Moonstone is known for heightening our awareness of intuition and sixth sense perception. As if drinking an elixir of the moon, it balances yin/yang energies within us. Known for clarity of mind + focus, it can be particularly helpful for meditation practices and gaining insights about emotional patterns. It helps us connect with Mother Earth and experience patience during times of uncertainty. When we’re unsure of which way to go or how circumstances will play out, Moonstone helps us see more clearly.
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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I’m ok in the unknown.
I can thrive in the uncertainty.
When I am neutral, I can observe my emotional patterns.
I am learning from my emotional patterns.
Mother Earth is a constant.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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In what ways do aspects of life feel uncertain?

When have you felt unclear about how things will play out?

What emotional patterns are you noticing within yourself lately?

In what area of your life do you want more clarity?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

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Sit quietly for 5 minutes each time that you feel uncertain, unclear or unsure.

Spend time in nature, sitting in a park, under a tree or outdoors for clarity.

Practice getting comfortable with the unknown.

Focus on your breathing or six senses.

P.S. Katie is giving away one of her meditation programs this month to support your meditation practice.
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Embrace your luminous qualities.

I will help you:

  • Promote clarity of mind + focus
  • See emotional patterns + stimulate your intuition
  • Remind you of your connection with Mother Earth + balance your Yin/Yang energies

Use me when:

  • To see through times that are uncertain + unclear
  • Feel unsettled + fearful
  • You are feeling unsure of which way to go + struggling to tune in with your intuition



    Teaching 1 - How to Experience the Unknown as Freedom

    I think one of the most unique and appropriate qualities of Moonstone for right now in this time period is that it helps us become more okay with the unknown. So many of us are afraid of the mysterious unknown. It's more like fear of fear itself rather than something concrete, right? Because we just don't know what it is. It's like jumping off a cliff. It's like the monster under the bed. It's like something that we can't see, and because we can't see it, we feel like we have a loss of control.

    However, moonstone kind of shifts that gear for us and helps us become more comfortable with the unknown. I was like falling back in a trust fall or like one of my favorite quotes from Chögyam Trungpa which is: "The bad news is there's no parachute. The good news is there's no ground."

    So when we feel like we're falling, we can actually learn to become comfortable with and actually enjoy the sensation of falling as a metaphor for taking each moment as it comes.

    One of the best ways that I think we can work with this unknown is patience.

    Because I think if there is a discomfort with the unknown, we'd begin to get impatient. And as my flower essence teacher used to always say that: patience just simply means being at peace with the way things are, and impatience is not being at peace with the way things are. So there isn't a way to change the way that the things are. What we can change is our response to them and whether we are at peace with them or not. So moonstone is this powerful catalyst for helping us become more at peace with the way things are.

    Well, one of the best ways that I know to be and become more peaceful with the way things are is to employ more mindful awareness, to take more breaks, to rest, and truly become aware. And I don't just mean like take a break and chillax, that's a good thing too. But I mean take a break and for one minute, for a full 60 seconds, make a concerted effort to really become aware of your senses and become aware of what you're hearing and feeling and seeing and smelling, perceiving. Even just 60 seconds of that is a very powerful method to become more at peace with the way things are, and to unplug your awareness from your spinning mind and bring it right into the now.

    There is ... I'm sure you may have seen on the Goodies page, there is a meditation program that I designed, that I love because it's basically just teaching you the down and dirty techniques of using each one of your senses as an anchor for mindful awareness. And we made it free of charge this month because of all the craziness going on. And so highly recommend working with that.

    I've gone back and listened to some of the practices and done them in the mornings. And it's kind of nice actually to isolate out the senses one by one. And in that program it gives you the techniques of just the very simple practice of being aware and how to sort of fine tune your awareness of each sense and then you can all throw them all together.

    In the last 20 years with the ... Besides flower essences, those types of very simple practices have been life changing for me to bring me into the now when things are intense emotionally, or when I'm grieving or having a rough time or in a confused state, it is one of the most powerful methods I know to plug me back into the now, into the present moment, without any story overlay. So I encourage you to work with that program. It's very short and easy to do, and you could do it in less than 10 minutes each day for a week.

    If you're already familiar with those types of practices, then just taking about 60 seconds as many times during the day as you can make time for or remember, to help place your awareness on the now, which helps us become more peaceful with the way things are, which means more patience with uncertainty and the unknown. And at that point it becomes more like a freedom, it can be experienced as a freedom.

    The unknown can be experienced as a freedom. The falling can be experienced as a freedom, especially when there's no ground. And it may not always feel like freedom, but the more we can make time and effort to plug into the now, or to our senses, or to how we feel, or to what's going on inside of us, the more and more we can experience the unknown as freedom.

    Teaching 2 - Seeing your Emotional Patterns

    One of my favorite aspects of working with Moonstone elixir is that it helps us more swiftly pinpoint when we are engaging in an emotional pattern. I feel like there's a difference between... it's so nuanced, but there's a difference when we just experience a raw emotion and we're in it and we're reacting from that place and we're speaking and acting from that emotion, is totally different from when we, in the moment go, "Oh, wow, I am aware that I am having a strong reaction, and this is coming from a pattern." Whether that's childhood or further back past life, if you believe in past lives, you're triggering some kind of old pattern and that is overlaying onto whatever today's situation is. In the recognition of, "Oh this is some sort of pattern, some sort of old wounding or a pain point or experience or memory or something that's being kind of turned up in this moment."

    In the awareness of that moment, it instantly gives you space between your own reaction and your awareness and you're able to more quickly gain insight from the situation and raise curiosity and have the patience to be able to gently and compassionately observe what kind of phenomenon are rising within you, until it passes. Then when it passes, then you can address whatever it is that's arising. In the last couple of weeks I've had several of those situations and I felt with the supportive Moonstone elixir that I'm much more quickly, instantly in the moment that the emotion, or the intense emotion arises, I am able to identify, oh this is some kind of old pattern.

    One of the examples that I gave on the most recent podcast recording was a situation where one of my friends who comes to the building every day was going to talk to my team about the governor just having put down a lockdown. In the moment I was worried that he was going to convey sort of a frantic fear, worry because he himself was worried about being pulled over by the police. In Arizona, we are very much not in that kind of state right now. No indication of any sort of martial law or curfew or anything like that. It's very easy going right now and so I felt very protective of my team, and the state of mind of my team and I didn't want them to become worried or fearful. I didn't want any of that to be transmitted into our sacred space and our precious thing that we got going here.

    So in that very moment, I remember this great anger arising in me, so much so that my hands were shaking. It was so much emotion was coursing through my body that my hands were shaking. I was like, wow, this is really interesting and I was able to realize like, oh well this person probably just wants to give everybody a heads up. They're really ultimately trying to be super helpful, and in the moment I felt very protective. Like, Ooh, boundary. Don't spread emotional contagion into my sacred team and my space. But in the moment it was so interesting because the emotion that arose and moved through my body was so intense and definitely disproportionate to what was occurring in the moment. Just the simple facts of he's there. Okay, text him, tell him not to say anything, handle it later. It was all fine, you know?

    Ultimately it was all fine, but I was sort of amazed at not just the emotional response but the speed at which in the very moment I could be like, wow, this response is so interesting and have curiosity around it and wow, my hands are shaking and wow, there's so much anger in my body. Oh, that's so interesting. I'm so protective. Wow. I think this is about something that's more than just about today and it's not about the situation. It's not about him. Something else got sort of spun into motion.

    Some kind of old thing got dislodged and how wonderful, because then when we went into the second stage of lockdown a week or two later, sort of the same kind of similar situation arose. It didn't bother me at all and as long as I can control what's being messaged, I didn't have any response at all and could have much more compassion for him and his situation. How he was having to deal with things at work and under great duress and stress at work. So I could not only have more compassion for myself, but also for him. I was taking care of it.

    So what I feel is that Moonstone can help us more swiftly when we're unearthing things that are very old. It's almost like mining the gemstones or the treasures out of the caves of our being. When we dislodge that old stuff, it's got to come up to come out. We re-experience it and Moonstone helps us identify very quickly, okay, this is from a different time and place. My response is disproportionately intense and exaggerated to what's actually happening in this very moment today in reality.

    So having that awareness is everything. Having that very speedy awareness of that is critical to being able to just take care of yourself immediately and have curiosity and really want to discover not necessarily a story. It's not like we need to understand a story or where it came from or where it got programmed into us or where something got stuck. Eh, it doesn't really matter. It's like my teacher says, "You use the toilet, you flush it, it's gone. No need to be too concerned with where it's coming from." It is simply enough to have awareness and so that is part of the magic of moonstone.

    Part of our homework for this week and this month is: to notice any time that something slightly takes us off center as quickly as possible and noticing, yeah, it's the moment we notice that we've engaged with some sort of pattern or old stuck thing, the moment it can dislodge and find freedom much more quickly. In some cases not return or not be so intense the next time that something similar happens. This is the magic of moonstone.

    And so my question for you this week is: what has been arising for you in the past week? Have you noticed that there are any patterns that are arising? What are those emotional patterns? Or has anything triggered you into a state of more intense unusual emotion or thrown you off balance? Is moonstone helping you identify the moment that that happens? And do you find that it's easier to be more so compassionate and curious?

    Teaching 3 - Seeing What's Hidden

    Moonstone sort of helps us not only tap into our intuition, but see what's hidden. So, there are two different kinds of things in terms of what's hidden. What's happening today around the world in our collective in trying to figure out what is happening... Many of us are watching videos and searching Twitter threads and trying to really get to the bottom of what is hidden. It's also a mirror into our own internal, like our own inner workings of what's hidden within ourselves.

    One of the women on my team said to me the other day, she said, "Oh my goodness, I can't go to the shows, and I can't go to the concerts, and I can't go out with my friends. It's forcing me to look at things that I haven't wanted to see my entire life because I have this extra time and I'm not able to go out and distract myself."

    I thought to myself, "Wow," and she's working a full time job. And so, that made me realize the magnitude of so many people. The folks who are at home with so much more space and time to look at what is arising from within them. It is a time to see what is hidden inside of ourselves.

    Whether or not we're working or not working, we have kids or we don't have kids, or we're healthcare providers, or we're something else, making parts in a factory. It really doesn't matter what we're doing because we are part of this collective and everybody is feeling a little bit of a squeeze in terms of an energetic collective consciousness level. We are being put to task of seeing what is hidden within ourselves. Whether that is talents, whether that is what we love to do, whether that is leadership, whether that is fear of speaking up, or fear of something bad happening... anything that is arising, essentially. What is hidden inside of us? What has been hidden under some rock and allowed to sort of be stuck that way because we've lived our normal lives, and we've had our routines, and we've been busy, and we've been distracted.

    Now, suddenly, that we are in a situation of being in uncertainty, in unknown, in a timeline that doesn't belong to us that somebody else has deemed... In some places, they're actually saying you literally cannot come out of your house, you have a curfew. That's not the case in Arizona, but it is the case in some places. And so, it really is this kind of forced opportunity, or opting in for this opportunity to look within and see what is hidden within ourselves. That is the most important work right now. I mean, when is it not the most important work? Right?

    But the intensity of this situation and the intensity of the energy around us is sort of amplifying everything and giving us an opportunity to move through things more expediently, and swiftly, and with more clarity, and have more space to be able to see what we could not see before. That’s one of the gifts of Moonstone.

    Moonstone, right, when you think about the stone, it's very reflective, and it is like the moon. It is reflecting something back to us. It's one of those yin-like qualities where it's showing us what's inside the vase, what is in the space? What's in the space that resides inside each of ourselves? What is hidden?

    Or, you could see it in terms of, what hidden talents are there? What things do you love to do but you've told yourself that you don't have time to do them? What people are you spending time with because it really is the most meaningful way that you can spend your time? What things are you bringing to the surface as the most critical, crucial, critical elements of your life that you really want to bring forward? Or, just how do you want to spend your time?

    I think this situation is bringing light to the fact that there is impermanence, that there is mortality, that each and every one of us will end up dying. It's forcing us to face that as a culture, as a community, as a world view. Everyone comes from such a different background, but we are all human, and so we're feeling the sense of, what is most important to us?

    Death has a really lovely way of making life meaningful and help us identify what parts of life that we really want to live to the max, and what we can let go of.

    This week, I think it would be a really fun and helpful exercise to have that focus and question in your mind, and there doesn't have to be an answer.

    The question is: what is hidden? What is something that I might be able to have access to see, like if I'm interested in seeing something that's hidden, what might that be? What is being revealed to me? What am I revealing to myself? What is life revealing to me? What are you seeing that is hidden? What is being revealed to you?

    Teaching 4 - Reconnecting with Mother Earth

    One lovely aspect of moonstone elixir is that it reconnects us or helps more strongly reconnect us with the sense of Mother Earth and being able to tap into the wisdom of Mother Earth, and have that be a reflection of our own wisdom. And to give us a boost in terms of following our own intuition and turning toward our own inner wisdom instead of external phenomenon.

    For example, it will inspire us to take more breaks. It will inspire us to want to be outside more. It will inspire us to want to connect with plants more or sit on the ground or sit on the earth. We may feel drawn to do those types of activities when we're working with the Moonstone elixir because it has this natural effect of being able to sort of tether us into the ground. Here's where your wisdom is. Sit down on the ground, be outside, listen to the birds, listen to the breeze, feel the energy of the earth.

    There is tremendous wisdom in that essence. And that essence can help wake up our own intuition and our own sense of nonlinear thinking, our ability to trust in our own intuition and ability to trust in synchronicity. The ability to follow the golden threads of curiosity or dreaming or imagination. Or when there's just simply like a pull to do something, to being able to follow that without talking yourself out of that.

    Noticing when those little inclinations bubble up like bubbles underneath the surface of water, like bubbling up from the ocean floor. Being able to notice those little bubbles and take advantage. If there's something that's drawing you, that you can move closer towards it. If you feel like researching something, going to research it. If you feel like writing a poem, sitting down to write a poem for five minutes and allowing yourself to reconnect with the greatness of you by spending a little extra time with the earth, on the earth, being outside or outdoors or opening a window or looking at a tree through the window.

    If you have a sense of uncertainty or unsure of how things will play out, which many of us do have that sense, whether it's acute or just sort of running in the background, where certain plans have been put on hold and we've adopted new habits and routines. Being able to tap into the wisdom of Mother Earth helps us reconnect with the wisdom inside of ourself versus looking online, searching on social media, watching millions of videos, really trying to get to the bottom of things and figure it out. In the longterm, in the very, very, very longterm, the most important wisdom comes from our own wisdom, from our own sense of awareness and observation.

    And so if we begin to feel that sense of instability or irritation at the uncertainty of things, we can restabilize by either getting outside or putting your bare feet on the ground or sitting on the ground or sitting outside. Just taking a break outside and disconnecting or unhooking your awareness of your thinking mind. Thinking, thinking, thinking, and just watch a butterfly. Watch a flower. Watch a plant. Watch the breeze, a tree and use that connected with nature time or feeling to help you access those things that are actually most important to you, which are in the inside.

    If you feel a sense of murkiness, unsure, or you're just not sure what's going on, or you're hitting a wall or you just feel unclear. Remembering that what is on the outside, what is in the external phenomenon is an appearance and a reflection of what's coming from the inside. So we can look to our own inner environment. And one way I like to do that is by being in Mother Nature and just being outside. Just being outside that multisensory world, or opening a window, feeling the breeze, listening to the birds. That helps me reconnect to the vastness of the quality inside.

    Question for this week is: what do you notice when you take five minutes and sit outside or look outside or open the window? Whatever you're capable of doing at this point in time, wherever you live, what do you notice? Do you notice a nonlinear thinking, synchronicity, a sense of a tug or a pull in a particular direction or the ability to totally and fully relax into the greatness of the earth that holds you? When you allow yourself to rest and just take five minutes outside, what happens?




    I made the luminous Moonstone gemstone essence Sedona over a special full moon. There are many colors of moonstones; this elixir consists of white, blue and green moonstone.


    Moonstone is a universally loved, supercharged gem. Revered through the ages, cultures as diverse as ancient Hindus and the Romans theorized that moonstone was formed from frozen moonbeams. It recharges and repairs the aura, balances yin/yang energies, supports meditation, stimulates true unconditional love and inspires synchronicity and insights. Other amazing qualities that this gem elixir elicits: acceptance of love, self-expression and restful sleep. It can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs, educators, healers, dancers, and people-persons, for its ability to balance energies, support self expression and clarity.

    Moonstone helps both men and women reconnect with the feminine aspects of their nature, by helping balance the hormones on a physical level, as well as balancing the masculine and feminine energies inherent within each of us. It encourages nonlinear thinking, allowing us to listen to our intuition. In turn, insights arise more effortlessly.

    Above all, Moonstone is a talisman of the inward journey. It helps us see gently and clearly inward, where we can meet all parts of ourselves, especially any aspect that has been missing, left behind, or forgotten, to be embraced and brought forward as an integral part of the whole.


    If you’re drawn to Moonstone, it may indicate that you have been feeling uncertain or unclear about how things will play out in your life. You may feel unclear or unsure about how circumstances will take shape or reveal themselves. You may be dealing with “the unknown” and feel unsure about how to operate within it. You may be directing your energy and attention to external factors and phenomena instead of turning inward, tapping into your intuition and resourcing from your own inner wisdom.


    Moonstone helps us understand our emotional patterns to a greater degree and depth of discernment. It helps us gain insights around our emotional patterns and be more in tune with our own clarity, as well as with the Earth. It inspires us to take breaks and sit quietly or turn to our meditation practice to see the deeper meaning or eagle’s eye big picture of what’s happening in our lives.

    Blue Moonstone, known for promoting clarity of mind and focus, is particularly helpful for meditation. White Moonstone helps to see emotional patterns and stimulate intuition, seeing deeper into reality. Green Moonstone is connected strongly with Mother Earth and feminine energy. All are known for balancing the yin and yang energies in both men and women, as well as heighten our sixth sense perception.


    {Magnifies}:Empowerment, ability to see through times that are uncertain and unclear; patience; noticing how situations change and shift; helps us be open to seeing what’s hidden; clarity/clear seeing

    {Dissolves}:Uncertainty, feeling unsure which way to go, murkiness, dark, unsure how life will play out