When was the last time you felt the freedom to unleash your wild creativity?

Around the age of five, we used approximately 80% of our creative potential. We made forts, scribbled on tables and walls, played ‘pretend’ and made up stories. We were constantly creating. On average, in the early teen years, that number drops to a measly 2%! For a majority of the population, it remains around that level for the rest of our lives.

In this era of distraction, we’re faced with overflowing inboxes, countless text messages, hundreds of social media notifications and to-do lists that grow longer by the moment. And we try to do it ALL, cramming in an impossible amount of activity. We simply do not allow spaciousness in our schedules for spontaneous inspiration.

Wouldn’t you love to dive into a new hobby, start a big passion project or elevate what you’re working on in a big way?

But of course, that’s all easier said than done. Oftentimes when we start new projects, subconscious fears arise in the form of subtle resistance, distraction or procrastination. We may feel uninspired, a desire to stay in our comfort zone, have paralyzing fear of failure, or simply not know where to begin.

Whatever our habit or pattern may be, it holds us back from tapping into our full potential and living out our biggest, wildest dreams.

It is proven that when we honor and strengthen our inner creative, the benefits spill out into other areas of our lives. We magnetize bigger and better opportunities, increase positive emotions, boost our self-esteem, increase innovation and collaboration, and enhance our ability to creatively problem solve.

In this flower-guide, you'll discover:
  • The top five flowers we recommend for wild creativity, fearless innovation + laser focus
  • Exquisite rituals for dissolving resistance and unleashing your inner visionary
  • 20+ tips on how to stay inspired, trust your intuitive abilities + liberate your creative energy!
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