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An edible wildflower collected in Iceland, Self Heal wakes up our will to survive and thrive. It awakens our awareness of what’s happening in our body and stimulates our ability to heal ourselves. It enhances self-care, rest and nourishment. It dissolves fatigue, weakness, apathy or resistance to self-care and the go-go-go mentality. It deepens our understanding that a happy body leads to a happy mind; therefore, eating, sleeping, drinking water, getting fresh air + spending times in nature are forms of protecting and cherishing our health. Read more about the magic of Self Heal here!





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By being more intentional, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe of what we want to embody.Choose one of these phrases that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take the elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I embrace my ability to thrive.
My body knows how to heal itself.
When I nurture myself, I heal myself.
Self healing is spontaneous and effortless.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir + set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, discovering their will to thrive. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Click here for the Self Heal Discovery story transcript

Click here for the Self Heal Personal Experiences transcript

Click here for the Self Heal as Cycle Breaker transcript



If there were one condition, whether physical or of the heart, that I would like to heal from the inside out, what would it be?

When do I ignore my body’s physical needs? (eating, sleeping, rest, etc.)

When imbalances manifest into physical illness, what is it that usually happens for me?

What are the signs that I am about to get sick, so that I know when I need to rest and be more careful about what I eat/do?

If I have resistance to healing a particular pattern or condition, what is that resistance about?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Self Heal Support Guide here.

Self Heal Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Take notes of what you’re eating during the day, noting what is nourishing/not nourishing to your body and mind.

Drink more water with a splash of lemon or lime juice – or make yourself a pot of herbal tea each day to flush toxins out your body.

Get a massage, soak in a hot springs, sit in the sauna, get out into nature or some kind of gentle detox.

Allow yourself to rest more.

If you feel exhausted, fall ill or experience a chronic imbalance, write down the reasons, causes or conditions that you believe contributed to it (lifestyle and thought or emotional patterns).

Self Heal LOTUSWEI flower essences





Katie Hess Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Self Heal Discovery Story

I thought I’d tell the story of how I found this self-heal flower, because it’s such an amazing flower. It really just exemplifies how mother nature conspires with us to fulfill our wishes and benefit thousands of people.

So, I was traveling in the southern part of Iceland, we had been all over the country and I had always had it in the back of my mind like, “Oh, I wish I could find that flower, because I know it can be found on the island.” I know it can be found in the country but I wasn’t sure where, or what time of the year. I figured if I was meant to see it, I’d find it. So, we were in this place, another place that I can’t pronounce in the south, and headed to this hot springs. In every photo this was like of all the hot springs, of all the many, many, many, many, many, hot springs in Iceland, this to us just appeared to be the most beautiful, isolated, deserted, no one there, gorgeous place.

When we arrived, and we saw that the hot springs were full of like 50 people, and we were like, “Oh, no.” So, we kept on walking. The hot springs are sort of at the base of this huge ravine canyon in between these enormous mountains that were splashed in neon-green and chartreuse from the moss and the lichen, really unreal colors. Just jaw-droppingly beautiful. So, we walked up past where all the tourists were, and started climbing the rocks, and jumping over puddles, and making our way over the river, up tucked back into this ravine, and we actually found this secret hot springs where there were no people. Totally isolated.

It was really like someone had just made it themselves, by putting these rock in a little circle, in this little pool inside the river. The river was freezing cold glacier water but, you could get into these really hot pockets of water. So we were thrilled, and we stripped down to our suits and got in the water. We’re just like, “This is unbelievable.” It’s like one of those moments in your life, where you’re just like, “I can’t believe this is real. This feels like a dream. I cannot believe that I’m in this place. It’s like I’m in a movie.”

So, we just totally soaked in that whole experience. There’s obviously something magical about the hot springs in the first place, that this water is coming up from being heated from the center of the earth. Just pure magic. After a while I got out of the hot springs and got dressed, and just began to sort of orient myself in that place and I got curious about what might be around. So, I just started walking around, and walking up this mountainside, and there were thousands of these really cool long legged black spiders, that looked really friendly.

Some spiders are kind of creepy and unnerving. These spiders were really friendly, like friends. So, I walked up the mountain, really careful not to step on skittery spiders. I was walking, and suddenly I was overcome with this tremendous dizziness out of nowhere. It wasn’t even because I had stayed in the hot springs too long, just like, really odd out of the blue, super dizzy. Like, “Whoa. I gotta sit down, right now.” So, I sat down on the side of this mountainside in the, it’s like wet, lush, green foliage because, it was really steamy there from where the hot springs met the cold river, so it created this sort of strange little micro climate.

I sat down, and I put my hands down to my sides and touched the earth to sort of ground into myself. As I was sitting there, I was like, “What is that off, like a couple feet away from me, hidden underneath these huge green leaves with a flash of color? This bright purple?” So I looked, and then I tilted my head to the side, and I got closer, and I lifted up the leaves, and oh my God, it was a self-heal flower. So beautiful. It is like one of those flowers, it just looks so fricking exotic.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity and made a flower elixir out of it. It’s just one of those times where, I literally felt like the plant called out to me. Somehow, there was this response provoked in my body, that forced me to take a break and rest, and find this flower. So, even how we discover the flower plays a lot into the kind of benefits the flower offers. Oftentimes, the flower will show or demonstrate the imbalance state in a really clear pattern, so that I can understand what it’s properties, actions, qualities are.

So, really excited about the Self Heal. Enjoy. Question for this week is:
“When do you find yourself taking a break, and how challenging is it to stop during the day what you’re doing, and just take a short break?
If it is challenging to take a break, why is it challenging?”



Self Heal Personal Experiences

I wanted to take this week to take the opportunity to share some personal experiences that I’ve had with the Self Heal Flower Elixir and also dive a little bit into how I think the Self Heal Elixir is a little bit different, and the applications of it are a little bit different in modern day life now, as say they may have been 10, 20 years or so ago.

First, I wanted to share a story about my dog. If some of you follow the blog, you may have seen me share some stories around my dog, Joy, and how, for the last, maybe, 15 months or so, she … Well there’s quite a good period of that year that she was sort of on the brink of death and having strokes, and we thought she was dying and then she would bounce back. And this happened so many different times. And the whole process of putting her on Chinese herbs and using Western herbs like Shepherd’s Purse and Cayenne to stop internal bleeding on several occasions and really just trusting myself, and the plants to bring her back and to give her whatever quality of life for whatever amount of time she wants to be here. And it’s been just an incredible learning process.

But something really interesting happened and that is that about three months ago, I started giving her the Self Heal Elixir. It always takes us awhile to, you know, when we go on these traveling trips to get the Mother Essences into production and ready and available, and it just hadn’t occurred to me to be using this elixir with my dog because it’s like the story of the shoemaker’s kids with no shoes, I guess. It’s terrible. But it happens.

So when we got the Self Heal Elixir into a beautiful format, I brought a bunch of it home and just started giving it go her every breakfast and every dinner. So giving it to her with food, not even five times a day, just being really devoted and dedicated to giving it to her twice a day and it is unbelievable the level of balance that she has achieved. I already thought it was a miracle that she was still walking around after all of the crazy experiences that we had, but this is like next level. Like, I mean, she used to be really quite fragile and kinda wobbly and always on the brink of another, oh my gosh, maybe another stroke or internal bleeding and always having to be looking out for signs of internal bleeding. Anyway for the last three months, her health has been just solid as hell and so much so that I even have taken her off of a lot of the herbs that she was taking and she’s now just taking two Chinese formulas and this Self Heal. And I absolutely attribute the level of balance of her health to the Self Heal Flower Elixir. So it’s an incredible, it’s like an incredible balancing act.

In my own health situation with my body, I have experienced a ton of fatigue since right around since when we first started doing our big Flowerlounge Tour on the East Coast, like March, April. Just tremendous fatigue. I’ve stayed really active and I kept salsa dancing but just really like at times battling exhaustion. And so what I noticed from taking the Self Heal Elixir is that it not only liberates energy and vitality but there is a tremendous determination to kick whatever fatigue I have. And it’s not that I wanted to be fatigued or exhausted, but I kind of felt consumed by it or overwhelmed by it or like I just couldn’t get my head above the water. And with the Self Heal Flower Elixir, I feel like it’s that same kind of feeling … Okay, I’m gonna use an example from salsa dancing. When there’s something that’s challenging for me to do like a triple spin or quadruple spin or something, and I’m just not getting it and not getting it and struggling and then I’m like “Dammit, I’m gonna get it,” and there’s this thing that my mind does where it just narrows it’s focus and this wave of determination comes in, mentally, and then I land it. And it’s like the power of the mind over the physical body to do what it needs to do or to do what the mind wants it to do. Mind over matter essentially.

And so what I’ve noticed, in my situation, is that it introduces this level of determination but it’s like a naturally arising determination, it’s not like some big effort thing. It’s just like my mindset takes over my body in a sense and I don’t need to take all those supplements. I’ve really just been like, again, just with Joy, just shaved it back to a couple things that I’m taking, some homeopathy and some yummy chewy vitamin things and that’s it. And just left all the rest of the stuff aside, it was just getting to be too much. And I feel like it’s far more effective. It’s almost like the elixir is helping my body assimilate whatever there is that needs to be assimilated to a greater capacity. And I am actually able to push myself more, physically, like physical exertion, but how to explain, it doesn’t get to the point of just total exhaustion and have to sleep all day the next day or something. It’s just, there’s like this determination that comes with it.

So I think I’ll share for another recording how I think that Self Heal is different today than 20 or so years ago and just leave you with the question for this week.

And the question is: How is your health or your state of wellness?
Do you have anything that’s chronically bugging you, like skin, in your mind, your whole physical body, are there any areas of weakness that you typically have? Do you get lower back issues? Do you get headaches?

List off all of those things in your head or you can write them down.
What are the signs for you that you are out of balance physically? And just being aware of that.



Self Heal as Cycle Breaker

In herbalism Self Heal is an herb that’s known in Chinese medicine as that herb that changes the course of a chronic illness. You introduce Self Heal and everything changes. It’s a cycle breaker. It breaks cycles. The more traditional, from what I’ve seen, uses of Self Heal in the flower essence world have to do with giving the essence to someone who has had a chronic illness, who is sort of just surviving. Just kind of hanging by a thread and doesn’t have either the will to survive or thrive.

I think in traditional times, it was more given to the person who didn’t have the will to survive. For some reason, we get something out of being sick. Sometimes we just, “Go, go, go, go, go.” We never take breaks and we don’t rest and then suddenly the body is like, “All right, that’s enough. You’re going to rest. You’re going to take time off.” And we get sick and it sucks, but there’s a part of us that’s like, “Oh, it’s nice to lay in bed and watch movies all day.”

Sometimes, I think that the physical body is in cahoots with the subconscious parts of our mind that just need a break from it all. Whereas in the past, I think that Self Heal was more used for people with chronic illnesses who just couldn’t see a way out of it and just sort of gave up, like apathy or despondency. “It’s just too much for me. I’m going to check out.” And it would bring in this sense of, a surge of will to live, essentially.

And although the flower essence does have that capacity, I think there are other applications in today’s world where our lifestyles are just really full and the pace is really fast and things are zipping by. We’ve got all these technologies and the technologies move faster than we can; emails and texting.

We’re living this really speedy lives less in touch with listening to the trees and the earth and the birds. And we get tired. Even though we’re tired or may need a break, we tend to push, push, push and keep going and never take breaks. There’s something about the intrigue and the never ending quality of emails filtering in and videos and things on the computers and the cellphones, social media that we just have a really hard time stopping. We have a hard time taking breaks and that can lead to exhaustion.

So what I’m seeing, the capacity of the Self Heal do for people today, in addition to the will to live, is the will to thrive. In the sense of being able to push back from some of the busyness that we’re engaging in so that we can tune in, essentially to ourselves, and create more space for things to arise – important things, meaningful things. Things that wouldn’t otherwise arise unless we gave them space to do so.

Which is really important. Because life is so short and so precious and we hate to waste time. One of the most powerful ways to make sure that what we’re doing is in alignment with who we are and what we want to be and accomplish while we’re here, is to take as many breaks and sit and do nothing and allow some space.

Self Heal has both the capacity to give us a shot of determination. Like putting a shot in your arm of determination and clarity and focus and ability to push yourself. And, in equal parts, the ability to push back, to rest, to take care of yourself, to take a break. And to give space to allow the arising of whatever the most meaningful and important things from inside you in a way that you can hear them and perceive them and know how to take action with them.

I’m sure that if we were all to get together and put together our stories of what we experience this month with Self Heal, we might discover other ways that self heal facilitates us to break cycles. If it is a cycle breaker, if it can alter the course of a chronic illness, and that’s in the herbal form, in the flower essence form, then would it not also have the capacity to break a cycle? To break a life-long pattern. Something that has been sitting in the attic of your subconscious for a long time, since you were small. Some sort of emotional or mental pattern. Some kind of story that was imprinted into your cellular make up that has been affecting you for a long time.

This flower has the capacity to break that cycle. Interrupt that pattern so you can experience something different. That is really freaking exciting, right? So rather than thinking of Self Heal, flower elixir as something that’s only useful for when I’m sick, or when I’m tired, or exhausted, or out of balance physically, let’s think about it as a cycle breaker.

The question that I would leave you with this week is: If you had any patterns or cycles that you would like to breakthrough this month, what are they?