September 23, 2019

As the days shorten and the nights get cooler, it's a good time to turn inward - how do we want to show up these last few months of the year? What ways can we transition into these colder, reflective days? How do we personally honor the change of season?

We gathered up everyone's favorite fall rituals here at LW headquarters to share and inspire - read on!


Living in Phoenix, it’s either too hot or too cold. So when the season changes, we have two weeks of PERFECT weather in the desert (windows open finally) and then Bam! It’s too cold. We’re a place of extremes. So every fall I retire my sandals and pull out the Ugg boots so I can walk on clouds all winter.

And then instead of swimming outside, I sweat in the sauna. Massaging my body with Radiant Energy Serum after a hot shower or bath is the best and Self-Heal Elixir keeps the winter colds and flus away!

Self heal flower essence elixir and TCM herbs


I love going to visit my Grandma in the deep woods of Idaho in the Fall. The change of season in the Northwest is exquisite - the smell of wet earth, trees changing colors, bundling up in jackets + scarves that smell like her, keeping warm with coffee all day long, and slowing down to the pace of a happy + healthy 80 year old. We even sometimes go tree scouting for the one she'll cut down for Christmas - which she still does herself (!) with a freaking handsaw and a cigarette in her mouth! Such a badass lady.

Last year, when I arrived to her house, I walked into a familiar scent. She had a Wild Abundance Mist on her coffee table, perched right on top a stack of books. The top of that pile? Our Flowerevolution book! :)

flowerevolution book flowerevolution card deck back to school


Even though I’ve been out of school for many years, I always think of fall as back to school ~ a great time to start fresh, even if it’s just an internal reset, usually facilitated by lots of Radiant Energy hot baths + face masks (and maybe a couple of new spiral bound notebooks). Since my birthday is also in the fall, I always take time to do a little inventory of what I’ve done over the past year, giving myself credit for what’s been accomplished and what goals I want to focus on for the upcoming year.

But probably my favorite ritual? Pulling out my jackets and wearing a different one each day ~ I own a ridiculous amount for having lived in Phoenix my entire adult life. ;P


My favorite fall ritual is trying to find the perfect pumpkin. I never actually buy one, but I get so excited when they start arriving at the grocery store. I always stop and look through the bins, to see if there’s a perfect pumpkin hiding in there. What does my perfect pumpkin look like? Well, it’s short and squatty, but still perfectly round. It has a thin swooping stem, reminiscent of one you might see in a fairytale.

{Internal conversation - 
Brandi: Because I don’t really need it and also maybe because I haven’t ever found one? Does the perfect pumpkin even exist?!?}

radiant energy flower essence elixir bath salt


A fall ritual that I have adopted has been to go up north to Flagstaff and hike Inner Basin Trail at Locket Meadow. The trail has an enchanting forest of Aspen trees with white trunks and golden leaves that look magical during the fall season!


As the weather gets cooler, I love to start weekend mornings slowly with a cup of hot tea. I do a loose leaf - usually a chai blend or a ginger green tea. I curl up on the couch under a blanket to drink it while reading a good book. :)

I also love to make a Halloween costume! I usually decide in late summer what I want it to be, then I enjoy the creative process of planning out all of the details and finding each component. This year's costume? Artemis!

flower essence elixir in tea


I grew up in Phoenix, so summer is my hibernation period. Instead of spring cleaning, I do a fall cleaning of my space and do work to let go of physical and non-physical things that no longer serve me. It’s often a time of renewal and beginnings instead of the traditional time of reaping.


What about your favorite fall rituals? How do you honor the changing season? Let us know in the comments!

Smiles + flower petals,