January 25, 2024

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Expectations that lead to disappointment
  • Numbness, resistance or wanting reality to be different than it is
  • Fantasy, lala land, illusion or feeling hypnotized
  • Avoidance of seeing the truth in some way
  • Seeking comfort or only pleasing realities
  • Pretending, reluctance or unwillingness to see


If you’re drawn to Chicory, there’s a part of you that’s longing to see the truth.

Most of us live in some kind of fantasy world. We perceive the world through filters that have been implanted through childhood experiences. We trap ourselves into a world full of thoughts. For the most part, the thoughts may not even be true – or based on the present moment. They’re ruminations on the past and future.

To actually see the world the way it is, to see reality – and to see truth – requires practice. It’s almost impossible to see reality free of our filters. Through flower essences, we can begin to see our blindspots and unravel the patterns that create filters in how we see the world.

With practices like meditation and mind training, we can learn to unhook our awareness from thoughts, and become aware of the present moment, rather than constantly going to the past, the future or what if’s.

If you’re drawn to Chicory flower, there’s a part of you that wants to dissolve numbness and feel more. You may want to soften your resistance and allow life to have its way with you.

Note: Working with flower essences like Chicory flower uproots emotional patterns of not wanting to see, which over time can be preventative in certain physical conditions. When we don’t want to see the truth of our inner experience and outer reality – it can create root causes for vision or eyesight problems (not seeing clearly leads to literally not seeing clearly). Over time, it can also create the cause for memory loss or dementia.



Activate: Discernment
Message: Open your heart to the truth.

Chicory flower essence (Cichorium intybus) uproots our desire to avoid, numb, block or resist the parts of reality that we don’t like. It dissolves habitual tendencies to go to lala land and live in a hypnotic mental state or fantasy world.

It opens our heart to seeing what’s real, and see what’s truth. We can see what’s plain and clear. And we develop our motivation for facing the truth.

Chicory flower magnifies our desire to be honest with ourselves. Rather than lie to ourselves or pretend, we’d rather face the hard truths, hit rock bottom and know we’ll be ok down there. Once we hit bottom, we’ve landed on earth. We’re no longer floating or falling. We can see the whole picture. We can grab the bull by the horns and take the reins of our life. We become stronger leaders by being able to face reality as it is.

Chicory flower elixir offers hope, light and ease. We can see more subtleties and make necessary changes. We can face the reality of what is truly most important to us.



The Chicory Flower is an electric periwinkle flower, with petals in a radial shape like daisies. Also known as Coffeeweed, the roots are still added to coffee in many parts of the world, including into a Louisiana coffee called Cafe Du Monde.

As an herbal remedy, Chicory is anti-parasitic & bitter. Sheep forage this plant in order to get rid of worms from their belly!

In Italy, Albania & Greece its bitter leaves are used in cooking. Young leaves can be added to salads and older leaves cooked. The plant has a high content of inulin, which is sometimes added to yogurts as a prebiotic.

The Chicory flower opens only in the morning for a short time. According to European folklore, this flower can open locked doors and/or grant invisibility.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Openness to the truth; Seeing what’s real; Self-honesty; Leadership

DISSOLVES: Avoidance, resistance, numbness; Unwillingness to see; Pretending, fantasy, comfort; Illusion, hypnotism, living in lala land


Love + flower petals,