Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences


We discovered the Wild Pansy flower in Selfoss, Iceland, where it is called ‘Heartsease’. Wild Pansy liberates us into feeling more uninhibited. It dissolves any parts of us that are shy, awkward, embarrassed, ashamed or uneasy in social situations. Wild Pansy encourages us to come out of our shell, magnifying our embodiment of gracefulness and beauty. We’re more able to strip naked, be seen as we are and feel totally at peace with how we are. As we shed deeper and deeper layers of shyness and inhibition, we are more able to flourish in life. Read more about Wild Pansy here!




Wild Pansy Tablet Wallpaper LOTUSWEI flower essences





By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

No more hiding.
I’m at ease being seen as I am.
Coming out of my shell is exhilarating.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, liberating themselves. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Click here for the Wild Pansy Collection story transcript.

Click here for the Physical Body + Subtle Body Expansion transcript.

Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



When do I feel inhibited or shy?

What parts of me want to emerge and be seen?

If I felt totally at ease with all parts of myself, what would I do?

If I weren't afraid of being seen, what would I do?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Wild Pansy Support Guide here.

Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Notice if you are more uneasy being seen or being heard. Try singing, reading a poem, dancing or doing a charade in front of someone you love.

Share something that makes you feel a little bit vulnerable with someone you love.

Explore your artistic expression - even if only for the sake of trying something new - and see how it feels.

Discover the parts of you that are shy by pushing your boundaries - express yourself in a way that you typically don’t.

Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences






Wild Pansy Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Wild Pansy Collection

Finding the Wild Pansy was like one of those unexpected surprises. We were in Iceland and we went to this beautiful little hot springs in the northwestern part of the country. We drove this long, beautiful drive off the beaten track just to get to this hot springs. It was very small, maybe you could only fit like 10 people in it. It was a small, round little hot springs. And I think what was so intriguing was that there was a little Hobbit house that was built next to it. It was really old, like from the Vikings' days. We literally used this little Hobbit house as a changing room, and then soaked in the hot springs.

Eventually this beautiful couple came along who had just met recently in Iceland and they were traveling together. And we realized that it's sort of a common experience. If you meet other travelers in Iceland to share stories about where you've been and what your favorite places were. We started up a conversation with this couple. This really curious kind of energetic thing took place where, they were sort of on cloud nine because they were having such a great time with each other and they were clearly in love. We were also in a very exhilarated sort of high moment, because it was just so amazing to be in Iceland and be in such a pristine place and being sitting in these hot springs in the sunlight. It was like we plugged into each other and it just totally amplified, without any effort, the sense of buoyancy and exhilaration and joy and freedom.

Just up the way if you were sitting in the hot springs, if you looked up the hill, there was this beautiful, little waterfall. And the water was splashing and spraying and it was going everywhere and the moss. There was like fluorescent bright green moss everywhere, but it's interesting because that's not where the Wild Pansy was. Wild Pansy doesn't grow in an area that's lush and nourished and rich soil. Wild Pansy always likes to grow where it's kind of dry and rocky and craggy, like a little bit unloved, or a little bit just sort of off to the side. And on our way up to the hot springs, we found this beautiful patch of bright purple Wild Pansies. They're just such a beautiful flower, that sort of epitomizes us, like where inside of you do you have a little area that's untended that with just a little encouragement would spring into bloom.

So that is the question for this week around Wild Pansy is, just start to explore or be open to be open to seeing little part of yourself that are ready to emerge, or to be seen, at a greater capacity either by you in terms of acknowledgment and recognition, or to be seen by the world or by other people.

What parts of you are ready to emerge that have previously been overlooked and that with just a little encouragement, they'll effortlessly spring into bloom?

Physical Body + Subtle Body Expansion

When we're working with the Wild Pansy Flower Elixir, it can be helpful to be aware of how you're carrying your physical body and how you occupy space, because the physical body is a reflection, obviously, of what's happening in our inner landscape. If there are any areas that either hiding, or shy, or embarrassed, or feeling a little small, or just haven't fully reached their full, flourishing, full bloom blossoming state, it may reflect in the physical body.

Earlier, I was having a conversation with someone on the team. She was saying that in her morning meditation she had this sudden realization of a particular part of her body that she could feel a sensation of hiding. You could even ask your body which part of you is in hiding, or you can simply reflect on what's your MO. What's your typical ... I know that when I'm feeling a little bit small, or shy, or embarrassed my kind of shoulders cave in. And other interesting physical phenomenon that I notice, especially when I'm dancing.

Then, I also notice when internally, this probably has a lot to do with the Wild Pansy Elixir and the last few weeks, when I am much more expansive internally. The way that I occupy space is very different. My chin is up. My gaze is up. My shoulders are back. I'm much, much more courageous and fearless about moving into space, really occupying space with my full body, arms, legs.

Obviously, it's a little easier to reflect in terms of dance because you're moving through and occupying space, but we can do that on a daily basis, too, of just noticing our posture. What is our body doing? What are our typical, you know, the positions or the poses that we get into most often? And are they reflective of blooming and blossoming into occupation of space, like into expansion, into the space around us? Like really being big and bold and taking up space. Or are we often turning in and shoulders curling and moving inward?

There's no right or wrong to any of this. It's really just about having more awareness of our own physical form and the different states that it goes through. And how our inner landscape displays itself in our physical form. I think just simply by having more awareness of that, we gain insights and we can also make tiny little tweaks and shifts that ...

You know, it's kind of like the egg and the chicken. Which comes first? If you sit up with really good posture and you put your arms up towards the sky, and you pop out your chest and your heart, and you do that for a good 30 seconds, you feel differently afterwards. That sense of really occupying space feels different. Some people even say smile and notice it starts to trigger the different positive chemicals and makes you feel better. So we can impact our physicality by inner expansion. And we can also take note of how to more expansively occupy space, as a way to encourage our inner expansion.

This week, I would urge you to observe your physical body.

To ask: “Are there any parts of your physical body that are in hiding, that are hiding? Or that move into a particular posture or pose, or way of movement when you're feeling a little shy, or small, or embarrassed? And how can you shift that subtly by expanding into a greater, bolder occupation of space?

If you hold your chin higher, if you keep your gaze up, if you walk into a room, experiment with how it feels to occupy space in a bigger, bolder way.