April 09, 2021

You don’t need to travel to Central or South America to experience a florecida, or fresh flower cleanse. Also known as spiritual bathing, you can create this experience at home.

First, decide what your intention is for the flower cleanse. Do you want to gain clarity on an issue? Magnify a particular quality in yourself? By being clear about what you want, you’ll be more open to recognizing the flowers that will provide what you are seeking.

Next, venture out into your backyard, garden, forest, or other natural environment where flowers grow. Locate flowers that you feel particularly drawn to or intrigued by, as this will indicate that they are specifically of benefit for you at this time. They must be growing in the ground, and in full bloom.

Important: Make sure that you have first researched whether or not the flower is toxic. Do not use flowers that are toxic or poisonous. Also, if you obtain the flowers from a garden, make sure that pesticides or other toxic chemicals are not being used on the plants.

When you’ve identified the flower you want to use, close your eyes and connect with the essence of the plant. Ask permission to cut a few blossoms for your bath and request the plant to help you with whatever your intention is. Without touching the flowers with your fingers, cut them with scissors so that they fall into a clear glass bowl full of pure water. Cut enough flowers to cover the surface of the water, and place the bowl in the morning sunlight. If they are night-blooming flowers, soak them in the light of the full moon.

Allow the flowers to infuse in the water for about 3 hours. Strain out the flowers. Pause to remind yourself of your intention, and then take the water and dump it over the top of your head, allowing the water to infuse you with its qualities.

In warm weather, if you wear a swimming suit, you can do this ritual outdoors. In the winter months, you can do this in the bathtub.

You will surely feel a meaningful difference in your state of mind after this ritual. Enjoy! 

Love & flower petals,