September 07, 2015

Do you find yourself overthinking or unable to sleep?

The Quiet Mind flower essence blend can help you:

  • Calm and focus your monkey mind
  • Sleep soundly
  • Embody a more heart-centered perspective

It's no secret that stress and sleep problems often go hand in hand. 

Americans are one of the highest stressed out populations in the world and anxiety is on the rise. 1 in 3 of Americans have inability to sleep sometime during their lives. (However, whenever I give workshops, I always ask folks to raise their hands if they have troubles sleeping and across the U.S. it's at least 1 in every 2 people who can't sleep!)

Whereas the medical system regards inability to fall or stay asleep as a disorder, it is merely a symptom of our ever busier lifestyles; we find ourselves overwhelmed and overstimulated during the day, making it more difficult to relax when it’s time to sleep at night. 

The Quiet Mind flower essence is effective and fast-acting, targeting the root causes of restless sleep, so that even chronic sufferers notice a remarkable difference in sleep quality within several nights. 

If you are a person who generally sleeps pretty well, you'll sleep like a baby, from using flower essences right before you go to bed. If you're among those who chronically have a difficult time sleeping, using flower essences regularly throughout the day will lead to the best results.

Flower essences for sleep, taken during the day, do not put you to sleep. They simply relax your muscles and make you more clear and relaxed. Then when it's time to go to sleep at night, you're more able to let go and fall into a deep sleep.

Being aware of the way we experience stress is the key—then we can figure out which flowers will not only help us get to sleep more easily and stay asleep, but make us happier and more fulfilled in life during the day!


quiet mind Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences
Found in Quiet Mind, these are the four flower essences we recommend for deep sleep, more focus and crystal-clear clarity:


If you are attracted to the Bird of Paradise, you likely tend toward analytical thinking. When a problem arises, rather than rely on intuition, you’d rather solve it intellectually. You are likely articulate with your speech and come up with lots of ideas, but sometimes those ideas never stop, exhausting you. You may experience monkey mind or loops of thoughts that make you less effective or cause you to stay awake at night. Sometimes being too much in your head can make you feel disconnected from those around you, or others may express that they feel distant from you. This may be because your overabundance of thoughts keeps you too much in your own world. 

Bird of Paradise elixir quiets the mental monkeys and helps us have a more meditative state of mind by bringing energy from the head down into the heart. It helps us let go of overanalyzing situations and being skeptical of things we don’t understand. It allows us to better connect to people around us and operate more from quiet observation and intuition. Instead of processing intellectually, we become more open to creative solutions and right-brain thinking. We operate from observation or experience rather than from what we think. As a result, we feel more connected to everything around us.

For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t get back to sleep because your mind is racing or thinking about your to-do list, Bird of Paradise flower essence can help to quiet the mind, making it easier to fall back asleep.


passionflower flower essence


If you are attracted to the Passionflower, you may have felt like you’re moving so fast you’re not operating on all cylinders. You may be overworking or on the go so much that your nerves are frazzled. You need more rest, naps or mini breaks throughout the day. You may also suffer from restless sleep, disturbing dreams or inability to sleep throughout the entire night. 

Conversely, you may have difficulties in winding down at night before bed. You may tend to think about something over and over, either before sleep or upon waking in the middle of the night. 

Passionflower elixir helps us let go of mental chatter, anxiety, and thinking too much and too fast. It encourages deep sleep and facilitates the effortless resolution of issues on a subconscious level through slumber. During the day, Passionflower slows us down ever so slightly so that we can be more effective. When we think too much, it leads to stress, depletion, and eventually to adrenal fatigue or burnout. When we make it a habit to take breaks during the day, and possibly even naps or power naps, we’re sharper and more decisive.

Passionflower induces a sense of deep peace and helps us take deeper breaths. It inspires us to feel not only more grounded but also more plugged in to what’s sacred to us, enhancing both awareness and intuition. 


brugmansia flower essence lotuswei Katie hess


If you’re attracted to the Brugmansia flower, you likely work very hard. You don’t like the thought of disappointing anyone. If you say you’re going to do something, you follow through; you are responsible and reliable. You like helping people and you know how to get things done. You are flexible and patient with others. 

When your sense of responsibility is taken to an extreme, however, it can lead you to overwork or worry about letting people down. You may feel anxious about taking a day off, calling in sick when you need it, or rescheduling plans. You enjoy life, but at times you may feel that your presence at work is vital, which can lead to sacrificing your self-care for work. 

If, over a long period of time, you sacrifice your self-care, you run the risk of feeling hardened, resentful, bitter or impatient. If you’ve had stressful situations occur in the recent past, you may find it difficult to show your soft and vulnerable side. The pattern of not asking for help can lead to overwhelm or injuries. In some situations, you may be forced to ask for help or to streamline your work load. 

Brugmansia flower elixir is for those occasions when we find ourselves tending toward workaholism or when we fear that if we’re not involved in a certain project, something might go wrong. When we find we’re letting challenging situations harden us, Brugmansia softens us into vulnerability and patience. 

When we work long hours or bring work into our minds during our free time, it has the potential to disturb our sleep. Brugmansia dissolves anxiety and helps us let go and let loose, inspiring a deep experience of calm and, as a result, better sleep. It encourages us to problem solve, find creative solutions, and delegate when necessary. 


dandelion LOTUSWEI flower essences


If you’re visually attracted to the Dandelion flower, you may be experiencing neck and shoulder tension or knots in your upper body. Alternatively, your body may be asking you to become more aware of how you store stress in your muscles, so that you can release it consciously and avoid more severe physical issues in the future. Tense muscles can lead to body alignment issues and poor posture. 

Dandelion flower elixir helps us identify how we store stress and tension in the body and allows us to release it. It’s a powerful elixir for clearing static and accumulated stress from our muscles. 

Especially effective for quickly releasing neck and shoulder tension, Dandelion elixir is one of the most valuable flower elixirs for massage therapists and bodyworkers. Used in mists and massage oils, it helps their clients relax more deeply. Massage therapists don’t have to work so hard at massaging out the knots, as they quickly begin to dissolve on their own. 




In each of our blends, we also add one gemstone elixir! Each gemstone is carefully chosen to further enhance + magnify the effects of the flower alchemy. Kyanite is a beautiful stone that magnifies mental stability. It helps dissolve any mental roadblocks or negativity to leave you with a sense of clarity and calm.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.

Aromatherapy for Quiet Mind: Spicy Green

Infused with Geranium, Coriander, Clove, Mandarin and Lemon, this blend balances bright, fresh citrus with green herbal notes. The scent of Quiet Mind is uplifting, balancing and calming. It is also totally unisex and very popular with men.


When to use Quiet Mind

  1. Sleep: You have trouble sleeping or winding down at night before bed; you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep
  2. Pregnancy: Troubled sleep due to menopause or pregnancy
  3. Overactive mind: Inability to focus; mental chatter; racing thoughts; thinking too much & too fast
  4. Entrepreneurs & creatives: You have lots of ideas but have trouble turning them off when you need to
  5. Travel: Switching to a new time zone when traveling
  6. Stress: Stress that comes from thinking too much & overanalyzing everything
  7. Physical tension: Shoulder/neck tension or lots of knots
  8. Meditative mind: Bring energy from the head down into the heart
  9. Burnout or adrenal fatigue: Depletion from working too much

What You Will Experience

  1. Deep calm, peace, steadiness
  2. Quiet, meditative mind
  3. Ability to let go, relax, rest, and sleep soundly
  4. Moving from head to heart
  5. Openness to creative solutions and right-brain thinking
  6. Feeling deeply connected to others
  7. Awareness of causes of tension in the body
  8. Greater intuition + spiritual connection
  9. Ability to ask for help and create a community of support
  10. Assimilation of change and growth
  11. Ability to surrender to vulnerability
  12. Transforming reactivity into strength and power


What People Are Saying

“I spray my Quiet Mind Aura Mist before I go to bed, and I also have the anointing oil. I can tend to be really thoughtful when I’m going to bed, almost to the point that I’m too thoughtful, and the Quiet Mind has helped immensely be able to relax and get into a meditative state before sleeping. And then I wake up very happy!” —Eddie Zrimsek

“I have a hard time getting my little one to go to sleep. I tell her the Quiet Mind Aura Mist is courage spray to make her brave. She has me spray a selection of stuffed animals with it and a shot on her wrist. Works like a charm!” —Mary Gardner

"I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I ordered the Quiet Mind Elixir and on my first day of using this product, I slept the entire night! I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it was to finally find something that could quiet my mind and help me sleep." —Trina Webb

“Combining the powers of massage and aromatherapy, I use the Quiet Mind Serum to ease myself into sleep when rest seems nearly impossible to find. I use the anointing oil on my pulse points to bring about a state of mind that is able to find peace and sleep that is healing and restorative.” —Lara Jane

“Starting a business is pretty hectic. My mind was racing and I was constantly thinking about a hundred different things. I was scatterbrained, anxious and not sleeping at night. Then I met Katie and was introduced to LOTUSWEI. I was intrigued about the flower essences but doubtful at the same time. I took the Quiet Mind Elixir in water and after two days of using it, I slept perfectly and woke up feeling refreshed and focused. I knew exactly what I had to do. It definitely was a positive influence in the way I handled my day to day. It works!” —Jacob

“I had a stiff neck where I couldn’t turn my head, and it had been going on for weeks. I kept being drawn to Quiet Mind but talking myself out of it because my mind wasn’t the problem—it was my neck! Katie pointed out that there’s a flower essence in Quiet Mind, Dandelion, that’s really good for releasing neck and shoulder tension. So, I got the elixir and started taking it Friday afternoon. By Saturday morning, I woke up and it was like a miracle. The stiffness was totally gone. What’s notable for me is that I have been taking flower essences for a long time and I always have very clear emotional and spiritual rebalancing with it but never a physical example like with my neck. I am totally sold on this blend. I think it’s brilliant.” —Lisa Reinhardt


Magnifies: Clarity, focus, relaxed body, quiet mind, sound sleep, ability to take breaks + be more effective

Dissolves: Busy mind, mental chatter, restless sleep, physical tension (especially neck + shoulders), over-analyzing


Love + flower petals,

P.S. How do YOU sleep? What sleep rituals do you have? We've put together a sleep ceremony of some of our favorite ways to relax and drift off to dreamland!