August 05, 2022


On one of our final days in Austin, we went to the riverside at 7am to watch the sunrise & do a flower offering with a very special group of people.

After sharing a practice that is very dear to the entire Flowerlounge team -- one that we've been waking up early to do together every morning for the last several months -- we made wishes & threw flower love bombs into the water.

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Then we stripped down to our swim suits & jumped into the petals. We found a hidden rope swing, climbed up into the trees & swung ourselves into the water. Chef Justin Booher did front flips off a boat garage. We misted and anointed eachother with flower essences. Strangers that showed up with their dogs really understood our intentions & thanked us for spreading goodness around the city.
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We first started hosting Flowerlounge events in 2016 ~ and since the beginning, a flower offering has always been the finale moment of each trip. It's where we take a moment to acknowledge all the energy, effort, love and flowers that go into the events & dedicate it all to the happiness of everyone in the city, along with every vast or specific heartfelt wish or prayer from those we connected with during our travels. 

Super grateful for everyone that woke up early to join us for this special practice & help usher all of the wishes & prayers into the wish-fulfilling void.

Love + flower petals,
Katie, Lisa, Taylor, Justin, Alan, Alison, Shantideva & Karen