physical weakness. You may have even forgotten what it feels like to totally let down your guard and feel at home in your world. You may be experiencing tension or fear of something you can’t see -- only perceive.

The Monteverde Rein Orchid helps us feel safe, comforted and feel a sense of being at home in our bodies and whatever environment we’re in. Whether it’s feeling exposed, being afraid of unseen forces or simply feeling vulnerable to some external situation, we can finally relax and let our guard down. We experience a fresh new spacious distance between ourselves and whatever we felt was antagonizing or draining us.

This tiny elephant-shaped terrestrial orchid dissolves the sense that someone or something is out to get us. There is a sense of being supported by our environment and we’re able to lean into the support of what’s around us, instead of feeling at the mercy of being attacked by something we don’t even understand.  We can lay back and get a bird’s eye view of everything, making way for new insights. We go from feeling exposed and vulnerable to feeling relaxed and untouchable.


Activate: Graceful mobility
Message: I am strong in adverse environments.

If you feel drawn to Desert Lupine, you may have found yourself in one or two situations where you feel like someone is antagonistic or against you. Or you may feel at times that the conditions around you are in opposition to you, rather than in support of you.

You may feel misunderstood or that you are exposed to a world that is showing you its harsher side. Your response may be to physically freeze or you may have the desire to run away. You may feel panic or that your heart has been disturbed. You may feel confused why these situations are arising around you.

Desert Lupine catalyzes movement, engagement and strength, even in seemingly adverse environments. Rather than becoming immobile when a challenge hits, you can move through it more gracefully, rather than shutting down and becoming still or immobile. With a newfound sense of strength, your foundation becomes quietly unshakeable.

Desert Lupine magnifies elegance, peacefulness and fearless expression. Rather than avoiding situations that razz us, we can move into the heart of them despite fears or discomfort. We are more able to express ourselves and speak from the heart without fear. Rather than getting stuck navigating choppy waters and old patterns, you’re able to grab the wheel and chart a new course of action that benefits everyone in a fresh new way.


These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.

Use When You Feel or Find Yourself: 

  • Resisting or unwilling seeing the truth
  • Controlled by your inner demons
  • Hypervigilant or in an over-active fight-or-flight response
  • Susceptible or easily affected by external forces
  • Engaging in patterns of self-punishment or self-denial
  • Wrestling with an inner struggle
  • Fixated on something being a certain way
  • Immobilized by fear

Awakened Perception encourages:

  • Self-allowance ~ to be cared for & do things that bring us pleasure 
  • Ability to consider other realities than the stories we've created in our minds
  • More clarity in distinguishing what's real vs not real
  • More willingness to face our greatest fears 
  • Navigating painful or challenging situations with graceful mobility
  • Unwavering protection & safety ~ we're able to let our guard down
  • Voicing our concerns & needs 
  • Deflection of negative chi/energy



MAGNIFIES: Safety, perspective, pleasure, vulnerability, openness, honesty, letting down your guard, discernment, willingness to see the truth, moving toward and through challenges gracefully, spiritual love, benevolent forces, feeling carefree, distinguishing between what’s real and not real (discernment), protection, strength, fearlessness, feeling seen to the core, shamelessness, willingness to embrace what’s good about life as real

DISSOLVES: Fear of persecution, hypervigilance, fight or flight, self-punishment, self-denial, enduring pain, inner demons ‘controlling’ you, huge, loud monster inside you, numbness, blocked, resistance to seeing the truth - fantasy, delusion, hypnotism, immobilized by fear, terror, fear of being overcome by negative forces, lust, spirits, entities, heartache, inner struggle, physically freeze out of fear, illogical fears, uptightness, panic, entities, past life fears or fears of unknown origin, fears that good things in life are a lie (blocks to expansion)


For this blend, we hand-collected flowers from Costa Rica, Arizona, South Carolina Korea and Canada to make this blend possible.

Love + flower petals,