Making Your Primary Relationship: Yourself

April 23, 2019

EP 86: Making Your Primary Relationship: Yourself with Robin Sandomirsky

In this episode I sit down with luminary intuitive, Robin Sandomirsky, and we talk about our culture’s habit of fleeing discomfort -- and our tendency to repress parts of ourselves that we deem as undesirable. We explore experiential + reflective practices for opening to all parts of ourselves. And we talk about how to free ourselves from the trap of looking for love + how to make our primary relationship the one that we have with ourselves.

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We talk about:
  • Sinking into the true capacity of what humanness is
  • Humanity vs. spirituality
  • Practices for the patterned behavior of looking for someone or something outside to feel safe + loved
  • How to resist responding to our ‘undesirable’ parts, patterns + behaviors with rejection, force, pressure, shame or silencing them
  • How to locate your core self with “pure awareness” + turn toward the parts of you that want validation so that it experiences more connection + love
  • Our tendency to disconnect with parts that we believe are imperfect
  • Internal relationship building
  • Getting to know ALL of our parts + personalities, including fractured pieces of ourselves
  • Knowing what it feels like when one personality takes over + drives the bus
  • Cultivating Multiple Personality Disorders instead of becoming managers, silencers, overly-active protectors + repressors of our parts
  • Allowing all parts of ourselves to awaken, not just the pretty parts
  • How to welcome everything about yourself - not escaping feeling + how to remain compassionate, curious + non-linear
  • What to do when you wonder: Does this person like/love me?
  • Approaching everything as if it is a dream - what this means + how to practice it
  • How we tend to sterilize a spiritual path + witness ourselves at arm’s length
  • Allowing ourselves to be wild + unpredictable, vibrant, alive + embodied
  • How important it is to eat, shit, sleep + have sensations
  • Embodiment vs. identification with the thoughts
  • How we also hold our profound, sacred energetic relationship with the Earth at an arm’s length + what happens when we soften + open to that depth of that connection
  • Practices we can do to soften tightness + constriction
  • The breath as symbolic of our innate capacity of compassion
  • Two main categories of practice: 1. Experiential (unhooking from thought + discovering a different awareness place), 2. Familiarizing ourselves with our operating systems + welcoming them
  • Using the five senses as a method to unhook from thinking
  • Soles of the Feet Practice
  • Our cultural pattern of fleeing discomfort - what happens when we ‘stay with’
  • How to genuinely love ourselves + take breaks to explore ourselves
  • From the monster to the beast and how to not ‘get rid of things’
  • Practices: 1. Ceremony, 2. Practice, 3. Glimpses
  • Being devoted to meeting yourself - you are your primary relationship vs. being wooed by love/attention from others
More about Robin:

Robin lives in small town New England with her two kiddos and a small collection of unruly four legged light bringers. When she's not working, her days include getting the kids off to school, quick blending green smoothies, sneaking in time for morning pages and awareness shifting practices, romping barefoot in the woods, reading any book she can get her hands on, feeling behind on laundry, exploring awakening, texting with kindreds while walking the dog, and wondering what to make for dinner.

Robin began studying telepathy and traditional shamanic healing practices in 1998 and earned an MA in counseling psychology in 2008. She has been teaching movement, meditation and spiritual practices, and offering private and group session work in multiple modalities for almost twenty years.

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Robin will also be joining us at our second Earthaura Women's Retreat in Costa Rica this fall ~ more information here.

Robin's Favorite Botanical: Queen Anne's Lace

Her words to describe Queen Anne's Lace, which also perfectly describe how she brings her gifts into the world: 

Ethereal, clear, grace.

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