April 23, 2018

I look back on the last few weeks and am amazed by the high speed growth and nourishment I see happening around me.

There’s one thing in particular that makes me especially happy: the LOTUSWEI Team now meets every morning for meditation before work - holy game changer!!! #dreamcometrue

What does this look like? We sit inside on the floor or outside in chairs: 10-30 minutes each morning, sitting quietly with gently guided meditations. We do a variety of styles of meditation for mindful-awareness, compassion and clarity. Sometimes there are burning herbs or offering smoke involved. Most times there are singing birds and warm breezes. And always: ourselves, no matter what state we’re in.

The results?

More laser focus, effortless calm and spacious freedom. We’re communicating more smoothly. We’re more patient. And more direct.

It strengthens us as a team, awakening more compassion and reinforcing our individual and collective vision.

Add to that something more intangible: it literally feels like the entire energetic framework of the team has up-leveled, in a dynamic, exponential effect that permeates all levels of the company. Everything we put out in the world will be even more energetically refined. I love it!

Studies show that when groups of people meditate or do mindful awareness practices together, the crime rate is reduced!

This made us wonder …

What other kinds of positive, non-measurable effects might also occur?

A tidal wave of love, a cool breeze of compassion, families warming up to each other, a reconnection to the heart + what’s most meaningful, an explosion of potential.

Through our practice at the office, we are now experiencing the power of daily group meditation, and I’m excited to invite you to one of our bigger meditations in Chicago - join us at the Flowerlounge, Friday, June 15th: our community project to spread joy + positivity throughout the world.

If you don’t live near Chicago, but you want to experience the magic of this beautiful city in June and swim in the great lakes (divine), jump on a plane and meet us! We’ll send you our juiciest recommendations for food, experiences and fun in Chicago in summertime! More info here.

I hope to see you in Chicago! In the meantime, here’s the short meditation we did together yesterday.

Love + flower petals,