June 13, 2023

Hey, all! Taylor here.

Do you ever miss the Flowerlounge Podcast?

Well, I have something fun to share with you!

The day before we launched Divine Truth, we threw an open house flower party in the store with our local community to celebrate the release of this new collection.

I was downstairs, quietly plugging away at getting everything set for our Divine Truth launch on our online store -- and I get a text from Katie saying:

"Rachel Flynn is here & has some amazing stories we need to get footage of."

Rachel is a mama & midwife who has been using flower essences personally for 10+ years & more boldy in her practice for the last 3 years.

So I ran up with my camera, turned on the ring lights, clicked the mic on, hit record and let Katie take it away with asking Rachel all of her burning questions.

As I sat there listening to Rachel share her stories, I got teary eyed thinking of all the lucky mama's that have had the opportunity to work with her ... and all the babies that have come into this world with the support of flower essences, because of her.

In this spontaneous interview, they talk about:

  • Rachel's experience with flower essences & how Infinite Love changed her relationship with her own mother
  • The common fears women face during pregnancy, labor & birth
  • How flower essences support the "death process" that occurs during labor
  • The net effect of using flower essences to dissolve mama's stress when the baby is in the womb
  • How she uses flower essences while supporting mothers in the birthing process
  • The role of 'unseen' magic in the birthing realm -- flower essences, sound healing, motherly love, etc.

If you're curious about the flower essences we recommend for all stages of motherhood, check out these page:

Flower Essences for Fertility
Flower Essences for Pregnancy
Flower Essences for Kids
Flower Essences for Adolescents
Flower Essences for Miscarriage

Please spread the magic! If you know any women experiencing the above – forward this blog post to them.

In the next few months, we will be partnering with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kayla Eckart, who specializes in all things motherhood! If you want to be in the loop for The Mom Edition all things flowers – let us know – answer ONE question here.

Happy thoughts,