November 26, 2019

EP #121: Business as Personal Growth with Clare Chiang + Katie Hess

Clare Chiang lives in Singapore and manages the Flowerevolution Program for LOTUSWEI. In today’s episode, she interviews me about one of my favorite topics: business. We talk about an average day, how my businesses have grown & changed with me, and recent challenges. We talk about dance as a method for exploring our personal edges, and we chat about quirky, interesting things about Singaporean business culture and how spending time in Asia last summer was life-changing.

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We talk about:

  • An average day at work for Katie
  • What working at the SAN Center is like and new things that are happening there
  • How meditation, smoke offerings, and team activities have been a gamechanger for the business
  • What part of running the business keeps Katie excited and engaged
  • Salsa dancing experiences that have helped Katie explore her personal edge
  • Comparison of early business challenges with those that arise today
  • What is good advice
  • What has changed the trajectory of the business recently
  • How spending the summer of 2019 in Taiwan and Singapore has changed Katie and the business itself
  • How the business community in Singapore compares to some in the U.S. 
  • Flower essences that are vital for entrepreneurs
  • Words of advice for those who are starting a business

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