September 23, 2019

Do you ever feel like you just need ALL THE FLOWER ELIXIRS because every one you read about resonates with you? 

Or maybe you’ve bought a few and aren’t sure if you should be taking them all at once, or if it’s better to do one at a time. 

This is a common curiosity, and as much as I wish there was one answer for everyone, there just isn't! We’re all different and constantlyyyy changing. Some of us might love using 5 at once, while others only want to work with one flower consecutively for 3 months. Even our personal preferences will shift over time! And you know what? THAT’S OK!

The best way I can answer this question is by sharing how I've seen other people work with the elixirs, and how I use the elixirs myself.


I know a woman who has been an herbalist for many years. She's the type of herbalist who will explore the medicinal healing qualities of plants by working with them one at at time. She took Infinite Love for 6 months straight to target a deep-seated pattern that she really wanted to dissolve.

There’s tremendous merit to just taking one and working with it until you feel like you’ve fully received the benefits + teachings of the flowers. When you only take one formula consistently for three or four weeks, you become deeply familiar with what the flowers are doing in your life + can pinpoint the direct results.


In this Flowerlounge podcast episode with Samantha Bullock from Australia, she shared her ritual of layering flower essences with us. When she takes her Flowerevolution elixirs, she’ll take month one, and then she'll combine month one with two, and then she'll combine month one, two, and three … and so on, all they way through month six.

A lot of the girls on the team will overlap their Flowerevolution elixirs, too. They'll start out with the first elixir, and when it comes time to start taking the second, they will still have about a week left of the first ~ so they’ll take both until their first elixir bottle is empty. That's another way to take them if you have several elixirs you're planning on working with over time.


I recently went to an acupuncture appointment with Kiya at the SAN Center. She’s been doing a lot of research with our flower essences, specifically on the different pulses they balance based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. She starts with taking your pulse to see what needs to be targeted. Then, using a huge palette of single + combination flower elixirs on her table, she’ll pile a bunch of elixirs on you to see which special combination perfectly balances out your pulses. That day, I needed 5 flower essences!

I also want to mention that in the days before the appointment, I intuitively I felt like I needed the flower essences she was recommending. So if you can’t come to our wellness center in Phoenix and see Kiya, ask your body what it needs, and follow your intuition. 

Please note: whatever strategy you take, it is really important to finish what you start. Rather than just taking a little bit here + there for several months, if you start a bottle, finish it. You won’t realize the full benefit of an elixir if you aren’t consistently taking it 5 times throughout the day for a month or so.

In the end, follow your intuition + ask your body what it needs. It *will* give you an answer if you tune in + ask. 

Love + flower petals,

P.S. I've been recording lots of educational videos for our Instagram TV channel ~ from things like flower essences for skin issues, to mini-teachings on the flowers in each blend + more! If you have any questions you want answered in a video, leave it in the comments below + we'll add it to our calendar! :)