Gamechanger Anointing Oil

Simplicity & lighthearted action. Rapid growth. That feeling when your to-do list is totally done & everything is so much easier than you thought!
Flower Essences Inside

Giant Spider Lily

Banana Blossom
Spacious Mind

Date Palm

Pink Primrose
Rapid Growth


Pink Lotus

Do you have a heavy to-do list that seems never ending? When things feel like a burden, lighten things up with Gamechanger. Simplify your life with ease & transform stagnancy into freedom.

MAGNIFIES: Effortlessness & simplicity; rapid growth, creativity; finding the middle path

DISSOLVES: Sense that to-do list is a burden; fear of running out of time; hesitancy & holding back; tendency to go to extremes

Smells Like
Crawling through wet jungle leaves & voluptuous flowers just after a tropical rainstorm. Sweet. Smoky. Clean.

Ylang Ylang + Vetiver
How to Use
Apply to pulse points {wrists, neck, behind ears} 5 times daily for transformative results.
Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) Oil, Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang Oil), Chrysopogan zizanioides (Vetiver) Oil, Crinum asiaticum (Giant Spider Lily) flower essence, Oenothera speciosa (Pink Primrose) flower essence, Phoenix dactylifera (Date Palm) flower essence, Musa acuminata (Banana Blossom) flower essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) flower essence, Nelumba nucifera (Lotus) flower essence and Sulphur mineral essence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lives up to the name!

I was feeling so stuck/stagnant that I even had doubts about this working, but I am totally blown away by this blend! Everything started moving and I have gotten so much done and everything feels so effortless and even enjoyable! I got a new computer, which I have been putting off and using as an excuse to not move forward with projects. I realized I said out loud one day that getting this computer has been a gamechanger! That's when I realized its working. I have taken my business to the next level and magnetized an amazing opportunity to make some of my dreams come true faster than I would have thought possible. I feel in the zone and bursting with ideas that I am actually making happen immediately. So blown away and grateful for this blend. It has transformed some deeply stuck patterns of resistance and fear of success and may be the most life changing blend I have used so far. Love the scent too, its earthy and exotic. Thank you Lotuswei :)

Sharon Falchuk
Power Shifter!

One of the most gorgeous scents I have encountered! Completely magical and transportive...really shifting you out of negative or autopilot energy into peaceful presence. I have been on a personal healing journey for a decade (and walking with others on theirs as a certified health coach for 4 years). I literally felt like I had tried everything, and I had made a lot of progress, but then the pandemic hit (I think I actually had the virus in March 2020), and I felt like I was back at square one in so many ways. A year later, in March 2021 I decided to do a "home retreat" for myself with this anointing oil + "Self Heal" elixir...and lots of meditation, journaling, etc. I actually used this oil every time I would meditate, and I instantly felt myself deeply drop in to "change the game" in how my day was going and how I was feeling. I set the intention to do it for 6-8 weeks, but it ended up more like 4 months! It was a powerful experience, led by these plants. I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to change their inner "current" and/or outwardly how their lives are stuck and lacking direction or flow. Now I also love applying it as my "perfume" in the really gets my day started beautifully!

I love Gamechanger SO much.

I love all the things by Lotus Wei, but Gamechanger is my stand-by, all time favorite. The smell is simply the *best* and always puts me in a can-do-it kind of attitude. When it runs out, and I start to notice patterns of procrastination and overthinking creep back in, I get great clarity on how impactful Gamechanger really is to my daily life.

Truly is a Game Changer

I have been using both the aura mist and elixir for 3 weeks now and it has been life changing. I am so...much... more focused and procrastination is a thing of the past! I no longer worry about what I need to accomplish, I just get it done.

Tracie L Hodgdon
Game changer, indeed!

Since I started using this I am much better at focusing on the tasks at hand and better able to redirect my actions when I notice myself getting off track. (Being able to recognize that I’m getting off track has also improved!)