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Growing on a tall stalk with a huge, exquisite pink blossom, the Pink Torch Ginger looks like a forest lotus when it unfolds into full bloom. Pink Torch Ginger helps us learn from situations in life that arise to help us heal old wounds. It helps us purify old patterns by revisiting a challenge in our lives; we experience the 'sacred sting' as we actually pull the stinger out of our systems. Rather than figuring out an issue, it reverses or unravels patterns. It dissolves loneliness, abandonment, and the need to 'bear it all alone.' Pink Torch Ginger helps us actualize the transformative power of compassion from the inside out. Read more here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I embrace the sacred sting.
I am purifying old patterns.
Let it come up to come out.
My wounds are not who I am.
I am not alone. I have everything I need within.

Go one step further: as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, embracing the sacred sting as we purify old patterns. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Pink Torch Ginger Flower Singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences



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  • When is a time when you’ve felt the most ‘whole’, powerfully emanating light/strength/power from your center?

  • Describe a time when a painful occurrence in your life seemed to unravel a particular pattern, so that by the end of that painful experience, you seemed to have let go of all of the pain around a particular pattern?

  • When do you experience separation, loneliness or a sense of having to bear it all alone?

  • When do you find yourself missing a partner or something external for completion?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Pink Torch Ginger Support Guide here

Pink Torch Ginger Flower Singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences



  •  Describe a ‘wound’ from your past. How did you respond/react? What beliefs or lessons did you carry from that experience, that are influencing your behaviors and beliefs now?

  • Ask a trusted person in your life (mother, best friend, partner, etc) their objective memory of a painful experience in your life. What lessons or insights can you glean from their observations?

  • Make a list of you current + past:
    Romantic Relationships
    Family Relationships
    Relationship with your self

    Use a handful of keyword descriptors, positive and negative. What overlaps do you see? Are there any crossovers (ie a relationship with a family member that has created a way you relate to yourself, or something that always becomes an obstacle at work shows up as a pattern in your romantic relationships somehow)

  • What are your current challenges? What are they teaching you about patterns that you carry?

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Pink Torch Ginger Flower Singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences



Recording 1 -

In working with the Pink Torch Ginger Flower Elixir, there is a term that I use that needs a little bit of explanation and that is called the ‘sacred sting.’ It's a term that came to me when I was sitting with the flower when I was originally collecting it. It refers to the type of situation in life that arises and triggers some sort of old wounding or old ... it's like an old trigger essentially. The premise is that it's actually a huge gift because it's like a catalyst that triggers old emotional landscapes to come up and come out. The only issue is that it's not comfortable. And when really intense feelings or emotions arise like anger, rage, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, panic, freak out, loss of control, feeling like we're gonna lose control, sadness, grief, obviously all of this is uncomfortable. And we can view it as something to be cherished - in that it's almost like putting compost into the garden. It doesn't smell good. It doesn't look good. It's kind of slimy and gross. But it's actually what makes the field smell fertile and rich.

So there aren't any states of mind that we need to resist or push away or be judgmental in ourselves. So commonly we're really, really hard on ourselves, and when we get into an emotional pinch, you know, something is really pinching us or stinging us, we tend to be really hard on ourselves, such as like, "Aren't you over this yet?" Or, "Shouldn't you be done with this yet?" Or, "What is your problem?" And those are exactly the types of thinking, or rather we can say the parts of ourselves, that prevent us from healing faster. Like they actually slow things down because we get into like a tennis match or an argument about what to do.

Really what we need more of, or we can work more on, is just having self compassion. Without needing to understand anything, just being able to hold a space open within ourselves or like a container in which to let feelings come in or go out. Actually the most helpful recommendation I can offer for what to do when shit hits the fan and we are overcome with really intense emotions, is to remove yourself from conversation. Don't talk to anyone necessarily a lot if you are experiencing a really strong emotion. Unless you really need to be heard, that's different than, let's say if you're full of rage, then you probably just want to sit somewhere quietly.

Not in terms of isolating yourself but just sitting quietly and noticing how it feels. For example, if I get really angry, I will sit quietly and just notice every aspect of how that feels in my body. I know I always say this in meditation or mindful awareness trainings or teachings and it's a phrase that goes like this: the observation is the dissolution. That just simply means that anything we look at changes shape and form. So it’s like if you're looking at little kid, you just start putting your attention on the little kid, they feel you looking at them and they shift their behavior. The same thing goes our own emotional states or landscapes or parts of ourselves that surface. For example, when I look at my anger and how it makes me feel and it makes my heart beat, a race, it brings heat into my body. It makes me want to run and move.

Just simply by looking at those sensations alone and watching the speed of my thoughts increase. And then when it's anger, there's sort of like a shouting match going on and you're sort of playing out the dialogue of whatever conversation you would have with whoever it is that's triggered your anger. Just simply by watching, just observing and not even having to get involved in the story. There's nothing that you have to figure out. You don't have to get to the root of what is the trigger and where did it come from. Sometimes it's helpful, sometimes like I've shared with people - like inner child exercises and have worked with different inner child exercises myself - where I try and identify the root cause of where a particular pattern is coming from, because then if you can yank out the root, it will no longer affect you in today's situations and relationships. But the relief is, the amazing and wonderful reality, is that we don't actually have to know anything about the triggers. We don't have to know anything about the causes or the sources of where it all came from. We don't even have to really understand it.

If we want to understand it, we can, but sometimes that just engages the intellectual mind and we get all tied up in knots. And that doesn't necessarily help anyway. When you get into situations where intense emotions arise or a situation that you call a ‘sacred sting’, such as something happens in your life that leads you to have very strong, intense emotions that are hard to handle, hard to deal with, then you can just take comfort in two things: 1) You don't have to really understand it. It doesn't have to be logical and 2) that simply by being with it and watching it and observing it, it already starts to shift and change, not only in the short-term in terms of feeling better, but also in the long-term. That things literally do come up to come out. When something is up and on it's way out, we experience it on its way out.

We tend to think that things will last forever, whenever we get into a situation of extreme … anything, really - jealousy, depression, panic, rage - in that moment we think it's going to last for a really long time. When in essence if we can sort of slow down, get a little softer, be compassionate with ourselves like, "Wow, this is what suffering feels like? Wow, this is what XYZ feels like. It's so hard." To just be with that sensation and emotion and thought patterns, and watch it more like we're watching the clouds pass over the sky, they will shift and change and actually last a lot less time than you would think it would.

My question for you this week is: Notice what is arising in you, and when difficulty or challenge rises - no matter how subtle; it doesn't even have to be something really intense and dramatic, could be a really minor sting. It doesn't have to be like a really fierce scorpion sting. It could just be like a bee sting or like a mosquito sting. No matter how subtle, notice when something triggers you, and notice your tendency to either want to figure it out or play it out, or do something with it. Versus sitting quietly, observing it with the full confidence and comfort knowing that simply being with it will transform it in the short-term and the long-term. The good news is that this means that this method of being with - the slowing down and being with and observing - this method is very simple. It's not easy but it's simple, can be literally life transformative. In that we can use it to uproot deep causes of suffering inside of ourselves.

I only speak from experience, having practiced this method for … almost 20 years … that it works. It absolutely works and when a particular situation triggers you, it will trigger you less and less and less, overtime, and come much more infrequently.

If this resonates with you and you have any questions, definitely shoot us an email {}. I can clarify, but in the meantime noticing when things trigger you or when things sting. When do things sting? Then you don't even have to know why, or where, how it comes, just be with it and notice the comfort and confidence you get just by knowing that there isn't anything you have to figure out or do.

That just simply observing all the sensations of how it feels, not only immediately in the moment changes it, but also long-term reduces the impact and frequency of that particular trigger. That is a very empowering concept. We are essentially all we need to attain more and more and more happiness.

So notice the things that sting you this week and notice how it feels to just be with them. You may notice that rather than talking about them or expressing them to someone else, that tends to draw the energy out longer, whereas if you just sit quietly and watch, watch, watch, watch, observe, observe, observe until the intensity wanes, it will move through much more quickly. 

Recording 2 - 

So, I'm not sure how many of you listen to the Flowerlounge podcast that I host each Wednesday, but we have this monthly feature where we bring on this intuitive astrologer, Kristina Wingeier, and we just recorded the one that's going to come out for this upcoming new moon.

I like astrology - I think that it's kind of a nice framework in terms of just like, “ooh heads up.” What may or may not happen. Or how might the stars and the planets influence me. I try to take it with a grain of salt and really not give it too much power, and try to see the positive in everything because things are just really complex, and each of us has our own natal charts. So, nothing affects us all equally.

But, I'm just going to say that there is an eclipse season coming up and it will be similar to whatever was happening say like last year, August of 2017. We're going to do a call on it actually because I find it really interesting. And, Kristina found that there are some interesting timings around when we're releasing new flower essences with Flowerevolution astrology. So, I think that's just kind of interesting so, I'm inviting her on for a call at the end of the month on the 24th. Just to give you a heads up.

I will say that it's pretty interesting that Pink Torch is this month because of the eclipses and it says that if we're preparing our energetic systems to be more flexible and malleable for intensity of emotion. So, you know, typically around eclipse season it's six weeks, there's a lot of intensity and there's all kinds of things going on with Mars. You know, whatever. Planetary stuff. It's happening all the time.

But, I think that it is ... it's just sort of a softness to have in the background running of the ability to hold ourselves in a container of gentleness and self-compassion when things arise. And if you listen to the previous recording you heard me talk about the sacred sting being like events that are currently happening but that are pulling old and deep wounds to the surface. And, things are coming up to come out.

So, I whole heartedly believe that ... I mean, I believe that that's really like a profound path to awakening and realizing the full potential of who we are in general. And, sometimes the way that planets and stars align, or life and the sort of challenges and the experiences that life blesses us with, ultimately - inspire, or trigger, or catalyze us to work through some of those old issues.

And so, I just think that's a really important to really hammer home, and really just consistently be aware of for ourselves. In a really gentle way of just continually observing our emotional landscape, and having gentleness around that. And, recognizing that when anything arises that's difficult or there's an intensity of emotion to ... I mean, it sounds kind of Pollyanna to say like to look at it as a gift. Typically I can't really tell that things are a gift until I'm over it, after it's over. In the moment it's just all intensity.

So, if you have those moments where it's just all intensity the life line, the life jacket, you know if you're in a huge stormy ocean and you're just like flailing about emotionally, just remember this. That your life jacket and your ability to remain stable and neutral, and just sort of ride it out, like ride out the waves. Sometimes I talk to people in terms of like surfing. That your very intense emotions can arise and you're just surfing the waves, versus getting all tumbled up in them.

And what will help ... because in moments I find, personally in my own life, that in moments of great emotional intensity it's very hard to, you know, sort of just like do the regular practices that keep us balanced. It's almost like in that moment of intensity, like everything goes out the window. And, you really can just reach for the simplest thing, that's like a life jacket that just keeps your head above water.

So, if you get to a moment in the next month or so of emotional intensity, the thing that you're going to reach for that's just really super simple, and it's like that life jacket or you know, fun inflatable lawn chair or whatever, that you're going to grab for in that moment of intensity, is the knowingness that:

1) The intensity will pass. It's not going to last forever. You know, it's just like gently reminding yourself that.

2) Whatever is coming up is coming up to come out. So, if you can even just intellectually remind yourself that, I am experiencing this intensity because something is coming up to come out. I am having a challenge in this particular area because there is some piece of insight or wisdom that needs to be mined out of myself. There is a treasure. I will get that treasure. I don't have to get it today. I don't have to figure it out. But, that whatever this is that's really biting me in the butt, there's a reason for it, and I am convinced that there is wisdom on the other side of this coin, and I will obtain it. And there's no rush on when it will become clear to me.

3) Know that you have the capacity to ride it out. That you're just going to ride it out. And, if you ... if it helps to do things that nurture you, you can do that. You know, like being in nature or laying in bed, watching a movie. Just getting some space and some time for you, so that you can ride it out, can be helpful. You need to get a massage or go sit in the sauna or something. And, because sometimes those things are like survival, right? It's not necessarily like you're lavishing yourself with self-care, although that's a wonderful thing to aim for as well. Sometimes it's just survival mode. Like I need to go do this thing because it's going to give me enough space to just sort of sit and be, and ride out what the tidal is of whatever is happening.

So, I mean I feel like this recording is, you know, somewhat ominous, and it's not. It doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will be having a rough time. Just simply that Pink Torch Ginger has an incredible capacity to show us things about ourselves that, you know, time's up for healing.

Time is up for healing and if you're in the Flowerevolution it's because you're like me, that you are interested in making awakening, or clarity, or wisdom your number one priority. And, that's a kind of wisdom that leads to ultimately less suffering. But, sometimes it means more suffering up front, because it's like being in the matrix and choosing the red pill of clarity, versus the blue pill of ignore it, go get drunk, distract yourself. You know all the other, whatever things we would do to distract ourselves from seeing reality.

Use the power of the Pink Torch Ginger flower to be patient with yourself and allow whatever is arising to arise, knowing that those challenges that are arising and any emotional intensity you experience is the key to your awakening. It is the key to you being your most powerful and realized self. It's the key to obtaining your full potential. It's in those challenges.

So, the question for this week is, or rather for the whole month really, if anything arises that has you sort of feeling an emotional intensity, just obviously take time for yourself, ride it through. And, the question to ask yourself is sort of like, if this right here, this emotional intensity were the key to my awakening, what would that look like? And, you don't even have to have an answer. It's just something to plant that seed in your psyche and let it work its way through your system.

Recording 3 -

Okay. So there's something that I really want to hammer home this month and so you'll hear me talking about it - actually, I'll probably talk about it a lot for the rest of my life! –but there's something that is extremely simple, hard to remember, seems too simple to be true and it's kind of so hard to do, but it's really, really, really good news. And that is that anytime you are in a situation that has just got you stretched to the max, it's like either an emotional intensity or it's something that's dredging up and triggering old stuff from the past, or somebody's just got you really irritated, angry, or you're experiencing pain or suffering or stress on any level. The good news is there is nothing that you have to do. There is nothing that you have to figure out.

Our tendencies are always when shit hits the fan to try to understand it, to ask the question “why?” To try to figure it out and intellectualize our way through this maze of confusing feelings. And oftentimes we aren't even equipped with the background story of what's causing these intense emotions or triggers, because either you believe in past lives, it's from a past life or this life, something happened between the ages of womb to three years old that we just don't even remember or have reference for. And so the ultimate relief is that it doesn't matter, we don't have to know. Sometimes it can be helpful to know exactly what it was, if you can bring it present to your conscious memory, just acknowledging it can somehow diffuse some of the energy around the situation. That can be really helpful, but if it's coming from a place that just don't really understand or you can't make the connections, the best thing to remember is that there's nothing to figure out and there's nothing to do. If you are experiencing emotional intensity, the only thing you have to do is ride it out. Period. End of story. Imagine yourself as a surfer, big waves are coming, big waves, little waves. The only thing you have to do is ride the waves.

I know that ... Something that my teacher often says is, "Tragic ... or tragic must take place in order for us to wake up." Something tragic in our lives has this sort of shock us into this state of awakening. Because even if we say we want the red pill - referencing the movie the Matrix - it's so seductive and tempting to take the blue pill. And we don't even know that we're doing it because we were just falling into the comfortable old ruts of habitual patterns, that we don't even know where we're falling into it all the time ... because we're always seeking comfort. And so when we have a sort of intense situation, it speeds up the urgency of our desire to have clarity and to experience awakening.

So whether or not it's eclipse season or not eclipse season or the moon is full or not full or hidden behind a cloud or whatever, it doesn't matter. There are always tons of things going on in our lives and lots of intensity that gives us the opportunity to work with it. So the next time that you find yourself being, even just on subtle levels, irritated or tense or challenged, stressed, all the way to the other extreme, just like anxious, full of rage, jealous. Whatever is a disturbing emotion that you would experience, no matter how subtle or how extreme, just remember that life will give you every experience you need in order to awaken. And the only thing you have to do is just ride it out, is just be there in it, be with yourself. Observe all the phenomena that arise, observe the thoughts, observe the feelings, observe the physical repercussions, tension, nerves, whatever it is.

It's literally like all you have to do is just ... I mean like if you think of how to ... You're like ahead of so many people on the planet, not in a competitive way. But just that so many people on the planet - and we fall into it too - but so many people are avoiding, running away from, distracting themselves from intensity of emotion. Don't want to see it, don't know what to do with it, don't want to face the pain and suffering, too fearful of, or just too lazy. "I don't want to look at it. I'd rather go over here and have sex with this person or I'd rather go to the bar and have a drink and get drunk and not think about it."

There is the subtle motivation to run away from things that rattle us and that make us feel things. So if you and all your courage and greatness are just simply able to be with intense and disturbing emotions, you're ahead of the game. And then the other part is that that's really all you need to do. There is nothing you have to figure out, orchestrate, organize, fix, heal, reprogram, re-pattern, none of that. The only thing we have to do is just ride it out. Feel whatever arises, notice it, look at it, look at the thoughts, be with it, be with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, look at it, look at it some more, fully open to it and that's literally it. And the waves will come and sometimes they'll be giant tidal waves and sometimes there'll be tiny little ripples and sometimes there won't be any waves, and that is literally the only thing we have to do, is just observe and be open to it all. That alone can create the cause for our own awakening and the experience of really having deep insights and wisdom and clarity around any of those triggers or life situations that propel us into the fabulous state of imbalance and disturbing emotions that make us feel unstable.

Isn't that great news? I just love that. So as you're maneuvering through the next month, just keep reminding yourself to be open for life to reflect back to you in as much subtlety or as much sort of a gross level obvious two by four over the head situations, anywhere among that range. Be open to life, continually showing you a reflection of not only your inner state, but particularly in working with Pink Torch Ginger, reflecting back to you certain core wounding trigger patterns that you have. That is the job of Pink Torch Ginger, to ... and I don't even know how this works. But it really ... It's like facilitating our understanding or awareness that life is constantly reflecting back to us the keys to our own awakening. And the keys to our own awakening typically lie within the biggest challenges, the most painful sufferings, the things that we want to run away from, the things that we don't want to deal with, things that we want to tuck under the rug or shove under our pillow and not deal with. Like I'll deal with that … later.

So instead of pushing them away, we can recognize that as those are the precise things that are the keys to our awakening. If those are like the little snags or things that would hold us back from being the fullest expression of who we are in this life, then those are the things that we're going to want to tackle. Tackle not meaning do anything about or figure out. Tackle meaning be able to turn towards them and open and see them and observe them and that's it.

So question for this week is: What situation am I seeing reflected back to me over and over and over in different ways, that is reflecting back to me the key to my own awakening?

Or put in other words, what kind of challenge am I seeing, repetitively, that relates to a certain issue that I have or a certain patterning that wants to be liberated?

And in what ways can I just be with it and that's it. No pressure on myself to do anything else with that information other than just be with it.

Recording 4 -

One of the questions that came up as a result of the Gamechanger teaching was “Can I take Pink Torch Ginger Elixir and the Gamechanger blend at the same time?” And, absolutely, yes. I mean, I'm a huge proponent of following your intuition in terms of which flowers to combine with the right timing for you. But, I also think it's not a coincidence that we came out with these products at similar timing.

And, I can speak directly to sort of like the synergistic effects of using Gamechanger while you're using the Pink Torch Ginger Elixir. So, imagine Pink Torch has this magical ability of either bringing things to the surface, or helping us see where the external reality is reflecting back a certain key to our own awakening, in the form of a block or a ... you know, like a fear, or showing us a very subtle version of something that we're afraid of.

That's the whole magic of Pink Torch Ginger, is to really ... you know, that whole talk of like sacred sting. It's like ... I really honestly don't understand how this works, but I can say that in my personal life I have seen all these little micro situations arise while I was using the Pink Torch Ginger that reflect back to me either my deepest core wounding, or you could flip side see that as my greatest capacity for awakening ... in varying degrees on the spectrum of painful versus just like, oh, that's curious, it's arising over here in this really subtle form. How interesting. You know that core wounding can arise and start taking root or effect on even like the really subtle situations in life, and subtle relationships.

So, using a blend of flower essences like Gamechanger, where the flowers are helping us develop a more spacious sense of time, allowing ourselves to be with whatever situation arises, to allowing us to like essentially take the easy road. It's like, why do we keep thinking we need to make things hard, you know? Why do we feel like if it's hard, or difficult, or challenging it somehow has more merit to it? Why couldn't we just take the easy road? Why couldn't we think outside the box? Why couldn't we find like the magical solution that would make things ten times easier for us?

And so, I think it's really helpful actually to pair the two together. It's brilliant, because while we are over here with Pink Torch looking at the keys to our own awakening, aka whatever core wounding patterns are up for us to look at, we're applying a support mechanism or a nourishment. I like that. One is like laser focus clarity, targeting, pinpointing, bulls eyeing a certain area of where we need to put our awareness in order to shift and change, and then, nourishment. Clarity and nourishment. So, Gamechanger being the nourishment support to come in and allow us more capacity to be with spaciousness to allow things to be easy and effortless.

I mean, what if transformation actually is easy and effortless? What if we are just making it hard? What if in our, you know, our attachment or our fixation, or our ... sort of like getting caught up in the mucky muck of things, we make it take longer? What if there was a really easy, effortless way to move through and shift our perspective? And I think it supports - the idea of working with Gamechanger - supports that idea, that transformation can in fact be really effortless.

It can be easeful. It can be spacious. It can be relatively fast and not require a lot of, you know, heavy, figure-it-outy therapy, what went wrong in my childhood, dredge through the bog and swamp of, you know, the back recesses of our mind. It could just be something arises. It triggers with the Pink Torch or with life in general, and Gamechanger is the nourishment that allows us, reminds us, “oh, this can be really easy. All I have to do is be with it. Be with it. Be with it. Be with it. Oh, where's that feeling? Oh, I don't have that feeling anymore. Oh, that was easy. It just went away. Just being with it, and really looking at it. It went away really fast.”

So, that was a great question that arose. Thank you for asking it, and I love to explore the ways that combining the different elixirs and blends are synergistically supporting each other, and I think is one really good example.

So, just for fun, you can get out a pen and paper and just jot down a couple quick answers to these questions. Or, you can do like bullet listing in your note section of your phone.

First question is: When do I have a tendency of making things hard or just having the perception that transformation is painful?

Second question is, (just bullet out):One, or two, or three ways in which your core wounding has been reflected back to you in really micro ways that you felt like you were able to stay curious and open, and be able to just observe that pattern? And, how having that experience obviously can help you with the bigger, more painful ones, or harder ones? So, just jot down those little mini experiences, or mini reflections and how you were able to stay curious and open.

And then just one last question, if you don't have an answer to it, it's just sort of like a Zen koan, you can let it land in your body and heart, and mind and see how that feels. What would it be like if our own awakening were effortless and full of ease?