April 26, 2018

Are you taking a new direction in your life?

If so, Indian paintbrush flower essence can help magnify:

  • Confidence + clarity for the way forward
  • Trust + intuition in making decisions
  • Feeling supported + comfortable on your new path
Indian Paintbrush is found in our Inner Knowing blend
Indian Paintbrush Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences

I was on one of my favorite hikes in Sedona during springtime. It’s a hike that’s not very well known with tourists, so it’s quiet. It’s also full of green, from the piñon and juniper trees, making a beautiful contrast against the red rocks. There’s one huge rock that looks like the back of the Buddha’s head off in the distance as you’re walking up. When you reach the top, there’s a plateau, perfect for resting, walking around, looking out over the green and red valley or sitting down to meditate.

Last spring when I was on this hike, I saw the most fluorescent neon Indian Paintbrush flower I’d ever seen. I was inspired to go off trail and wandered around in the piñon trees where only Javelinas stroll. I ended up getting lost for a while, eventually finding my way.

Indain Paintbrush Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you are attracted to the Indian Paintbrush, you are most likely taking a new direction in a certain area of your life, creating a new plan of attack (so to speak) or forging a new path. Pioneering a new way can trigger doubts, over-analyzing or a sense of feeling lost. It can stimulate slight panic or fear about whether or not you’re capable of maneuvering through these new, uncharted waters. The process of finding your way—or finding a new way—can be a little unnerving.


Indian Paintbrush LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Wayfinding
Message: Tune in.

Indian Paintbrush elixir magnifies clarity of our path. We are shown signs and indications of being on the right track. We are more able to listen and tune into benevolent supportive forces of nature, feeling confident and assured about the direction we’re going in. We’re more able to follow our hearts. We trust ourselves more deeply. We have more comfort in our abilities and we can feel or intuit our way through a situation (especially situations we’ve never been in before) and handle it like a pro. We feel the synchronicity of life; it seems magic is all around us. We’re more able to take breaks to sit quietly and really listen, tuning in so that we can pinpoint our next step.

Indian Paintbrush helps us embrace our own innate special qualities as well as our inner knowingness. We feel calmer and more comfortable within the uncomfortable sensations of forging a new path in our life. We feel supported and accompanied by our surroundings. We feel inspired to keep going.

Also, sometimes we forget that feeling lost can be a valuable part of learning. Just because we feel lost, doesn’t actually mean that we are lost. It can simply mean that we are rewriting an old/new story or disassembling to reassemble in a new way.

Getting "lost" provides just enough spaciousness and "not knowing" that it unravels preconceived notions or rigidity, along with old patterns and old ways of doing things. It shakes the rug out from under our feet so that we can restabilize ourselves in a new way. It enhances determination and conviction once we’re "back on track."

Indian Paintbrush Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences

Fun Flower Facts

The Indian Paintbrush flower (Castilleja chromosa) is also known as Painted Lady, Prairie Fire and Butterfly Weed. Although the Crastilleja family has flowers in red, orange, yellow, pink, green, purple and white, the miniata variety is fluorescent red—literally an impossible neon color!

Indian Paintbrush is hemiparasitic, meaning that it survives symbiotically by using some of the nutrients and water from nearby roots of grasses and herbaceous plants.

Its flowers are edible and were eaten by some Native American tribes. In moderation + small amounts, the flower benefits are similar to eating garlic! The greens and roots of the plant were not eaten, however, because they absorb too much selenium from the environment.

Ojibwa tribes (where I grew up on the reservation in Wisconsin) have used the flowers for both rheumatism and for creating a hair wash for thick, shiny hair. Menominee used it as a love charm, and the Navajos used it as a contraceptive. Other tribes in Nevada historically used it to treat STDs and to boost the immune system. They were also used by several tribes to make a red dye.

What People Are Saying

“I was drawn to this flower essence because it was my grandmother's favorite wildflower, and I was/am incredibly connected to her. When I read the description of the benefits of the essence, I knew instantly that it was something I needed in my life. I am a worrier - which, incidentally, so was my grandma- and this elixir helped with a sense of groundedness. It helped me to tap into my own inner-knowing and feel less restless and worried.” – K.

“This is one of my all time favorite elixirs from Lotus Wei! It feels like giving juice to your intuition! I love it when I finish something big and don't know what the next step is. It's been an amazing guide and I plan to purchase it again soon to help me through this fall!” – Sara F.

“Tune in! Boy, howdy did I ever do that. I started my journey with Indian Paintbrush and I've felt particularly grounded, supported and attuned to my higher self the entire time our world has been transforming into this new epoch. Even with the planetary rug pulled out from under me, everything seems manageable, solid, and happening at a pace that matches my heartbeat. Setting an intention to take the time in meditation, ritual, ceremony and community has made space for a garden of self-awarenesses. I've been mulching rich soul soil and hadn't realized it until I possessed the vision to see what I'd planted. Not subtle, this traveler, which was why I chose her. She's been a true giver these past 3 weeks.” – Kristi L.

“Not sure how to describe my experience with this elixir exactly but, it felt like I was tapping into something pretty magical. I felt a larger sense of self-trust and a deepening of inner-knowing. I found it helped me let go of control during some travel time through eastern Europe. This would of been my second time traveling in a place where I did not have at least basic understanding of the language used, which I normally find quite stressful. I found the remedy really helped me to trust and let go.” – Rose

In Essence

Magnifies: Wayfinding; inner knowing; self-trust

Dissolves: Feeling lost or off track; doubts; fear

The Indian Paintbrush flower essence is found in our Inner Knowing blend

Inner Knowing allows you to hear and listen to your own inner compass with lucid clarity. You don’t need to intellectually ponder anything—you can trust your direct access to the inner knowing inside you. And you begin to realize that what’s best for you is actually what’s best for everyone else. 

inner knowing LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir

Tune in to an inner wayfinding abilityexperience the magic of Indian Paintbrush!

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess signature LOTUSWEI flower essences