Transformative Writing, Crapping Your Pants + Truthtelling

February 06, 2019

EP 73: Transformative Writing, Crapping Your Pants + Truthtelling with Tomas Stanton

In this episode, Tomas Stanton and I talk about poetry, writing + spoken word as a means to get vulnerable, dig deeper, challenge our perceptions, open to the world and see ourselves in a new way. Tomas gives us a window into what his workshop will be like at our Speakeasy event on Feb 15th.

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In this episode, we talk about all kinds of things:

  • Crapping your pants + how that can open up a world of storytelling
  • The role of honesty, vulnerability + authenticity in storytelling, writing + spoken word
  • How to write when you’re not a writer
  • What to do when you’re afraid of judgment
  • How your writing evolves with you as you evolve
  • Using writing + spoken word to challenge our assumptions + grow/evolve as a person
  • Stories as maps and roadways through painful or challenging situations in life
  • When to ‘make a mess’ in writing, and when to get some distance from it to shape it
  • What is ‘performing’ in spoken word + does it differ from being yourself + speaking from a vulnerable place?
  • How to tell a compelling story + how to write to deeply connect with people
  • The role of compassion in storytelling

More about Tomas:

Tomas Stanton is a poet, writer, teaching artist, and community activist. He’s a teaching-artist dedicated to advancing the arts of spoken word and Hip Hop as a platform for youth development and civic engagement. Co-Founder of Phoenix’s premiere youth spoken word ensemble, Phonetic Spit, Tomas uses hip-hop pedagogy to inspire youth to boldly express themselves through poetry, dance, & theatre. His work and teaching style is rooted in his childhood experiences of poverty and single parent household, political issues, identity, and Love. Tomas has over 10 year experience in youth development and currently works all across the valley creating safe spaces for people to express themselves through spoken word.

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