September 05, 2015

As our agendas start to get busier with the coming of the holiday season, sometimes 24 hours in one day just doesn’t seem to be enough to finish all the to-do’s! This reality can make turning our brilliant brains off  quite the challenge.

One of my favorite sleepy-time rituals is drinking a small cup of whatever hot beverage I am craving that night. Most of us have that go-to tea bag that is always delightful, but sometimes simplicity + a homemade concoction can be just as satisfying.

As the weather starts to cool in Phoenix, the citrus trees have a short blossoming season from mid-August to October – resulting in an excess amount of grapefruit and lemon for those of us who have them growing in our backyards + neighborhoods.

lemon + grapefruit sleep stimulant LOTUSWEI flower essences

As of late, my night-time beverage of choice has been this simple concoction: hot water with a fresh squeeze of grapefruit + lemon, teaspoon of honey for a touch of sweetness and a dropper-full of Quiet Mind elixir for its flower-powered benefits.

Did You Know:

  • Raising your body temperature a few degrees before crawling into bed is good for your health. In the effort to cool down, the warmth of the beverage stimulates your body to sweat, which is good for circulation + supports your immune system by ridding of harmful toxins.
  • On top of being another great remedy for aiding in body detoxification, lemons help reduce pain and inflammation in joints + knees – beneficial if you suffer from cramps + restless legs at night.
  • Grapefruit has been shown to promote sleep in helping reduce cortisol production – although a naturally occurring hormone, high levels of cortisol in the bloodstream can be a product of stress, which can directly correlate to restless sleep.

quiet mind styled bird of paradise drink LOTUSWEI flower essences

So get in your most comfortable pajamas, curl up with a cozy blanket and your sleepy-time drink in hand, turn on some relaxing music, mist yourself + sheets with Quiet Mind, breathe deeply + sink into sweet dream land.

Sweet dreams + flower petals,

 Katie Hess signature LOTUSWEI flower essences