February 01, 2024

The team at the LOTUSWEI headquarters is doing another Feng Shui flip of the building for the upcoming Lunar New Year!

We've planted trees & flowers.

We’re moving office desks & changing our 'facing' directions.

We're painting walls & moving artwork.

The flow experience in our flower essence shop will change.

We’ve painted red borders around several doors.

We're on the hunt for a water fountain feature for our front entrance.

And so much more ~ we will share more as the process unfolds!

Why are we doing all of this?

Following a giant 'treatment plan' that Alison, our in-house Feng Shui expert at the SAN Center, has created for us, everything is getting shifted in preparation for a powerful change that’s happening in the Feng Shui cycle.

Not only do we enter the year of the Wood Dragon this Lunar New Year, we enter a new Feng Shui period ~ the 9th Fire Period.

In traditional ‘Flying Star’ Feng Shui, there are nine 20 year cycles that make up a grand cycle (which covers a span of 180 years). On this Lunar New Year, we enter the 9th Fire Period ... the last period of a grand, 180-year cycle. After 20 years, in February 2044, we will enter a brand new 180 year cycle (also very big deal)!

This transition from Earth Period 8 to Fire Period 9 is a big shift in the world of Feng Shui that will effect all of us.

Alison has expressed over & over again how important it is to be prepared for the new Fire cycle that starts in the Lunar New Year!

Here are some things she’s saying, in no particular order:

1. Fire has the quality to amplify everything - benevolence & malevolence. Fire must be channeled & controlled so that it doesn’t become destructive. Fire is dynamic, creative & spiritual.

2. Conditions are changing & we cannot expect what worked before to be the same moving forward ~ which means we will be called to expand into new ways of doing things.

3. Making changes now (vs after the Fire cycle has started) is very beneficial. Generally speaking, you want to start shifting things around a little bit. Start with your office (where you work) and your bedroom (where you sleep). Pull furniture from the walls, clean & put it back. Or start rearranging your spaces to feel more in alignment with what works for you. Dust things off. Change the angle of things. Look at your lighting ~ is it bright enough to see clearly? Give yourself permission to experiment with trying new things until you land on what feels the best! If you’re not sure where to begin, start getting rid of things that are no longer in alignment with you.

4. This Fire period will be very dynamic for entrepreneurial middle-aged women, ages from 30’s to 60’s!

5. If you are building a house or remodeling in this 9th cycle, it’s important to know the most auspicious facing direction for your front door (Alison can help with this)! She’s also recommending blue roofs for new builds & roof remodels.

It's said that February 10th is the ‘bud’ of the lunar new year ... and February 24th is the ‘full bloom’ or culmination of all that energy.

So start getting your ducks in a row now and get ready for things to catch fire!

Starting on February 10th, we also celebrate the year of the Wood Dragon!

If you need a gentle little kick in the bum to get going with your own Lunar New Year preparations, I recommend working with these to flower remedies:

Inspired Action ~ to get the momentum going

Divine Timing ~ to keep dialing your focus to what's most important 

Love & red, fire-breathing dragon energy,

P.S. If you want to get super dialed in on a Feng Shui diagnostic & treatment plan for your space, Alison offers home & office consultations here.

P.P.S. If you’re wondering what a Feng Shui Consultation (Diagnostic + Treatment Plan) with Alison would like for you & want more information, book a 20-min Discovery Call with me to gather more details here.

P.P.P.S. You can read about when we did a total Feng Shui treatment to our space in 2022 in preparation for our Flowerlounge finale here.