Getting Into the Dirt

November 08, 2017

EP 04: Getting Into the Dirt with Hall Newbegin

I fell in love with a company called Juniper Ridge several years ago. I had just come back from a distillation trip of my own (the first + only, actually), creating essential oil + hydrosol of Pinon Pine, so I knew how much work goes into the process. I started burning their Pinon Pine incense daily + drinking their evergreen needle teas.

Even though I work with flowers, in my heart of hearts, I’m really a girl of the forest. I spent a lot of time as a child playing in the trees + so the aromas that Juniper Ridge collect bring me right back into the woods. Juniper Ridge uses the techniques of distillation, tincturing, infusion + enfleurage. They also have something called the Field Lab where small-batch, trail-made fragrances are produced in numbers usually less than a hundred. Juniper Ridge also makes teas, soaps, incense, smudge sticks and more. So,

I’m super excited because on today’s episode we have with us the founder of Juniper Ridge: Hall Newbegin, who crawls around in mountain meadows and hits the forest trails to gather and harvest wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings to distill + create natural fragrances, capturing the magic of special places around the United States.



  • How to 'dive deep into place' and fully appreciate what is around you
  • Taking risks in business : following your heart
  • How nature can 'bring you back to yourself'
  • Why you should never sacrifice quality to save money in business
  • Diving fully into your passions
  • How the 'weirdo shit' about you can show you the ways to go



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